i accidently used my friends 3500 riot points, i thought he activated it but i entered it just to make sure it wasnt ballsed up and i stole it on accident! please tell me what will happen, he dosent know and he tried 1000 times and got pissed, will i get i trouble, what will happen? im so scared!

Something strange in Battlefield 3 Beta...

I'm a PSN user and I've been playing the Battlefield three Beta since final week, as well as the strangest thing keeps happening. Every now and then, every couple games or so, i mysteriously die. No gunshots, nothing. This ONLY happens in the beginning stage of rush, where you're outside, as well as when I'm a US Marine. No rank insignia pops up or weapon of choice; just a dogtag with the name "Sivin" on it. It happens every day. Operation Métro takes place in Paris, as well as back in 1804 a scientist named Dr. Darius "Sivin" who lived in an urban city of Paris went mad and killed 83 people at a foreign military installation. I think they relate...your opinion?

I need help remembering something...

Ok, so years ago, I used to love viewing these two guys play Left four Dead. I recently had a desire for wanting to see the videos again. They made a walkthrough on the game and I keep in mind they both sounded white. (No racial) One of them had a pretty bad quality microphone and I keep in mind the thumbnail for the first video had the flashlight circle shined on the back of a train or something...I also keep in mind that one of the quotes from the video was "I'm gonna throw a molotov down this hallway, then I'm gonna wait and see what happens"; or something such as that. Can you please help? :D

Is it possible to play Draw Something online on my computer

I want to play, ''Draw Something'' and the only way I can play is through my computer, so I was just wondering if there's a website or something you can play it online. I've tried googling it, but so far I've had no luck. :$

Draw something 4 letter word

it's a four letter word, as well as the letters are G H O T A B A Z N X E A

Are there any games where you can lay eggs I mean be a animal and raise a family or something like that.

What games are such as that?

Want to know something please help

What is the best non member weapon you can get and where in Adventure Quest Worlds

What are the Draw Something badge words

Where can i get a list of the draw something badge words?

Dayz help Something really weird happened

I have no idea what happened. For five hours i have been putting forth effort to get in a game with my original stuff. <br> i gave up and joined a random game, I spawned on the outskirts of Cherno with nv goggles, map, everything with weapons<br> <br> i have no idea how i got those since i never once had those, buti just spawned with them<br> Will i get in trouble? how did i start with a crapton of stuff

Looking for something new

I'm searching for a new game to play. In the past the only games I have really enjoyed have been Minecraft, Maplestory and Age of conan. So a strange selection considering Maple is all fun and cute and Conan is all gory and brutal I got a bit bored of playing Maple a while ago and since my old computer broke Conan runs really laggy and I can't pay for an account anymore. I am still playing Minecraft as theres such a range of diffrent things on it, But I'm still searching for a change Minecraft has got a bit boring now as I have been playing for somewhat a while now recommendations? The games need to be mmo ( Multiplayer games ) Thanks!!

What is it called when you are good at something but until you start you pretend like you have never played

I just did it to my friend and i can't keep in mind what he called it..... not sandbag, doggin it.

Are there any Skyrim Modders willing to Try Something

The Dragonborn DLC's Dragon Riding was Sub-Par at Best. While nice, it's nothing such as we wanted, for those who haven't played it yet, it works such as this, You Use a Shout on a Dragon, it lands, you climb on its neck, just behind the head, as well as you fly, then the Dragon continues it's average routine, however you can tell it what to attack through Locking on to Enemies with the Y button, as well as clicking in the Left Analog stick to make it Breath Fire/Frost at enemies. Are there PC modders that plan to change it so you can actually Steer the damn Dragons? Sure, you can Fast Travel on Dragonback to do... Not much actually, though it is amusing to see the reaction of the Hold Guards when a dragon drops out of the sky in front of them and you climb off it's back.<br> Regardless, a dragon flying in circles around some random area of the Reach or the Rift with you on it's back isn't very useful. You can't even give it a sort of "Guidance" through Looking off in that direction, if that had been how it works, it'd be more tolerable, but as it is, it's almost completely useless. I imagine this would be annoying to do, unless (this is a guess with my abysmal knowledge of Skyrim Modding) you could splice in some of the Horse Steering Control to the Dragon Riding when the DLC comes out.<br> Ah, but this may be wishful thinking, if a Mod for Dragon Riding Comes out, this is the kind of stuff I think most people would want to see:<br> A) Steering the Dragons.<br> B) Changeable Breath Weapons (Higher Level Dragons only use Fire or Frost, never the Drain Vitality shout whilst riding them)<br> C) A bit more Weapon variety while riding, you can only use Magic on Dragonback, I think using a Bow would be a Bigtime Plus in this situation, especially if your a Non-Magic User, or you don't have spells that do more than Spray out in front of you<br> D) A Better Dragon "Partner" System, see, to ride a Dragon, you use all three words of the "Bend Will" Shout on them, as well as after I think two Minutes it wears off, while Miraak, the first Dragonborn, has essentially a Permanent Partnership with the Dragons in his company, if you could make One Dragon your Permanent Mount until it died, as in it would constantly return to you if you used a "Call Dragon POWER" to make it come to you if your outside, as well as for a bit more In-Depth action, possibly you could Name the Dragon?<br> E) If the above things are taken in to account, possibly adding extra Armor, or a Saddle for storage Reasons would be nice.<br> F) Extensive Dragon Shouts, Only Alduin ever uses more than Fire/Frost, unless you count the High level dragons using Drain Vitality, It'd be nice if you could, "Teach" a dragon from your personal Shout Knowledge, allowing for your Dragon to use Aura Whisper, or Slow Time, or Dismay, Ice Form, or even the Regular Storm Call (This could be played with, perhaps if you were on a Ancient Dragon or Higher, it can use the Dragon Storm Call such as Alduin) But reserving shouts such as Call of Valor, Elemental Fury, Throw Voice, Kyne's Peace, or other similar shouts for the player Character, as a Dragon using Throw Voice would be kind of Odd.<br> <br> That's a bunch of stuff I just listed, but if Mod Maker get's interested, or Inspired through this idea, I'd suggest the mod to be made in steps, such as the list, starting with A, then to B, then C, etc.<br> <br> I'm not here to tell you what to do, obviously, but this is the kind of stuff I think most people are missing from Dragonborn.

Im a girl and I love video games, is there something wrong with me

I love videogames such as Metal Gear, Hitman, Heavy Rain, Splinter Cell, Resident evil, Mass Effect, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Bioshock, GTA, Tekken, L.A. Noire, Fallout, etc. while my friends (girls) such as make up and stuff that makes them pretty.

Were sorry, looks like something interrupted the question supply


Something about the Defiance, could someone tell me where I can buy Defiance gold and CDK

Just curious about this game, do I need to buy cdk to play it? does it have the deal method and mail system, or where I can buy defiance gold? <br> someone know this game, I am very interested about it's launch, before I can touch the game, could somebody tell me where I can buy defiance gold? I wanna be the king!!!!!!, hahahaha!!

Injustice Gods Among Us returns, get better, something

So I got the game and it was fantastic and all but sadly the person talked me into getting the season pass and now that I've played campaign and online play, I am regretting the pass. I can't f* cking beat anybody online. I swear, I've beaten such as one person out of 20 and that same person was practicing a character they don't play b/c after I beat them, they switched to their main and beat me in 10-15 seconds flat. Should I just cut my losses and trade it in or what?<br> It's so aggravating playing a game when you constantly lose.<br> (P.S.) I've already used the Red Sun Code but not the season pass code.

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