COD WAW and fallout 3.

Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) just a few questions

So is Modern Warfare two worth getting? I didn't such as Black Ops.<br> <br> Is it bad online iv heard its full of hacks but got told it was fixed recently?<br> <br> How large is the update if i do determineto get it as my net is slow/cuts out at times?<br> <br> Honest answers please thanks.

PS3 platinum trophy VS Xbox 1000G

hey guys and girl just wanted to know what people think on this as i have both consoles and love both systems for diffrent reasons the achievments offer you points on every game and was there since the begining but i feel the platinum trophy is more consistant as the 1000G now is abit dated and alot more games push over this which i get good in ways but bad in lots of others as i know that when i have 1000G it goes on my completed list then as soon as DLC is out then if theres achievement upgrades then my game on my list is gone and im forced to purchuse DLC if i wanna get it back on that litte "i destroyed that game" shelf i prefer the plat only for the reason which i do not need DLC to unlock it and will not must pay more for a game i own to get it all done but this is obviously just my opinion other ones are open and hope this question gets answered without the fanboy approach

Whats the better system xbox 360 or ps3

360. They are the most technologically advanced (ex. Kinect).

PS3 Connection Help

Hey guys, I'm online EVERYDAY playing Call of Duty, as well as I have ComCast I think somewhere around 15 - 20 Megabytes per second, though I still get stuff such as two - three bars and such as that. I have a router from 2007, as well as do you guys think that I should get a new router or stuff such as that, because I have good connection on my laptop, but not on my PS3. So do you guys think I should get a new router or something such as that or not?

Whats your favourite Xbox/PS3 game character

Who's your favourite game character. Is there a special reason for it?

Wich is better xbox 360 or ps3

The PS3 is far better.

Xbox 360 elite or ps3 slim

plz help me, im thinking of getting one of the two but i can not decide. the ps3 is having network problems and i do not want to get hacked through signing up for that where as the xbox has the overheating problem. also i enjoy the ps3 controller more as i had a ps2 in the past and i am familiar to it. the xbox controller in my opinion is a bit uncomfortable. but i such as the over all look of the xbox. the price and graphics r about the same so i do not no wat to do. p.s i am not into combat games but i such as games such as portal one and 2.

Should i trade in my ps3 slim for a xbox 360 slim

so i have a playstation three and i have a bunch of games for it and stuff, but a bunch of my friends have xbox 360s. I figured maybe, but i such as the fact ps3 is a blu ray player as well. also xbox 360 u need to pay to play online. please help

Do you think halo will come to the ps3

i wonder?



If I make a PSN account on my friends PS3 can I use it on an other PS3

Cuz today my friend has a PS3 and i'm gonna get one for my birthday. So i want to make a account early before I get mine.

Ps3 or xbox what do u like

simple answers.

Would someone like to boost trying to get the hard multiplayer trophies for battlefield bad company 2 (PS3)

My PSN: Envious-Hawk <br> <br> Put your psn and add me im on right now!

Should I buy a Ps3 or a Xbox 360 for my sons

I have two sons 11 and nine and I want to know whether I should buy them a ps3 or a Xbox 360. It would mostly be for such as sports games soccer, football, etc. Maybe some race car games and they love to play lego Indiana Jones/Star Wars etc on their nitenos ds so idk if they have that for either game system. Also what is the difference between them? I'm just a mom so advice will be helpful thanks :)

When is champion jockey ps3 game releasing in india

Whats better; xbox or ps3

i really can't decide. can i have pros and cons?

Which console is better PS3 or Xbox 360

I know this been alot to say but this base on what I should buy this chrismas. If you say Ps3 is better than Xbox 360 then tell me how it better or if you say Xbox 360 is better than Ps3 than tell me how it better. "Need your detail";. Thank.

Should I get a Xbox 360 or PS3

Please be a little more specific than "Xbox 360 is better, get an Xbox 360." Please add how they stack up against one another, unbiased, as well as tell which is truly better. Thanks!

Resident evil 4 for ps3

Do you have it?? If so message me on psn Username luis02194

Microsoft Xbox 360 vs Sony Ps3 10points1

whta is better i am willing to pay for live and i already have bluray player. I am also going to get assassins creed four and cod mw3 for the console you reccommend<br> PLS do not be a fuking fanboy

Black ops..moon but no W@W maps :/ PS3

so i download the new DLC MAP for ps3 and it came with the new moon map..its ok but what i really wanted was the W@W maps. but for some resone i did not get the world at war zombies map.. can one tell me if this is a glitch, or if i downloaded it funny or anything...thnx

Should I get a PS3 or Xbox 360

I currently have a wii, but a few friends of mine are putting forth effort to get me into a game that's not on the wii, but the other two systems.<br> <br> I've never had anything but a nintindo game method before, so i'm pretty clueless on both of them.<br> <br> Which shoudl I get?

Who wants to buy a 15th prestige account on black ops for ps3

The PSN ID is: JLSD23 and it has all gold guns,perks pro and every map pack if your interested add me on ps3 and we will discussed about a price.

Xbox360 or ps3. Which is better

I'm thinking of getting either a ps3 or an xbox 360 since they're about the same price now. However, I don't know which is better, I know that the ps3 has the option to go online for free, but I such as the xbox controller more. So what is your opinion on which is better. Ps3 or xbox 360?

XBOX vs PS3 School Project

I am doing a statistic project for school. I am going to compare the usage of Xbox 360 as opposed to Play Station 3. Since I dont know a whole lot of people who play video games I am coming to the net for sources. Please list which method you prefer. I need at least 40 people to respond to use this info so please post away and tell your friends.<br> NOTE: I dont need an explanation as to why you prefer one over the other, but feel free to leave one if you like.<br> **********NOTE********** please no vulgarity! this is a school project and theres no need for all the nastiness. <br> Thank you for your input in my wonderful project.

Xbox or PS3 which is better

Xbox or PS3 - which is better?

Xbox360 vs PS3, which system has the best games

Not sure what to get... I don't care about the method comparisons, only the games they each offer. <br> <br> Which are the top games for each of those systems? Are there good games coming out soon for them?

Xbox 360 or PS3 10 PTS BEST ANSWER

Ok I'm making the upgrade from wii to either Xbox 360 or PS3, which one should I get? Im not that "serous" of a gamer and I don't car about price... So should I get The 250GB 360, or the 160GB PS3? In depth answers appreciated! Thanks!

PS3 or Xbox what do you like

What do you such as better? Play Station three or Xbox?

What console should i buy ps3 or xbox 360

i know that ps3 wins if ur discussing the graphics or the online features....<br> but i saw that xbox 360 got amazing games which ps3 sux on that..............<br> it;s obvious that ps3 is a better game console but lack of amazing *** pwning games<br> so which should i buy? the better console or the one with the better games?......

Any black ops clans i can join for the ps3

im 1st prestige level 35 my name is xdeathninja

Installing rezurrection ps3

i tried to download the zombies map pack on the ps3 and after i downloaded i only got moon, as well as i want the other zombie map pack but i can not i do not know what to do plz help

Which is better pc vs ps3

I already have a xbox 360 and wii but i feel such as i'm missing out on the ps3 exclusives (resistance imfamous) or pc games (minecraft, garry's mod, mmos) . What should i get.

Doe 360 Games Get A Better Review Then PS3

i use this site called <br> <br> GameRankings<br><br> <br> and i just noticed some games that come on both systems for some reason the 360 gets a little bit more of a better review?<br> <br> why is that im not putting forth effort to cause a method war <br> " oh da 360 is better cause that is the one i own dah"<br> thats would you sound such as fanboys so shut it<br> <br> but is it real that 360 games get a much better review then the PS3? is so why is it such as that ?

Which is better XBOX360 or PS3

I have been thinking for a while about getting either one of them, at the moment i have a WII but i can not play the games i want on it. Which has better graphics? i usually play call of duty or racing games like F1. which is cheaper?

Xbox 360 vs. ps3. which one

which do you think is better between these 2. and please tell me why you think so.

PS3 or Xbox 360: Which console is more suited towards the "casual" gamer

Also which one would you say is more suited towards the "hardcore" gamer? Please give a reason for your answer. Thanks.

What can I buy for my 12 year old son, Xbox 360, PS3, NINTENDO Wii, or a Logitech G27 Racing wheel

My son is 13 years old. He is always into driving cars in video games. So this year for his birthday I am planning to give him a nice gift which he will enjoy all the time. He loves games such as GTA Series, where he gets to drive around cities and roam around as if its real life. Hes asking me for a Logitech G27 racing wheel, so which he can drive only, but I prefer him to buy other consoles such as Xbox 360,Ps3 ,or nintendo wii where he could drive cars as well as play GTA mode games. Is it possible to play GTA series with logitech g27? And please tell me which one is the best for my son for the Listed Consoles in my question. Thank You.

PS3 Vs Xbox 360: Which one to buy

SO i was planning on purchasing one of these but im SO confused :/ <br> i don't really care about the graphics i just want online gaming really :P and which one has better add ons?

How do i clean a ps3 disc

i just wanted to know how to fix a ps3 disc because one of my discs has some scratches not allot

Why are bunch of people say "PS3 sucks & Xbox 360 is better" or "Xbox 360 sucks & PS3 is better"

What's with the hate and bitching over a console that's play video games and why are people are forcing other people to buy their console of choice and they think their right and I'm sick of going to YouTube and viewing videos over this stupid debate or argument between Which Console is better and making people feel bad that they bought the wrong console because of this stupid , dumb , pointless fight , debate and I get it stupid that people in their 20's or older do this sort of thing. I just viewing a video on YouTube and they guy was bashing and hating on the PS3 because he thinks the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3 and People must understand and learn that Every consoles has theirs goods and theirs bad going for them and it depends what games you want to play on a consoles. People on YouTube must stop doing this because it's stupid and dumb and forcing your opinion on a console you such as and saying their consoles sucks because he or she has a PS3 or Wii and you have an Xbox 360 and going around and rubbing it to other people faces and say their consoles because they don't have a Xbox 360 and they only have a PS3 or an Nintendo Wii.

When will DC Universe online be free for the ps3

Im searching it up and I see its saying the 19 but its telling me i need to pay.

Is ps3 better than xbox360

i don't know yet i going to be getting one on x-mas so tell me (only ps3) y its good and all i know that their are better games for ps3 but i do not know to get a ps3 or not tell me plz

Why do people think or say the Xbox 360 is the best console ever & The PS3 & Wii sucks

Do you you agree with them what they say about that the Xbox 360 is the best consoles of this generation and the PS3 & Wii sucks in comparison to the Xbox 360 or are they wrong that the Xbox 360 is not as good as the PS3 or the Wii and both consoles has their pros and cons and no consoles or method is perfect.

Is ps3 better than xbox360

i must know im getting one on x-mas

Game of the Year Ps3/Xbox

So Guys what game would you say is/will be game of the year? I know it's not released yet but Uncharted three looks AMAZING - i think it will be the Game of the Year...

