Which video game do you play recently

Hi, guys! which video game did you play recently and which game are the most popular one? I love FIFA games and i'm searching forward to the upcoming FIFA series.

I recently downloaded DC Universe Online and its slow like crazy any way I can fix that

Oh yeah it did the same thing on some other games too please help i really want to play this game it freezes some times too HELP thanks. :-)<br> <br> Oh yeah with out having to buy anything thx again.

M rated games age did it recently change and why did I get turned down

I went to gamestop today for my copy of Halo four and the clerk turned me down after seeing my license claiming that I had to be 18 to buy it. The box says 17+, the esrb website says the age is 17 (only one that said you had to be 18 there was the adults only rating). I gave the clerk the wtf look and he said they changed it recently. When did this happen and where is the legislation that backs it up. I had a random guy get it for me, so I have the game, I would just want to know why because I'm tired of society telling me I'm too young for this and that

I recently bought Black Ops1(Ik, kinda late) but now some of my friends say that (continued below).

Say that no one really plays it anymore, especially in online multiplayer, as well as that everyone has black ops two now. Is it a bad decision that I got the first one, as well as should I have rather bought the 2nd one? Or is the first one still still pretty popular? Please help me, I don't know what I should do!

Hello, what games have you been playing recently

I have been playing Far Cry: Blood Dragon and GTA4 myself, both really good games. You?

HeyIrecently recieved Rome total war 2, (preorderd) from amazon.Ineed help how to activate the DLC.

if you pre-ordered the game you got the first DLC (the greek cities) for free. i have now installed rome two and have no idea how to get this DLC please help!!

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