Should I get an Xbox 360 or PS3

I recently moved to college and I'm living in the dorms and I want a gaming console my friends and I can play. I'm debating whether I should get a PS3 or an Xbox. Also take the online factor out of it because my school's network blocks Xbox Live and PSN (yes I know that sucks). What do you recommend and why?

Should i buy this ps3

ok so i found a; 40GB PlayStation 3; for 97 dollars should i get it?<br> <br>

Xbox360 Slim or PS3 Slim

I have enough cash to buy either one but I'm stuck deciding which method I should get. Please help, thanks. :3

Ps3 or should i get xbox

What one?

Should I get a PS3 or Xbox360

Can anybody please tell me which console should I buy, coz I'm confused between these both and ya my budget is not that much so i wanna know if Xbox 360 is better or PS3 is worth purchasing for hardcore & online gaming.

Do I buy a PS3 or wait until new Xbox or PS comes out

I'm really planning to buy a console, but I just go disheartened when I noticed that their life cycle is about to end and rumors confirmed through Sony that they are developing PS4 games. Do I buy a PS3 now or wait?

Is Battlefield 1943 still active on the PS3

I'm purchasing a PS3 soon and my friends have always spoken highly of this game.

PS3 Games or New XBOX 360

i am getting £180 from my Grandfather for my old PSP so im deciding on what to use the cash for its either i buy about six games on the PS3 or buy a new XBOX 360 slim if i get games for the ps3 i will not be able to get the xbox so that means no xbox exclusives such as halo and forza. It also means which i will not be able to play with the friends and cousins who have xbox and some of the friends are from where i used to live so i miss them but if i get the xbox then all the games i wanted will take a while to get them so i will not be able to play with them until i get the game and i will also have problems deciding what console to buy the game for. i.e. MW3 can not determineif i should get it on ps3 or xbox pls help!!!!! thanks!!!!!

What ps3 game should i get

i was thinking about getting skyrim, saints row 3, modern warfare 3, or battlefield... what game should i buy.....................................… or if theres a better ps3 game tell me

What twisted metal came out for the ps3 already

I already know twisted metal x is comming out febuary 14th but what is the name for the twisted metal that already came out for the ps3

Games For PS3 and Why Are They

What are good games for PS3 please give reason why?

Help PS3 network hates me...

I can't get onto PS3 online and when I attempt Forgot your password? it says my birthday is invalid, what do I do?

What PS3 Game is worth it

see if you can name some I haven't tried and leave a reason why it's a good game.

What should I get, Xbox or PS3

I want to play games such as assasins creed, mw3, bf3 and Lbp. <br> I also have a tight budget so I need the best for least expensive etc.

Why wont my PS3 games work on the Xbox

My son has an Xbox and I recently saw an advert for FIFA 13. Now FIFA 13 was available on PS3 and Xbox so I opted for the PS3 version as this was cheaper. I assumed with them both been discs you could just use it on each machine and that did not matter? Surely the same.<br> <br> Has anybody got tips? Do I must unplug it and start again? Please help an old man.

I Want A PS3, Should I Get 40GB Or 60GB

I'll Probaly Have About 10-15 Games! Please Help, I Don't Know?!

Would u rather have xbox or ps3

i choose xbox

I can get 2 games for Christmas what games should i get Im already getting mw3 i also have a ps3

i play black ops already

What happens if you buy a ps3 that was stolen

from the store? <br> from craigslist? etc<br> <br> idk let me know . .. what are specifics about this? serial numbers? idk thx<br> <br> what about a brand new one? <br> <br> <br> btw how much does the price go down for these on black friday?

Xbox 360 vs PS3 Which is the better console

Which one is better for the price or in other words, which gives more bang for the buck. I am going to get my first ever 2nd generation console. I have had the original (fat) PS2 for 10 years and I like it and I am wanting to upgrade for the first time. So which one is better? Thanks!

Should i buy the PS3 or Xbox 360 for Christmas

Well i have this Christmas wish list, as well as i am having a hard time whether or not i want the Xbox 360 Slim or PS3 Slim.<br> <br> Which one is so much better?

Are more people xbox or ps3

Are more people going to buy xbox 360 or ps3 this year. (Black Friday)

Xbox or PS3 (Which is Better)

For christmas Ima ask for either an XBOX 350 or a PS3... Which ones better?

Ps3,xbox 360 or the wii

Which one do you prefer and why?

POLL: Xbox or PS3

For me it has to be PS3! ;D

Which Should I Buy PS3 or XBOX 360

Im putting forth effort to determineon which one I should buy so which one is better?

Which is the best Ps3, Xbox 360, or Wii

Xbox 360.

What should i get Ps3 or Xbox360

Id Like to Get one for Christmas but don't know what to get People tell me there both great, also they say Xbox's are made to break so u need to buy a new one every year is that tue, can u tell me which to buy and why

Should I get an xbox 360 or ps3

Ok, so I'm not sure whether to get an xbox 360 or a ps3. So the price is pretty much the same. Only $1 difference. I was planning to get it from Jb hifi. They come in such as a pack thing. So the xbox comes with:<br> console, controller, three month free subscription for xbox live, headset and two games that are halo and fable 3. So the games are well known and good.<br> the ps3 comes with:<br> console, controller, two games which are not too well known, as well as some cable thingo<br> <br> So the xbox is winning with that. but then again, im not sure. because they both have pre much the same games apart from halo and fable and some others. but ps3 has playstation home, as well as i heard that is good?<br> so im really unsure. please help. :D

Xbox 360 or ps3

xbox 360 or ps3?????????????

Xbox 360 or PS3 which one should i buy which one is better

oh man here we go again....<br> <br> <br> pretty much depends on what your friends have, what exclusives you such as better, as well as if paying for a better online experience is important to you.

Which is better xbox or ps3

ease of use, user interface, social aspects, specs( if unique do they effect gameplay),xbox live vs ps3, online market places, things which you can do on xbox which you can not do on ps3 and vice versa,things you can do whilst playing games<br> <br> Cross platform gaming who's getting it first?<br> <br> Exclusive games: what games are exclusive to xbox and what games are exclusive to ps3 and which has better exclusive games<br> <br> is is it worth getting an xbox and paying £40 per year for online or should I just get a ps3 and play online for free? <br> <br> Any help is much appreciated, Thanks in advance

So.........PS3 or Xbox

PS3 for me :^)

Unbiased opinions on PS3 vs XBOX 360

Im TRYING to determinewhich one to get but its just to hard! I have a 360 now but it seems such as it might be going down the gutter.... Overall can you please give me a comparison between graphics, sound, performance (etc.) and online/ community? Also IF PS3, where do I get a backwards compatibal one? Also some of the reasons why I can not determineis because of friends.... EVERYONE i know has a 360 so another question is are the players nice online? So yeah please compare, as well as tell me bout community/players, as well as give an overall judgement (should get a _____ or shouldnt get a ____ and why please!)

Why wont my ps3 work not YLOD

my ps3 was in our sitting room with the HD tv but today i moved it upstairs to another tv that is about five years older and not HD(if that makes a difference) and plugged everything in and the went to the AV channel and nothing came up and i kept putting forth effort then i tried moving it to another tv even older with a scart socket and again it didn't work, Does anybody know what i could do ?

This is a big question, what do you believe is a better console Xbox or Ps3

I have both, but, I am just generally interested with what people think, because they are both brilliant consoles. So I'm discussing what you feel about, the controllers, the games both issue, graphics and multi media. Thanks :)

Why Choose a Ps3 over a 360

I know both Systems have Great Games and their Diffrences.But Why Choose The Ps3 over a 360 Give me your Thoughts on this and Which System to Choose and Why and Which one will Last Longer and Not Breaking all the time

Shall i get an xbox or a ps3

I want to get a console for my room but i cannot determinewhich to get. i have got a ps3 at my dads so i thought i would get one for my mums, as i know how to use it, but my friend has got an xbox so she rekons i should get a xbox so we can play against each other. What shall i do??

Does anybody know a way to get street fighter arcade addition for free for ps3

i already have super street fighter four but i want the arcade addition.does anyone know a way to get it for free or a redeem code that will let me downloaded for free for my ps3?

Ive got a PS3. I dont know which game to buy

Should i buy 'Saints Row The Third' or 'Uncharted 3' or 'Assassins Creed Revelations'

Xbox 360 or PS3 help me all of you.

Which one should I get and why? BTW I do not know anything about gaming so tell me in baby language.<br> Thanks to all of you bless your hearts i love you all. <br> <br> BTW IM IN A REALLY GOOD MOOD. i love you all.

What is wrong with my ps3

I was playing MW3 and all of a sudden the screen went black and the green light turned off on the ps3 and started flashing red over and over. When I tried to turn my Ps3 back on, the green light turned on but then immediately started to beep twice and started flashing red again with the Ps3 not turning on at all.

What is a better system to buy,Xbox 360 or PS3

Which is better in online games and stuff such as that

Xbox 360 or Ps3 Good Reasons

The Xbox 360 has Kinect the playstation three has Playstation Move is that even a good Competition? Playstation three has graphics and Xbox 360 has okay graphics, Which is better help Game Cosole Wars. Dont say WII

Can you use xbox controllers on a ps3

My friends and i want to play a game on ps3 and wanted to know if xbox controllers work for it.

What is better xbox 360 or ps3

for battlefield 3?????

Looking for COD/BF3 Clan (PS3, XBOX & PC)

Hello,<br> <br> Would you want to join a clan where you have really good fun, friendly members and play loads of clan matches? Well Phobia Gaming is the place for you! We are searching for really good players to join us. <br> <br> We are searching for the following management: <br> PC Squad Leader<br> <br> We currently have a website but we under construction, we will have our forum open through early next week. <br> <br> If you would want to join contact me through one of these:<br> MSN:<br> Or just message back here!

How many PS3/Xbox 360 games do you have

I don't have an Xbox but I have 33 games for my PlayStation 3. Don't answer if you don't have neither of these consoles.<br> BQ: What is your favorite game for your PlayStation three or Xbox 360?

PS3 vs Xbox360 Who will win

Which method do you think is better?

PS3 or XBOX360 Which one

Well, I think I am gonna buy one of those for my birthday buy, which one? Questions:<br> 1. Can you played cracked games on a PS3 and on XBOX?<br> 2. If you jailbreak your PS3 will you still be able to play original games online?<br> 3. Which one is better?

Parents wont let me play my ps3 online...what should i do

Play offline.

Whats better a ps3 or xbox 360 and why

xbox 360 since everybody got it only losers do not got it

Should an RPG fan get a PS3 or an Xbox 360

I would want to buy either a PS3 or an Xbox 360, but I can't determinewhich since they both seem equally good to me. I love role playing games, so it would be helpfull to know which console has more or better RPGs. Some games I would want to get are Skyrim, final fantasy 13 and soulcalibur 5. (I'll get others too, but I was just wondering if these are better on a certain console) Thanks a million!

Should I get Skyrim or Assassins Creed for PS3

I've always been large into sports mode of video game, but I also enjoy other kinds of games, especially FPS games, such as COD. But right away I'm in need of a new game because I've been gigantic into NCAA 12 in the final few months, but the season is now over. Right now I also have FIFA 12, which I such as a lot, as well as Battlefield 3, which is pretty good. But I've heard really good things about Skyrim and Assassin's Creed: Revelations, as well as I'm wondering which one of the two I should get. Important note: I have never played a game in the Elder Scrolls or Assassin's Creed series, but I've read a bunch about them and they both seem interesting. What do you guys suggest?

What kind good game for ps3

i already have assassin creed 2, brotherhood, revelations, as well as i also have inFAMOUS 2, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, cause i such as those action games do u have anything else such as those action games or adventure something such as that

How much were Xbox 360s, PS3s, and Wii selling for on eBay at launch or Christmas after launch

I unloaded a launch 60gb PS3 on ebay for $1275 (plus $50 shipping!) and a launch Wii for $510 on eBay Christmas 2006. The 360 wasn't supposed to be a good method at launch and had a hefty price tag before we found out what PS3 and Wii were going to cost, plus it released in 2005 (a year earlier) and I don't keep in mind them selling for a heavy markup. The PS3 had a very limited initial release (197,000) and the Wii had distribution issues for the holidays, which accounted for the high prices.

Should I get a ps3 or xbox

mashed potatoes.

Xbox or ps3 im stuck

duno wat two get

Can you play PS3 games on Xbox 360

I recently got an Xbox but all my games are for PS3 is there a way to play My PS3 games on my Xbox?

Is it really required to reformat the hard drive when i unjailbreak my ps3

my ps3 is on 3.55 and i want to unjailbreak it and go online again

Why is xbox live cost money yet ps3 is free

I sold my xbox a while ago and replaced it with a ps3. The gameplay seems exactly the same. So why is do people use xbox and pay for it.

Is anyone elses biggest regret in life buying an Xbox 360 instead of a PS3

I live life with no regrets because regretting something that taught you a lesson is stupid, but that's one time I let people discussed me into making a stupidass decision.

PS3 Xbox 360 or Wii........Which one rules

I will make a large award show soon.

Which is better PS3 or XBOX

I was thinking of purchasing one? Don't know which?:)

Ps3 or xbox cant choose

Which gameplay is better is xbox's gold live memebership woth paying for or should I just go for ps3's free network anyone willing to give away their ps3 or xbox to me is welcome thnks

How to get rid of pet on sims 3 pets ps3

I need my daughters husband to move in because they had a baby together but I already have five people and A dog. So I wanna get rid of the dog and no I don't wanna kill it. I tired going to the Animal Shelter with it but it doesn't have the option to adopt it out and I don't have the option to gift my pet to one of my friends . Help please.

Should I trade in my Xbox 360 for an PS3

I grew up on Playstation (PS1, PS2 and occasionally played the PS3), but I purchased my Xbox 360 3years ago because it was reasonably priced, as well as it grew on me. Now three years later I'm contemplating on trading in my Xbox for an PS3. For starters I MAINLY play sports games (NBA 2K, Madden, so on..) occasionally play COD (use to be a huge fan but I can care less about it) but I love a good action-adventure game with a really good storyline (GTA, LA Noire, Fallout, etc.) I DO NOT such as the "Xbox Only" titles such as Gears of War nor do I such as Halo. I am a lengthy time fan of MSG which is ONLY on PS3. I'm a vivid user of Netflix and other apps in that such, my wife and I. I MAJORLY play online but such as I stated before I play NBA 2K and most of my friends on Xbox aren't "2k friendly" but theres a huge quantity of 2k players at my job that only have PS3. So help me out, I'm contemplating on trading in my XBOX 360 (4gb), two controllers, a charge base for the battery packs, as well as a huge categories of games (MW3, NBA 2K12, etc.) also a throw in of the new Legend of Zelda for my WII (it hurts my arm lol).... LET ME KNOW!!!!! Thank you.

Which do you prefer Xbox 360 or PS3


Which do you prefer: XBox 360, PS3, or Wii

I prefer the xbox 360 because not only can you get unique covers for it, but you can get better accesories. unfortunately the ps3 has better graphics through only a little bit and it has blu-ray. xbox runs games a bit faster and which you have the xbox kinect so which you do not need a controller for some games. its all up to you for which method is better. the wii just sucks ***.

Xbox 360, ps3, ps vita, or 3ds what should I get

So my bday is in a month what would u get reasons y

Which game console do you like best PS3, Xbox360 or Nintendo Wii

Me and my friend is having an argument between the the wii and the xbox but i just decided to add the which is best?

Should I get a Xbox 360 Or a PS3 if you were me & You have to decide on which of these consoles to get & WHY

I'm stuck on deciding on which of these consoles to get in the lengthy run & I don't know which one to get & I'm having very hard deciding on which of these consoles to get & If you were me right away in my shoes & You need to determineon which of these consoles to get which one would you go for or choose & Why did you choose that consoles over the other consoles & Why did you pick that consoles ?

Xbox 360 or PS3: Which one is best for gaming

My dad, is giving me $600 dollars to buy video game console. please help

Which on is better Xbox or Ps3

Just tell me that you think is better

Xbox or ps3 im stuck

wana know

Any one know any cheat codes for tiger woods goof 10 ps3

Typical...Tiger Woods affiliated with cheats/cheating...

Anyone want to play ascension with me on ps3

My psn is IndianPPLRule<br> i have a headset and my highest round is 54 on my other account<br> i want to get a good player to play with<br> im open to play friday, saturday and sunday<br> but can you play this friday night starting at around 9pm(est)<br> k thanks<br> ps headset only

Which one should I get, PS3 or PC

PS3 is less expensive but PC also has free games available for download. The most I could see myself spending is between $600 and $700. Which should I get? Please dont say the Crap Box(XBOX360). Also, what gaming computers do you guys know of that are good for between those two price ranges? Thanks in advance!

PS3 or XBOX 360 which should I get

I want skyrim and battlefield 3<br> Maybe cod, as well as I'll get others on the way

Xbox 360 slim or ps3 slim

I have a ps3 160 gb slim<br> But I'm thinking of trading it for <br> A Xbox 360 250 gb slim.<br> <br> I'm a real competitive gamer and I mostly play fps games.<br> <br> What do u think is better


XBOX 360 is good!

Ps3 vs Xbox 360Which one to choose

I am gonna buy a console in may.I am a large multiplayer COD FAN and i pwn at it......Could anybody tell me in terms of price ....user interface.....multiplayer.....etc.....wh… one is better...full specifics plz :) thanks

How do i fix a ps3 game thats freezing up

i just wanted to know how to fix a ps3 game that's freezing up it has some scratches on it but not a bunch and there tiney

Which is better PS3 or XBOX 360

I honestly have both but i such as PS3 better for the fact you save more money.On XBOX 360 you need to pay for your online membership.For PS3 you don't need to pay.XBOX 360 controllers run on two double A batteries (AA),PS3 controllers are rechargeable.

Which is better Xbox or Ps3

Please provide some specifics about each of them and explain why either of it is better.

Which one XBOX 360 vs. PS3

Just want to know which is better and why.

Xbox 360 or PS3............

I'm getting a new console, as well as I would such as someone to tell me what one is better to get, as well as why?..... such as features etc

Whats a AMAZING ps3 game i can get my boyfriend

Any awesome new ps3 games that are out?<br> PS! hes got cod, battlefield and he is really into adventure or historical games such as greek history n skyrim stuff ! hes also got skyrim.. <br> Come on guy ! suggestions??

Are there any MW3 PS3 clans

PSN: DieingChance<br> KDR: such as 0.39<br> How active you are: 5-6 hrs a day<br> Country: USA<br> Language(s):<br> (optional)Headset(Yes/No): Yes<br> (optional)Capture Device(Yes/No) No<br> <br> <br> Any clans out there? Answer here or add me on PSN!

XBox 360 or Ps3 Help

I seriously cannot determinewhich console I want! I've been researching pros and cons, as well as they all seem to have an even number of each. In some cases, the pros out weigh the cons, as well as I just get confused. I'll give a little information of what I such as about each, as well as somebody convince me which one is right for me, because obviously I dont know!<br> <br> X-box(What I Like)<br> Kinect<br> Better online<br> Wider variety of games<br> <br> Ps3<br> The home screen set up<br> Blu-ray player(which I may or may not use very often)<br> The free online services<br> <br> I mostly such as rpg games. I love games that are adventurous and addicting. I dont such as shooters, however. I've been asking all of my friends which one I should get, as well as literally half say X-Box, as well as half say Ps3. I'm pretty sure I'm thinking about this too much, so I just need somebody to say "You should get this console, as well as here is why" and make me want it! Be a salesman! haha

Which one is better A keyboard with a mouse OR Xbox 360 Controller OR a PS3 Controller

An Xbox 360 controller feels such as it was meant to be in my hand.


Hey everybody im new to ps3 and i just wanted to know a little bit about gameshare. i know most of it but when you download something from somebody elses psn account does it take it off of their account? but if anyone will plese give me mw2 i will be very happy thanks so much. i will take game tho if you will let me borow it thanks. if anyone want to gameshare jus send me a message thanks.

Fake Grand Theft Auto 4 on my PS3

So I recently moved to Bangladesh, as well as I bought GTA four for my ps3. When I started playing it, it was all weird looking. The textures were weird, the graphics were not at all what they searched such as before. I had the game before when I was in NY, but I sold it. Anyways, is there a problem with my console or is the game fake? Other games run perfectly on it. Help!

LA Noire or Skyrim for the PS3

I'm interested in both. Which one should I get and why?

XBox 360 vs. PS3 Which is better & why

I am about to buy either an XBox 360 or Play Station 3, but I honestly don't know much about either one. From the ones I saw, the XBox 360 is a little less expensive in price. But other than that, I didn't see much of a difference, even in the games for each. <br> And FYI, if this helps, I such as sports games the most and some adventure-type games. And, I will likely never go online and play, so that shouldn't be of concern.<br> Thanks

When does the map overwatch come out for elite members on the ps3

i heard it comes out tomorrow 3/29.

Which would you prefer Xbox 360 or Ps3

Which one would you prefer? Name pros and cons of both. :)

PS3/XBOX360 online: Have you ever heard someone raging out on their mic

Like..continuously screaming or cussing in anger/frustration? I've had it happen during a whole game in the past (about 10 minutes)<br> It's awkward when I'm playing and my family is in the kitchen. Cause all of a sudden there will be this loud manly screaming. But it's hilarious


I have an xbox 360 arcade and a bunch of games, two controllers, as well as chatpad and other stuff. The xbox doesn't work that really good meaning such as it will not read games. Should i get a new xbox and which one should i get? if not, should i sell everything i have and get a ps3 with a couple of good games. I have a bunch of stuff stored in memory on my xbox. I heard the ps3 is good and doesn't break as much. please tel me what i should do. I am selling my psp slim to get money. Thanks.

What are the best ps3 games

That's subjective.

Xbox better than PS3

PS3 better than Xbox?

Is it smart to buy skyrim on the ps3

I want to buy it but i heard that it has troubles on the ps3

What is your favourite Game on PS3

I Just Want a Poll because I want a new game but don't know what one to buy.<br> I Like Any games. :)<br> Thanks.

Looking for people who dont suck to play mass effect 3 (ps3)

im searching for a few people who want to team up and play some gold Level online mass effect three for ps3 if you suck disregard this message.<br> my online name is grizzlyslayer89

Which is better for online gaming PS3 OR 360, honest opinion

I want to know which is better for online gaming as i have got an XBOX 360 and just bought a PS3 but it hasn't arrived yet. I such as both consoles as i have played both before and I'm not putting forth effort to make this a console war, just want your honest, none-biast opinions, THANKS GUYS!

Should I Get an Xbox or a Ps3

im stuck between purchasing either an xbox or a playstation 3. My friends are divided between the two systems, as well as most of the friends on the xbox are too inexpensive to buy xbox live. im a COD head, so if i play modern warfare on the playstation, i will most likely wind up winning most lobbies, which becomes extremely boring. I want bigger game lobbies for online games whether it be Battlefield or MW3. The value of the graphics doesn't matter because i still use the stone age t.v.'s. I grew up on playstation but have a bad history of both systems breaking down, with the playstation two av cables constantly breaking and xbox's getting the red ring of death and the unreadable disc error. I can afford both systems, with my parents likely purchasing gold for me every birthday if i went with the xbox. Both controllers are fine, as well as i have rechargeable batteries.The games i want to play are for both systems ( excluding mass effect and god of war). Both are affordable.<br> *if i go with the xbox im gonna buy<br><br> *if i go with the Ps3 im gonna buy<br><br> -along with a controller<br> <br> cant get a gaming computer because i just fixed two xbox's and im gonna trade them into gamestop while that extra $50 per console thing is still going

Which are the most popular games for PC and/or PS3

Which have the most players and which have the largest online communities? Paid for, or free.

My dad wants to get me a xbox or a ps3 what do you think

i am a girl and my dad said he would get an xbox for my birthday the other day he said take a look the PS3!<br> wich one do you think is better?

What are PS3 QuickScope Clans on youtube

PlayStation three QuickScope clans are lifeless thirteen year olds who dedicate their entire lives to Call of Duty Modern Warfare two & three to perfect a practice known a quickscoping, which children think is how you actually use a bolt-action based sniper rifle in real life. This is not the case.<br> <br> If you come into contact with a quick-scoper please jot down their name and call our emergency toll-free hotline at (1-800-QSCOPEALERT) and we will gladly assist you at locating/detaining/reeducating the child.<br> <br> If you're exposed to quick-scoping, I'm afraid theres no hope for you. You're infected with QSV (Quick Scope Virus) and you wont be able to be cured. The only cure is purification... through fire.<br> <br> So please dont delay.

PS3 vs. XBOX 360

Sup, I'm finally purchasing a system, but which one? I heard Xbox and ps3 fanboys say both the other method suck. But I think the ps3 is much cooler, what about you?

Who agrees the 3DS is the better gaming handheld & the PS3 is the better gaming consoles

3DS is the best handheld But Xbox 360 is the best Console

Looking for an Xbox or PS3 MW3 clan

Join us at Carbon Tactics Gaming. We are a group of mature minded players searching to recruit anyone, as well as I mean anybody who wants to meet people and join teams. We participate in Elite Clan Ops as well. K/D doesnt matter. If youre interested, reply!

Looking for a good army game for PS3

I have never owned an army game, but I am searching into purchasing one. I know theres Call of Duty and Battlefield, but I want to know the best game out there. One with the best gameplay and a bunch of people still playing multiplayer.

Should I buy a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360

I had an Xbox 360 and hate paying $60 for Xbox Live. I will use the method for viewing movies and playing games, obviously. I'm thinking that the BluRay plus the free online on the PS3 would be better for me even though I such as the Xbox 360 so much.

Which one is better ps2 or ps3

PS2 because ps3 it can be easily hacked. PS3 is garbage

Ps3 vs Xbox 360, Whats your choice

What has better graphics and sounds?? And your option on both.

Using Xbox controller on ps3 or ps3 controller on Xbox

How could I do this? I know PS3 has a LOT of free stuff, but I just don't such as the controller. It seems inexpensive and flimsy, while on the other hand the Xbox controller is better and all. <br> <br> Is there a way I could use an Xbox controller on ps3 and bice versa?

Sims 3:PS3 questions

I usually play this on the PC but mine is broken :( so <br> things seem so unique on here... <br> Why can't I move out one of my sims and have the other one stay in the house without them being deleted from the game? It doesn't make sense. And why can't my sim move in with another one or have the option to ask another one to move in? <br> AND, can you not play premade families?... Either I just don't know how to do it or this game sucks on PS3... So please somebody that knows how to play this on here, tell me what to do :)

Which is better PS3 or Xbox 360

X box it has better games and the new ones can't red ring go for x box

Why do xbox fans hate ps3 abd viseversa

ive been gaming since 1997(im 17 now) and gaming has always been my hobby and still is today. I have had an xbox original and a ps2 before the 360 & ps3 and i loved them both. today i have a 360 and a ps3 and they both have really good exclusive games. I do not really understand the "fanboy" crap... such as why do they hate other consoles? have they even PLAYED them? or just read about how its "bad"? I just love games, doesnt matter what consoles. do they understand the real meaning of gaming? <br> <br> I kno ill get a bunch of hate for this, but that doesnt bother me.

Which system is the best: Wii, PS3, or 360

These are the current three consoles that are out right now, as well as personally, I think the Wii is the best because theres lots of fun games that are family-friendly (some are not) which you play with other people. I love to use the wii remote since it sort of simulates what you would do in real life (like a tennis racket or a steering wheel used in Mario Kart Wii, which I love too). There are even other accessories which you can get, like the Zapper or the Balance Board. I definitely have a bunch of fun using these accessories and playing mario games especially. I will accept anyone's opinions.

My PS3 has enabled parental controls on Max Payne 3 out of nowhere

Now, I bought Max Payne three on Friday, as well as today is Monday, as well as the weekend I've played the game single and multiplayer with absolutely no problem. Today however, after I downloaded the latest update, the game suddenly wont let me link for one to the social club, but on top apparently my parental restriction level on my PS3 wont let me play. I have not had a restriction and never placed such a thing on being over 18, as well as as a result my psn shows this in all of my account info. This is not a fault of the PS3 itself however, as GTA 4, COD four and Saints Row two all work fine online, just Max Payne 3?

Who plays XBOX 360 or PS3 c: . . . . . ...................

xbox 360 all day

Will there be an Avengers: battle for earth on the ps3

I have heard that it was coming out for the xbox kinect and the wii u.... but will it come out for the ps3 or the ps3 move? If not... will they have a unique game?

PS3 player switching to Xbox

Hey,I have a few questions regarding the xbox. Well, I have been playing PS3 for over three years now, as well as I want to switch to xbox..<br> <br> 1. Which is the most competitive fps game on it?<br> 2. Is it easy to make the transition?<br> 3. Would it even be worth it going to xbox?<br> 4. Is the community better in general?

Which game should i buy for my PS3

i such as FPS and racing........<br> 1. killzone 3<br> 2. NFS the run<br> 3. max payne three ......<br> which one should i buy and does they worth it?

Which one should I get: PS3 or Xbox 360

I'm thinking of purchasing either one, which one of the two should I buy? What I'm really searching for is the games. Which of the two has better available games?

Xbox 360 or ps3 which should I choose

it's such as being in a love triangle. I love playing xbox but my hands are used to the ps3's controls. also when I play games on the ps3 (i do not have neither, i play in a console renting station in the mall) I never need to look in the controller. But in xbox 360 once in a while I need to look where the "b" button is at, as well as where's the "rb". But I such as xbox. please help!

Should I get xbox 360 or PS3

Hey guys I think PS3 is so much better because of free internet, browser, as well as blueray, but for some reason more people have xbox so if I buy PS3 I can't play with them.<br> <br> Idk lol are they stupid why would they buy worse product ...

Xbox or ps3 which is ur favourite

Just to see which is the best

Which is the best ps3 vs Xbox 360

I think Xbox 360 is better than ps3

Can i run both my ps3 and xbox at the same time

okay when ill be running my xbox fine playing live and everything. but when my brother turns on his ps3 it disconnects my xbox and i can no longer link until he shuts his ps3 off. could it be my connection speed? - 10.42mps download .93mps upload. - 19ping 4ms jitter line quailty B*

Is it too late to buy a PS3

I was just wondering if it was too late to buy one. I currently own an Xbox 360 but PS3 has better exclusives. And I would want to have both because my friends either have one or the other.

Fifa 12 XBOX 360 OR PS3

PS3 PSN Is Free Xbox You Pay I Have A Little Problem In My Family About Money But All My Friends Have It On The XBOX Not Even one Friend Has It On The PS3 What Should I Choose?

What are the best ps3 games

What are the best ps3 games out there my favorites are assassins creed, gta, RDR, battlefield and skyrim

Xbox 360 or PS3

Depends what games you like. <br> <br> Personally, PS3.

What shall I get PS3 or Xbox 360

Need detail such as best games, as well as reliabilty of console stuff such as that

How do you get a ps3 controller to play on a laptop

i want to know what do i download that is able to make my ps3 controller work on my laptop so i can play my emulators on it. i tried a couple websites but its all garbage stuff. anybody know a good website?

What shouldIget an ps3 or xbox 360 and why shouldIget it

PS3, It has way better games than the xbox 360. And free live so you can play online, but you need an adapter

Is this a fair trade Xbox 360 for a ps3

I have a 250 gig xbox slim bought in 2010 but i want to trade it for a ps3. This guy wants to give me his ps3 80 gig fat bought in 09 for my xbox. One of the only reasons i want it is bc of the blu ray player and the ps free. Anysuggestions?

ShouldIbuy xbox or ps3

xbox seems more poplar than ps3 but is it worth to get it if i have NO FRIENDS who play games? esp. xbox live is not it still worth it if i don't have friends? should i get ps3 instead? since online is free..<br> the games which i would likely get are Skyrim, Portal, Alice Madness, Mass Effect and Bioshock.<br> i kinda want some ps3 exclusives such as Heavy Rain, Littlebigplanet, Journey.<br> xbox exclusive games seems more fun with friends or can you tell me some good xbox games that are also good solo?<br> <br> i such as how ps3 have an INTERNET BROWSER and i would also want to view movies for free maybe on my TV....Netflix is not available here in the Philippines though, as well as i want to listen to music too. xbox have some apps but i think some of those apps doesn't work here such as netfilx.<br> i don't really care much about blue ray on ps3.<br> <br> i just want something fun to play on even without friends, good for other media too, CHEAPER to buy and will final long...<br> <br> which console is worth purchasing for me? and if i ever get an xbox, should i get a gold live subscription? would it be worth it? not sure if i'm going to play online much coz you know, no friends yet ._. are there benefits with it aside from the multiplayer gaming?<br> <br> i'm kinda leaning more towards the ps3 but i kinda want left4dead....i'm not sure though coz no friends :| and also the KINECT looks fun...<br> <br> i'm so indecisive lol >.< help and thanks in advance! :)

Xbox or PS3..........

What do you prefer?

L@@K Is it still worth buying Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on 6/18/12 for ps3

Okay so I've heard COD4 was the best one ever, as well as I'm now wondering if people still play online without hacking, as well as if it is still fun and worth buying. (for ps3)<br> <br> thanks!

What should I get the xbox 360 or ps3

I really want a good gaming method until now I had the wii and it sucks all the game suck to.I really want a xbox or ps3 but I don't know what is better and what game I should get can u help me

Does PS3 have the same problems as Xbox

My Xbox 360 has red rings and keeps overheating. I tried to put a towel on it and tried coooling it of with a fan but nothing. Can a ps3 overheat such as an Xbox 360 or can it breakdown such as when a Xbox 360 gets three red rings. Plz help I may want to get a ps3 to replace my Xbox thx

Do I buy the xbox 360 or PS3

which console is better and for what reasons?<br> thanks

Ps3 or Xbox 360 Which ones better

A little online play only day have off is Sunday and I get off at 4pm and start at 6am. Love adventure games and sports games .

Should I buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360

I just got my first paycheck for working. I do not really must as my family isn't poor. Im purchasing either an XBox 360, or a PS3. I don't want to start a war, but I do want information about the systems. How they are alike, as well as different. I am going to be playing online, so keep in mind that too. Whoever convinces me the most gets best answer, as well as maybe some respect from either Microsoft or Sony

Best RPG games for PS3

No Skyrim or Fallout please. Some examples are such as Mass Effect. Thanks!

Do you like the PS3 or Xbox better

Im bored and feel such as asking random questions so please answer. Also HMU on ps3 or xbox cause im bored. <br> Xbox gamertag - Scream Its Over <br> PS3 user name - Eternally Blind

What are good games that must be played in ps3

Can somebody give me a list of good games in ps3? Any mode of game.Adventure, action, etc. Old or new.<br> <br> I already have:<br> GTA Series<br> Uncharted Series<br> InFamous Series<br> COD Black Ops<br> BattleField 3<br> AC Series<br> Sleeping Dogs<br> Far Cry 3

Black ops server is down for ps3

hey i play call of duty black ops on ps3 and i can not seem to link to the online for the past hour or so. some people say its the same with modern warfare two but i havent checked yet. i know its not down for modern warfare three because i have friends playing it. does anybody know why the black ops server is done? is it related to black ops two through chance?

Which is better Xbox 360 or PS3

I want an honest answer, not a fanboy raging/trolling about how the other method sucks.

Any good ps3 games

Need some good games getting bored of my ps3 ... Try to stay away from the obvious games because I likely have them

Ps3 or xbox gaming system

i am searching of a new gaming method to buy but can not determineon ps3 or xbox

Xbox 360 is so so so so soooooo much better than ps3

Just a public service announcement, as well as clearly a fact that the 360 is much better than ps3. Who agrees?<br> <br> Here's some more interesting facts,<br> <br> 1. Xbox live has never been hacked, never will be hacked, as well as is extremely secure.<br> <br> 2. Xbox live never, ever lags, unlike psn which lags every single game the entire entire time<br> <br> 3.PS3 is a rip off<br> <br> 4.Xbox 360 has *significantly* more exclusives<br> <br> 5.The ps3 has maybe four or five exclusives, where as the 360 has several thousand<br> <br> 6.The ps3 is prone to break down a lot, where as the 360 never, ever breaks down. Only a few launch consoles got the red ring.<br> <br> 7. The ps3 controllers are pathetic, where as the 360 controllers are so much better<br> <br> 8. Hardly anybody is ever on psn, because they are all on live<br> <br> 9. psn wont be free starting some time next year. It will is a paid service, such as xbox live, except it'll cost around $150 a year and still be significantly worse than xbox live.<br> <br> 10. While the xbox slims are the only ones with wifi built in, there were wifi adapters available for the older consoles. The ps3 on the other hand, only the 60gb models and the slims have wifi built in, as well as theres no adapter whatsoever. Really sad and pathetic.<br> <br> 11. Blu ray disks are scratched very easily, as well as are much more vulnerable than dvd's.<br> <br> 12. The 360 can play burned movies, the ps3 cannot<br> <br> 13. the 360 can play against pc gamers, while the ps3 cannot<br> <br> 14. The ps3 controller batteries die after about a year of use, as well as the only fix is to buy a new controller, which cost $100. The 360 batteries are replaceable. <br> <br> 15. The 360 has far better graphics than the ps3 for all games. Only fanboys say otherwise. <br> <br> 16. the 360 has more powerful hardware. A better gpu, better cpu(3 cores all at 3.2GHz, where as the ps3 only has a single core @3.2GHz), as well as the 360 has 512mb ram while the ps3 only has 256mb ram. It's clearly weaker.<br> <br> 17. The ps3 blu ray player reads so freaking slow in comparison to the 360 dvd player. The ps3 blu ray player spins at 2x speed, whereas the 360 spins at 16x<br> <br> 18. ps3 always requires a gigantic MANDATORY install for each and every single game there is, which all take hours to install<br> <br> 19. Hundreds of thousands of people on psn have had all of their cash stolen when using credit cards. This has never happened on xbox live, as well as never will happen, because xbox live has military grade security.<br> <br> 20. the xbox 360 is cheaper, as well as not overpriced such as the ps3.<br> <br> 21. Everything on the ps3 is just very boring.

Which is better ps3 or xbox360

And graphics

Skyrim dlc is it on ps3 store


Which is better, XBOX 360 or PS3

I want an opinion from some one who maybe has both, or played on both, not a answer that seems completely obvious from a somebody who owns either console. My friend and my cousin have a XBOX 360, as well as another friend and a unique cousin have an PS3. This has been asked a thousand times, as well as half the people that answer are arrogant b****es who think they're always right. None of that please, thanks, oh, and, HELP ME!!

Is it worth it to buy a 360, ps3, and Wii, all 3

Get the Xbox and the PS3 because in comparison to the Wii the graphics are better and PS3 and Xbox 360 have better games such as Halo and Call of Duty: MW3

....................Ps3 or XBOX 360

And what do you guys think of the game Halo? :)

Which gaming console is Better PS3 or XBOX 360

Whichever one you think is better.

Is it a waste of money to own an Xbox 360 and a PS3

I know the Wii wouldn't be a waste of cash because it has enough family games which you won't get on 360 or ps3 such as Mario Party 9, but ps3 and 360 are mostly the same except for a few exclusives

What is your Xbox 360 or PS3 game collection.

I have GTA IV, Gears of War 3, Fable 2, Halo 3, Assasins Creed Revelations, Batman Arkham Asylum, X-men origins wolverine, Rage, Fallout 3, Lost planet 2, WWE 12, UFC 2010, Neverdead, Call of duty black ops and MW3, Brink, The orange box, NFL 08 and 09, NHL 11, Red dead redemption and Undead nightmare, Dead space, Battlefield bad company and 2, Battlefield 3, Dead Rising, L.A Noire and Bully. I own a Xbox 360

Can cat fleas live or get in a ps3 slim


Should I get an Xbox 360 slim even though I own a PS3

I had a 360 a while back and it was fun up until I ran out of Xbox live so I sold it. Should I get one again?

Which is better PS3 or XBOX 360

I'm searching at getting either a PS3 or an XBOX 360 for a few reasons. I'm heading off on an internship next year, as well as searching at a way to keep myself entertained while I'm not working. I want to know which is better for games and also which one would suit non-gaming use the best (Netflix, internet, DVDs, etc.) A problem is cost, but it seems such as the price for them are the same to begin. In order to play online with friends, does that cost cash on both the PS3 and XBOX 360? <br> <br> And I believe that to reach the internet, I would need a wireless connection, is that correct?<br> <br> Thanks for your help!

DEBATE : PS3 VS XBOX 360........

My little brother and his Xbox buddies really think Xbox is better than the Playstation... when they really don't know PS3 is better. Lets start off with some arguments, I know you guys can't reply but I can, so state as many arguments as you can...<br> Here are mines<br> PS3 is better than Xbox because you can play online for free! But, when you do pay to play on PS3, you get all kinds of promotions and deals where you get 10 free games that stay on your download history forever. If you pay to play on Xbox you get to play online and discussed to multiple people -__-<br> PS3 also runs smooooooth and flawless where it tells me the exact time my buddies log off of up to two years!<br> Xbox just says offline if you have been gone for two months.<br> PS3s graphics are flawless at 1080P, with the addition of Blu-Ray<br> Idk if Xbox can even play Blu-Ray, let alone Red-Ray (HD DVD)<br> And theres my arguments :) Lets see yours.

Im soooooo bored without my ps3.

Im 17 and im not a very social go out every nite guy. And even if i was i have no car and theres no way my mother would let me stay out all night. But anyway she recently took my ps3 and gave it away to some kids at the workforce place. At first i wasnt feeling the effects because i was thinking about how maybe not having a ps3 can be a good thing and i was getting to view nfl football and i still have my smartphone. But now I've realized that unless you are extremely popular everyday life is sooo boring. Facebook is boring (occasionally fun), Twitter is boring, as well as my cowboys only play once a week other than that im stuck viewing sportcenter discussed about the same **** over and over and over and then i no longer have nfl network cuz mom doesnt wanna pay for extra channels so i stay on espn. I occasionally view cartoon network but only three or four shows. I miss my ps3, i miss madden, i miss call of duty black ops and my ak47. I even miss modern warfare three (that beginner camper friendly game). And u know what makes it worse? NO MADDEN 13 OR BLACK OPS 2!!! O woe is me. Sob :'(

Should I get an Xbox 360 or PS3

I'm finally getting my own house in England while i study there, so now I can finally get myself a decent TV and a console. Although I may have my PC to play some games there all the large games coming out soon are only for consoles. Yes I am going to the UK to study but everyone needs some recreation.<br> I was thinking to get a second hand console mainly an Xbox 360 (Slim) because I want to play Halo four also the console is cheaper. Yet the region code is a problem, I was also contemplating bringing my PS3 with me but I already need to pack so lots of things and I don't want the hassle from immigration about taking laptops/electronic devices out of my bag. <br> So should I buy an Xbox 360 or buy/bring along through PS3 (if its safe to check it in) and save cash on games plus the PS3 has no region block.

Should I get a ps3 or xbox

No fanboys! So i want a ps3 for all there is games and the better HD graphics, but i also want a xbox because it has a party chat and i will not feel that alone but the ps3 has way more better games! I dont have enough for both! so which one is better and why?

Is it worth to get an xbox if im not going to play online much or shouldIjust go with ps3

i really can't determinewhich one should i buy, i kinda want an xbox but i need to pay for live and i'm not even sure if i'm going to play online, i don't have friends who play games lol and i'm from asia- philippines, if that matters... i think some of the apps doesn't work here( such as netfix)? so its kinda more worth to get an xbox if you're from the US, idk? but i want the kinect and their menu layout seems nicer than ps3. is it still good if i'm not going to play online much?<br> <br> with ps3, online is free and i wouldn't need to worry when to get online and stuff plus the browser...<br> games i might get are skyrim, portal, mass effect, bioshock and there's some ps3 games i kinda want such as heavy rain, journey and from ghibli, Ni no kuni! arggnfk are they worth it? <br> i don't really know much xbox exclusives that interest me, just left4dead(.....or can you recommend some?)<br> though most of the games i want are multiplatform so yeah.....i'm really confused sigh<br> <br> i also want the one that is able to do more stuff other than gaming?<br> umm HELP what do you think? thanks!!

PS3 OR XBOX 360 which one should I buy

Guys I had an xbox but it broke after falling my dad told I can buy another one I was confused which one to buy xbox or ps3 <br> I such as good graphics and I basically only play FIFA the entire year so what should I buy I have a budget of about $400

Why does my assassins creed brotherhood get stuck in the loading screen (PS3)

Okay so i'm on brotherhood i started a new save but after the first Desmond scene when you're in the animus loading screen it doesn't load, so i went on one save that is two hours in, know i've got that to 12 hr in and up to the first leonardo war machine mission it gets stuck again i don't want to delete the save because i'm somewhat far ( Got two borgia towers left, 51k Florens, bank can hold 40k and have 5vassassins ranked up to assassin rank )

PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Whats Better

Whats Better ?

Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, PS3 or Wii U

Which is better. Give reasons.

PS3 or Xbox 360

give specific details. one sentence answers will not be considered for best answer.

Ps3 or xbox

Which one should i buy??? Please specify with reasons.<br> <br> Thank you

Favourite/best ps3 games

I want to buy some more games, but i don't really know that i should go for. So what are your favourite, or in your opinion best, games or game series available for ps3? <br> Also, please don't say COD or Battlefield as those are somewhat obviously popular and "good" <br> Thanks

Skyrim on ps3, Xbox, or Pc

So Christmas is approaching and I have a ps3. But since Bethesda has been d¡cking around with us with dawnguard and possibly hearthfire, I am going to either get a pc or Xbox. I am torn in between the two. I want a pc for skyrim, KSP, as well as regular minecraft. But an Xbox gets the DLC's first and Xbox minecraft has my favorite worlds. ( I used to play on my brothers Xbox until he moved out so I have my worlds on a flash drive but no Xbox.) so what should I get. And give me detailed answers. Thanx.

Whats Better PS3 Or XBOX 360

wich game console i sbetter be shore to back up your choice with a discription

PS3 vs. XBox. Which one shouldIbuy

PS3 because,<br> 1. It has more hard disc space ( upto 320 GB )<br> 2. You don't need to pay to play online.<br> 3. It has better Graphics.<br> 4. The PS3 controller has a USB cable to recharge ( unlike the Xbox which you need to buy batteries)<br> 5. The PS3 IS mutch better

Poll: Xbox 360 or PS3

What do you think, as well as why?<br> Add me if u like: XBL: xTrelow :)

Why Choose Ps3 Over 360

If you could only have one console and one only which one of these consoles and why

Which shouldIget xbox or ps3

i had an xbox and loved it but i would also love to own all the ps3 exclusives such as uncharted series mgs series lbp and so on. But i heard that ps3 online servers are crap so i do not know if i should just replace my xbox or buy a ps3 for the first time.

ShouldIget skyrim for ps3 or xbox 360

i want to get this game and im wondering which version is better the xbox 360 version or ps3 version i herd the released a patch for both systems and the xbox 360 already has the dlc's on it but i also don't know which version plays better and plays longer

Is it Worth getting a ps3

I wanted to know whether it is worth purchasing a ps3 now, or should i just wait for ps4? I already have an xbox so it's not such as i'd be waiting for the ps4 without a console.

My ps3 keeps freezing

ok my ps3 is two month old, as well as has froze on three games. faloout three (2 times) max payne three ( one time) battlefield two ( one time in three hours!) playstation home (ones) now i do have the ps3 six inch from a wall so not to close. its a ps3 slim 180GB and i am so angry! i keep thinking i must take it back to the shop. i asked some friends of mine they say in two years never ones. five times in two month!! can you please help me thanks!

Better xbox 360 or ps3best

which game systeme has more better graphics and or sound quality better games and all that fancy stuff it for my little bro.

PS3 or Xbox, Which one

I love both consoles and seriously wanna buy both, but i'm only permitted to buy one of them. Its either PS3 or Xbox. I need answers quick. And whatever console you pick which one should i get cuz for PS3 theres another superslim model that came out recently and i think theres one for xbox as well. No sure. Please no neggative comments and opinions welcome about how your experience with either of the consoles was. Thanks.

Whats better Xbox or ps3

I want to buy my son a gift for his birthday

Which game console is better ps3 or x box

i m planning to buy ps3 or x box, but i do not have idea ,which one is better for playing games such as racing & all,kindly suggest

What are good ps3 games

I'm purchasing a ps3, as well as I don't know what games I should get for it. The kinds of games I such as are fighting and rpg, as well as I love anime and manga if that helps. I'm already getting Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, as well as I'm thinking about getting Sonic Generations. What games do you think I would like?


hey,<br> My friend's brother has a PS3 so me and her play on it all the time, MW3 I think its called, as well as we had so much fun on the missions, YES I'M A GIRL AND I ENJOY IT!!!!!! <br> so for my birthday, i want to get one, but i told my friends and all the boys said get an xbox, <br> what i want in it is...<br> -dvd player<br> -can play against your friends<br> -same games as ps3<br> <br> Am i safer getting a ps3 or is an xbox just better?

IfIRestore my ps3 andIhave money in my psn store willIloose that money

I have $30 on my account and if i restore my ps3 will i not have it after its finished

Please help Xbox or PS3

i want to buy a new console what do you think is the best?<br> I such as all sort of games, but i play more racing, FPS and sports

Xbox 360 vs PS3 Why

which one is better?????? give your opinon

Do people still play MW2 on ps3 online

I was playing on getting it, since I never finished MW2 and played enough multiplayer.

Whats the best PS3 starter games to buy (10 points for best answer)

I'm thinking of getting a PS3 and I want to know what games would you recommend I buy first (in genre). I would appreciate it if you list about 5-10 games.

What games can you play with a ps3 controller hooked up to it

Any PS3 game that doesn't say "MOVE Required"; on the cover.

Sims 3 PS3 is currently partially frozen help please

Ok first things first i am playing the PS3 VERSION of the sims three so im not searching for pc based solutions...thanks...<br> <br> Ok i was just making an amazing house from scratch on a gigantic lot and i was pretty much done except for the wallpaper...the house took about an hour and a half to make and i was just checking to see if i did not miss anything to make my house even more amazing and i pull out a bike rack and it all of a sudden lags really hard and freezes but for aome strange reason the glowing light thats above the cursor is still sparkling and the music is still normally playing so im just wondering is it frozen to no return or can i fix it without turning the PS3 off because i really do not want to lose my masterpiece!! Please help thanks...

Are PS3 Black Ops servers down

Yea the servers are down on xbox too, for mw2 too. just wait abit they are putting forth effort to fix them

ShouldIsell me Xbox for a Ps3

I want to sell my Xbox 360 for a Ps3 because more of my nicer friends have it. Also i love Halo and i do not want to give it up. So what shall i do? What is the difference between them?

XBox 360 vs. PS3 which gaming console is better

I am wondering which game console is better in terms of the number of inexpensive games available. I have never owned a gaming machine so I need help deciding. Where can I get the best price, is it online or in the store? Any advice is appreciated.

PS3 or Xbox 360...........

I use to own a xbox 360...til the red rings took it putting forth effort determinewhich should i buy..all my friends got a ps3. do u think it is time to change or stay with the 360

PS VITA OR XBOX 360 250gb OR 3DS xl or PS3

I need one of these so bad!!!! Which one is great for a 14 year old??? All my friends game on a pc and im stuck with a great Macbook but it can not handle gaming!!!! Which one will final for atleast five years with the new games still available for it????

Ps3 game random freezes how can I fix this

I was putting forth effort to play my Ps3 game, Midnight Club Los Angeles, but the game will not play. It loads completely but when I start playing the game it will RANDOMLY freeze. It isn't at the same spot everytime, such as three seconds into play than freeze, than 10seconds, than start screen etc(randomly). And I can still play other games, as well as still play blue-ray movies. Could it be the disk?

How much willIget for trading ps3 game at gamestop

So i wanna get black ops two so i got mw2 ,black ops ,street fifa, 007,some random super hero games two of them and a futball game how much do u think ill get for them :) ty for your time p.s i wanna trade them at gamestop

Can you gameshare a fifa 13 online pass (PS3)

I recently bought fifa 13 along with most of my friends on ps3 and my online code hasn't been working properly and i have tried all the solutions on the web? Is it possible for me to game share and online pass with my friend and for both of us to still be able to play against each other and use fifa 13 online at the same time or at all? Has anybody done this and is it a safe/good idea?<br> Thanks,<br> Alex

Xbox 360 or ps3 and why

ps3 free membership

Ps3 game suggestions

i am a 14 year old girl and i have a playstation, as well as i want some new games so can anybody suggest any? i such as the look of just cause two and mafia two and la noire, i am in to them sort of games, i have assans creed 2, some cod games, gta iv, skate three 007 game ( not sure which one) does anybody know that are similar to these?

Which of the two has better games: Xbox 360 or PS3

I've never tried playing either of them but I am interested in purchasing a console since I have more time these past few months.<br> <br> I'm wondering which of the two consoles have better available games in your opinion, so I'd get the one with the better games.<br> <br> Cheers!

Why did you choose xbox over ps3 or vice versa

Online gaming. There was a bunch of trouble a little while ago with the hacker group Anonymous shutting down PSN, I was concerned (and still am a little) that their little war could end up with my personal info, as well as maybe credit card info, being released through Anonymous as a casualty. Or just not being able to play

IfIbought a used battlefield 3 premium ps3 game willIbe able to play online and have all the features

you need to buy all the add-ons plus multiplayer access its a ripofff :(

Would it be stupid to sell my PS3 for a Wii U

I really want a Wii U when it comes out, it looks such as it will be very fun. Plus, I miss playing games such as Mario and Zelda. Plus, the "PS4" and "Xbox720" are gonna start to come out probally next year and if not then for sure 2014. Would it be a bad idea to sell my PS3 for a Wii U?

Ps3, wii or Xbox 360

while the 7th generation is still here, which one have you preferred up till now?

What are the best PS3 games

First off I won't accept comments such as "Get rid of your ps3 for xbox" or "PC gaming is best" etc...<br> All I want is a list of good games, attempt to name as many as possible.<br> Thanks!

What is the best PS3 video game of all time

I want to know you guy's opinion on your favorite video game of all time. Upcoming games does count!!!

Assassins Creed 3 combat on ps3

I started playing AC3 around two hours and I seem to get around, but the combat controls are confusing me. Could somebody please explain how it works? Counter attacks, average attack, dodge and the meat shield when loads of solider shoot at u at same time how do i grab the enemy? <br> stuff such as that please<br> <br> thanks

PS3 games I should get

So, here's a list of all the PS3 games I've got: <br> <br> Grand theft auto IV <br> Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 <br> Final fantasy. XIII <br> Final fantasy. XIII-2 <br> Resident evil<br> Dishornerd <br> Ridge racer seven <br> Ghost Recon future Soldier<br> Warhawk <br> Dead Space <br> Dead Space 2<br> Tomb raider Trilogy <br> Red dead redemption <br> The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim <br> Call of Duty four Modern Warfare <br> Call of duty Modern warfare two <br> Call of duty MW3 <br> Assassin's Creed<br> Assassin's creed two <br> Assassin's Creed Brotherhood <br> Assassin's Creed Revelations <br> Assassin's Creed three <br> <br> So, I need new games, suggestions? Old or new!

ShouldItrade my xbox for a ps3

I have a 250gb black slim xbox 360.. I wanna ask you guys if you think i should keep the xbox or trade it in for maybe a 120 gb ps3.. im tired of all the lagging and paying for online. Tell me what you think.

ShouldIget ps3 or XBOX 360

Please tell me the cons and pros for both and which one you you prefer

Should I buy a PS3 or Xbox 360

Ok so I know this will likely attract attention to particular fanboys but just read this first:<br> I have a stable net connection<br> I would such as easy online multiplayer and chat etc<br> I want the console to final a while<br> I would such as a wide range of games<br> I would prefer if it was cheaper<br> if you could please include both arguments in your answer i would appreciate it :) <br> thanks in advance :)

Which one is better, the Ps3 or Xbox 360 console

I want a console to buy this Christmas, I'm 15.

Whitch is better to you ps3 or xbo360

i say ps3

Ps2, ps3, ps4

So I have a ps2, but not a ps3. i am putting forth effort to determineif i should buy a ps3 or wait for ps4. Any Ideas?

Which Game Console is better PS3 or 360

I prefer PS3.

Are black ops 2 servers down ps3

Nope<br> mines working<br> ;-)

Will Gamestop accept my PS3Slim to trade for an Xbox 360

Look, I just want to know if they would give me an used-xbox 360, or a new one. I really don't play uncharted, killzone..etc.. I just want to be in the live-market, as well as I am a very large halo fan.<br> Will gamestop accept my trade?<br> I have owned the ps3 for a year.

Should I trade a Ps3 in to get a Xbox

I just recently got a Ps3 slim (160gb I think) on November 3rd and I am really not enjoying it. I have dead island, borderlands 2, assassins creed 3, red dead redemption and undead nightmare. <br> I have played it everyday and I really don't such as it, I have had an Xbox 360 three times and personally I think it is so much better. I want to get another xbox now but don't know if I will make enough cash from trading in the Ps3 to buy an Xbox. I have the same quantity of friends on Xbox as I do on Ps3 and also what games should I get on Xbox if I do get one? <br> <br> Thanks

Which should I get Xbox 360 or PS3

Okay so the holidays are coming up ad my mom is giving me the option to have an Xbox 360 or a PS3. Problem is I don't know which one to choose! I already have pros and cons for each system:<br> <br> Xbox 360:<br> <br> Pros:<br> <br> - Halo 4<br> - A lot of my friends have it<br> - Kinect<br> - Minecraft (Downloadable on the Marketplace)<br> <br> Cons:<br> <br> - $60 for year membership (Too pricey)<br> <br> PS3:<br> <br> Pros:<br> <br> - It has this game called "Infamous" that I really want<br> - Free to play multiplayer<br> - Blu-Ray<br> - Exclusive titles only available on PS3<br> <br> Cons:<br> <br> - I heard multiplayer lags a lot<br> - Not lots of of my friends have it<br> <br> Please help choose!!!

Should I get a Xbox 360 or PS3

MY PS3 recently broke and I was considering replacing it. Then I decided to get an Xbox 360 instead. But I have no idea how lots of GB to get? And if I am going to be playing online with Xbox Live, do I must get some Wi-Fi thing? Or is that just a thing of the past?

ShouldIbuy a PS3 or an XBOX 360

PLS. read this before answering.<br> basically i wanna buy either a ps3 or an x-box<br> price is not an issue<br> i will be using pirated games so pls discuss about online gaming and specially the banning method and the pricing of x-box live accounts.also i will be playing online.<br> which needs moreless care<br> which has more expensivecheap games<br> which has a better cooling system(as in which gets heated up faster)<br> AND THE MOST IMPORTANT 1.IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN MAKE MY ACCOUNT NOT GET BANNED WHILE I PLAY ONLINE GAMES.<br> whats the cost of an x-box live accounts.<br> and the price of consoles and extra info if possible.

Should I buy an Xbox 360 or PS3 (Fall 2012)

Most likely only going to use it to play video games. Not a large time gamer. Which is better in your own opinion?

Xbox or ps3..........

and why also list a few games i should get for it


Ive owned a xbox 360 slim for around two years now and now fancy a change, really do enjoy the online the 360 has. Have been thinking about getting a ps3 slim (120gb) but have heard lots of mixed reviews about psn.

WII or PS3, which shouldIbuy

I am putting forth effort to determinewhether to buy a wii or a ps3..<br> I just need it to play dancing games and do exercise. And maybe sometimes play action games. <br> Which is better?

What is better Xbox or PS3

I need to let my sister know what I want for Christmas. PLEASE HELP!


i bought my xbox 360 s PAL one year ago and i even bought some accesories for it like(kinect, remote chargeable kit, a ferrari italia 458 wheel and some games. its been one year since my friends are encouraging me to change to ps3 slim and i kinda get tht owsum bcuz ps3 has a free online gaming advantage PSN. SHOULD I REALLY CHANGE TO PS3 SLIM OR SHOULD I WAIT FOR THE PS4 NEXT YEAR???AND PLEASE TELL ME WHERE SHOULD I SELL MY ACCESORIES OF THE XBOX

Which is better xbox 360 or PS3

I was debating between both of them and I am unsure of which to get...

Why do 360 owners hate ps3

Well "almost" every 360 owner i meet on the net have some kind of grudge against ps3 for whatever reason. I've even seen somewhat a few in real life are such as that.<br> <br> Is there reason for it?<br> They just say ps3 sucks and don't bother to elaborate.<br> They keep saying the PS3 has no exclusives games <br> Do they mean PS3 has no exclusive games or that the games are bad.<br> I mean the final time i checked the ps3 had games such as infamous, god of war, uncharted, MGS4, killzone that are considered awesome and are ps3 exclusives<br> <br> I mean I'm not a PS3 lover or anything infact i prefer PC and hand hold games (DS/PSP FTW), but is there reason for this. I mean i never see nintendo and Sony fanboys having flame wars other than the recent PSallstars copy war going on. Speaking of which 360 fan boys rip on nintendo as well.

Which console is better, xbox 360 or ps3 and why

Ps3 has Free internet!! Thats all you must know

Do anyone play black ops 2 for ps3

I just will not to play somebody really good. I got two gametags kidcudi_13 and Vante1234

How much store credit do u think gamestop will give me ifItrade in battlefield 3 for ps3 in good condition

im not a pro member

PS3 or Xbox Please help, need to decide

I'm thinking of getting a new games console, either for xmas or saving my birthday cash from final week, & xmas cash combined. Should I get an Xbox or PS3? I'm really into the Xbox, but people tell me PS3's are better, although I found a good Xbox deal at HMV. What are your opinions? <br> <br> - I'm not bothered about playing online/against other people. I'm just into the good deals you can get, as well as which is better to play.

Which is the best Xbox or PS3

which is more good if modified and which plays more pirated disk?

Should I get a Xbox 360 or a PS3

And tell me reasons why.

ShouldIget a PS3 or XBOX

Which one should I get? Ps3 looks better in my opinion, free online. I grew up when I was younger with the original xbox, so I don't know much about the 360 or the ps3. <br> <br> The PS3 just looks such as its a better machine, as well as lasts longer. What do you think? thanks

On nba 2k13 for ps3Ineed help with my small forward position

is it better to be a athletic or scoring or slashing small forward?

What is better Xbox 360 or Ps3

i'm unsure what to buy, can you help!!!

I Need Help With PS3 Online Black Ops 2

for some reason i can not play Black Ops two online. it says the server is not available, but its fine when i check online. this happened to me before with MW3 so i sold it because it never let me play online, i never figured out the reason why it didn't let me. all my other games work fine online such as Black Ops one and Madden, just not Black ops 2. i need help bad

Why do people like Xbox 360 and PS3

We all know Atari is better. Have you seen Battlefield three Graphics on Atari? Better then PS3 and Xbox and PC

Which has better grapgics ps3 or xbox

Ps3 but more games on Xbox Xbox is 2nd best

Xbox 360 or PS3, what shouldIget

I've decided I really want one of these consoles, one reason being a game came out which i really want for the Xbox 360 or PS3. But i don't know which to get. I wouldn't be using online at all, because we don't have wifi hooked up, atleast at the moment. I noticed that they are both the same price.<br> I also don't want to buy one and have the company come out with a new console, so which would more likely be around for longer before they stop making games for it?<br> Any imformation would be nice, as well as just whichever you prefer, thanks!

Which is better Ps3 or Xbox360

I don't know which one to buy,some of my friends say that Ps3 is better some of the others say Xbox 360 is better and which games should i buy.Need Help!

What is better, xbox, or ps3


Andquot;what are some good police/crime games (ps3)

hey could somebody please tell me good police games such as you acculy get to be the cop, or some kind of crime game, or if you need to a great war game, please don't say these because i already have them. All gta4 with addons, as well as i heard saints row three sucks balls, umm i have the cod series, as well as bf3. manily searching for a good game i can be a cop in, i do not realy know why speakin ima criminal haha jk eminem song. thanks to anyone.

What are some good videogames for the ps3

i love playstion and i really want to look up video games but now i have been busy and i do not have time so could you tell me some good ps3 games i sould buy.

What to buy PS3 or XBOX 360

*my friends have a ps3

PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U

I only have a Wii, which one would be the best choice

Ps3 still worth buying

Have a 360 but want a ps3 slim 120gb. IS IT STILL WORTH GETTING ONE?

What PS3 video game shouldIget

I want a game that will get me entertained ( such as black ops zombies) or some other game that has a fantastic type such as zombies<br> i such as shooters, rpgs, racing, adventure, strategy pretty much everything<br> any suggestions are appreciated!

Sims 3 pets wont install on my ps3

A friend came over with Sims three pets and I wanted to play it right now so I put it in my ps3 and tired to turn the game one but it had to install something it was on 0percent for about five minutes then it quickly went to 100percent then my console froze and now the game won't work should I delete the game data or something such as that? Please help!!

Im getting a ps3 for christmas what games should I get

I such as rpg's, fps, platformer, action, survival horror games. If you could give me some game recommendations that would be amazing :))

Best ps3 game of all time


Wii U Vs. Ps3 andamp; Xbox 360

Which do you think is the best and why? the Wii U or the Ps3 and Xbox 360? <br> do you think the Wii U is behind in terms of graphics capabilities ect?

Is ps3 good for playing games like Assassins creed or saints row the third

I'm about to buy PS3 ... And i still don't know if Is PS3 good for playing games such as assassin creed three or saint's row the third... I asked before : What shall u buy. PS3 OR XBOX.- seven Said ps3 two XBOX 360. So Please anyone tell me if it's good to buy ps3 for games such as .. ASSASSIN CREED three ,SAINT'S ROW THE THIRD.... (More shooter): ... Please!

How to get Nuketown Zombies for Ps3 Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

So i bought the season pass to get nuketown zombies but i do not know how to get the map can somebody help me asp?!

What PS3 game would you recommend

Disney princess the case of the missing perfume

How do you do the necker island flagship level on Battleship PS3

Best Video Game Ever: PS3/XBOX/PC

Any game, console or time. Give your reasoning :)

Does anyone know if you can send xbox fifa 13 coins over to ps3


Should I sell my Xbox for a PS3

Hey, <br> <br> I own a Halo four 320GB limited edition console and have played Xbox since 2007 but I have recently got very bored of Xbox, I have got bored with all the games including Halo four and I love Halo.<br> I wanted to know should I trade my xbox in at GAME and get a PS3, I love LittleBigPlanet and all its other games, plus the online is free.<br> <br> I just really must know what to do, thanks :)

PS3 VS PC VS XBOX who will win

I only own the pc so guys tell me which will win among the three fighters<br> pc or ps3 or xbox 360?<br> <br> u choose.

Nuketown Zombies PS3 What Is The Release Date HELP Please

ok so i bought the season pass and i have ps3, i know xbox got nuketown zombies a month before us but im getting pretty annoyed that treyarch will not even give us a date or info xbox got it on 12th dec, does that mean we get it tommorow? (12/1/13) really annoyed over this..

Why PC is better then Ps3 and Xbox

Tell us why?

Which is better, ps3 or xbox

I have ps3 but not sure if xbox is better and if I should get one..?

Ps2 or Ps3. Which one did you enjoy most

I want know everyone opinion. I such as ps2 game slightly more than ps3.

What do you have:PS3 or XBOX

No arguing about which ones better casue i really couldt give a monkeys on what better, so just PS3 or xbox and say why btw iv got ps3

Which ps3 game is better GTA SanAndreas or Far Cry 3

Please tell me which game is better. I still can't determinebetween these two. I don't care about graphics or multiplayer. Just the gameplay and which is more longer and fun.

Should I buy a ps3 or Xbox

And which is better for online gaming

What should I get a ps3 or Xbox 360..

I know the new ones are coming out next year or through Christmas but I don't wanna miss out on gta and madden and call of duty. I'm selling my car method because I really don't such as everyone hearing what I'm i am hearing and it's not me. Ill prabably get about 300 bucks. I don't want to purchase all of it on games because in getting shoes and cloths. A need to have is black ops 2! And gta. Maybe madden. I don't mind paying for Xbox live and I can't get a 1st gen Xbox cheap. It should i get a newer one. Ps3 I heard lags so I'm not to sure. Let me know what should I get...

Will crysis 3 look better on ps3 then 360

Crysis three will look better on The Xbox 360 than Playstation three because third party games don't look that good on the Playstation 3. Third party games looks better on The Xbox 360. I hope this helps.

Whats your favourite PS3 or Xbox 360 game

I just want to know what game to get because i want a new game.

I have bought my son Mortal Combat on ps3. When he puts the gane in it says that there is not enough memory.

He has deleted lots of saved games but still doesn't work. Can you help.

Should I get a ps3 or an xbox 360

My xbox 360 broke a week ago and I was wondering if I should buy a new xbox or a ps3? Which have you had better experiences with?

ShouldIget an xbox 360 or ps3 please help me

XBOX! It a bunch easier

Which is better: PS3, Xbox, Wii or DS

The Genesis.

Is a xbox 360 beter then a ps3 or a wiii

X-Box is the best gaming console

If you have nuketown zombies for ps3,Iwill make you a deal

i have inFAMOUS: Festival Of Blood and all of the add-on's for inFamous 2, as well as i also have Jak 3, i will let you gameshare all of these if you let me gameshare nuketown zombies

Which graphic is better PS3 or Xbox 360 In this Youtube video<br> <br> Please give your honest opinion.



The best ps3 games that completely satisfied you

I have a ps3. I need a few games that is able to make me enjoy them for somewhat a lengthy time. I can not play online annd do not have an hd screen . Please suggest me some good games which you loved and respected. Please give me the reason for it too. I hated gta4, Whereas I loved arkham city. I did not get gow three much interesting but loved uncharted 3, when played for the first time. I such as kill zone 3.

Which system, xbox or ps3, has less little kids on it

little kids as in 6-12 years of age. i do not know they just annoy me. which console has less little kids online?<br> PLEASE do not say pc. i likely will never get a pc and i do not want to get one.

POLL: What do you like better: PS3 or Xbox 360

which one do you vote for???? Tell me why if you want to!! :D

I just bought a PS3 What games do you recommend Any top games for this system

I got sonic generations and I want a ratchet and clank game because i love the games. Im not really into sports games or war games. I such as action, fighting, stuff such as sonic and games where you can just have fun.<br> <br> Any suggestions for PS3 exclusives? (or just suggestions in general). I have a Wii also,.

Recommend games for PS3

I've just bought a Playstation three and want to know what the best games to get are. I think i would such as military/adventure, sport and science fiction/fantasy mode games.

Which is the better gaming system, Xbox 360 or PS3

I want the best graphics,games,and extras

ShouldIget a PS3 or Xbox 360

I've finally saved up enough cash for an xbox or ps3 but i literally have no idea which one to get D: my boyfriend tells me to get a PS3, my brother tells me to get an xbox and my friends all say unique things. At the moment i have a nintendo wii which (although i love) there isn't much to do on it anymore. Which do you prefer and why? I feel such as i should of got a ps3 or xbox ages ago but i've only just got round to it haha. Also, what games do you recommend? I've played Assassins Creed at my friends houses a few times and seems good. My all time favourite game is legend of zelda so is there anything similar to that? Or overall classic games you don't get bored of? <br> <br> Thanks :) (sorry it's so lengthy aha)

PS3 Skyrim Daedric bow question

ok i have my daedric bow at improoved i think its Legendary well i have upgraded it two times and its still only level 71 i have heard people complaining about 130 and i have no idea how to make it better? please leave an answer helping thanx<br> <br> <br> .... also not against instructional vids for help thanx

Is it okay to leave a game on pause all night on ps3

I downloaded Final Fantasy seven and I can't save and I must go so will it damage my ps3 if I leave it on pause all night.

Which is better PS3, xbox360 or WII

want to give my boyfriend one for his birthday but cant determinewhich one?

Why would you buy a PS4 or would you prefer a PS3 or Xbox 360. DEFEND YOUR ANSWER


Black Ops 2 Revolution PS3 download problems

I have the season pass but when I went to download it started to download four things :<br> SPA)<br> Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution [GER}<br> POL]<br> FRE]<br> I live in Australia and I am putting forth effort to download SPA) Please Help!

What time will Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC for PS3 comes out on Feb 28th EST

Between 6-10 AM EST. Not midnight.

I have season pass but cant download revolution DLC ps3

Well, I have season pass, have the season pass calling card, nuketown zombies, AND the peacekeeper (wtf?), but when I go to store, it gets me to pay $14.99, when I already have the season pass. I went to PS store but the same, as well as nothing on downloads. Any help?

Do you find it more satisfying completing xbox achievements than ps3 trophies

My Xbox and ps3 got ripped off a few years back and I got a new ps3 now but no xbox, I noticed im not nearly as driven to get trophies as I was achievements, anybody else feel the same?

Anybody else just get a ps3 and the ps4 is announced

I got my ps3 for ps4 is coming out...............<br> ANYBODY ELSE!?

Ps3 or xbox 360, whats better for the price

which is the one two buy

Which should I buy Wii U or PS3

Which should I buy? Wii U or PS3? Please say which one you think is the best and give a valid reason to your answer, as well as please dont answer with "Wait for the PS4"<br> <br> Thanks

I got an Xbox 360. Should I cancel and get a PS3

yes, you should

Why is ps3 bether than xbox360

I could go on and on about it, but the main reasons boil down to better hardware (processor, graphics, blu-ray, ect.) and free online networking

Can anyone give me a bo2 dlc code for ps3

I heard about a black ops two revolution DLC code generator I was wondering if one could give me a code for ps3 because I don't have a computer and I really want to play the DLC you can add me as a friend on ps3 I am iwillmp5ku or message me the code on ps3 please I want the DLC its the black ops2 revolution DLC for ps3

What new ps3 games shouldIget

I need some new games cause I'm sick on the ones I play.<br> <br> Uncharted: Drakes Fortune<br> Uncharted 2: Among Thieves<br> Uncharted 3: Drake's deception<br> Call of Duty: world at war<br> Call of Duty: MW3<br> Assassins Creed<br> Assassins creed 2<br> Assassins creed : brotherhood <br> Assassins creed: revelations<br> Assassins creed 3<br> Red Dead Redemption<br> The walking dead: the game ( all episodes)<br> GTA 4<br> Dead Island<br> Portal 2<br> Sports champions <br> Far wine 3<br> <br> Okay. The multiplayer games i play regularly are:<br> Uncharted 3<br> Red Dead Redemption<br> <br> The campaign games i still haven't finished are:<br> GTA 4<br> Red Dead Redemption<br> <br> I love the campaign of these following games:<br> Every assassins creed games<br> Every uncharted game<br> Dead island (played over five times)<br> Mw3 was okay, not the best<br> Far wine three was awesome and I sometimes free roam on it still.<br> <br> <br> Games that were so boring I didn't finish were:<br> Portal 2<br> CoD world at war<br> <br> Games I really want are:<br> Dead island riptide<br> The walking dead game season 2<br> The final of us<br> Watchdogs<br> <br> Sorry this is so long. But can you guys recommend games for me based upon what I just said??<br> Thank you!

Do you prefer xbox or ps3

i such as ps3 i just want other peoples opinions

My revolution dlc pack isnt downloading ps3

I atarted to download it but i turned my tv and let it keep downloading while i did not something else so i turn my tv on and its saying that error occured ?? The bles and coe which i downloaded is the same number on my disc ???

Nintendo 64 vs PS3

Nintendo doesn't have Grand Theft Auto games, so PS3 through default.

On skyrim ps3 iam gonna create a high elf whats perks should I use for my high elf

Also I need tips on how to be a good magic user and what perks should I use for high elf

Anyone wanna make a black ops 2 gaming crew for ps3

I want to play with people who would always play with me such as KYR SP33DY on YouTube. Leave ur ps3 gamertag

Good PS3 games to get

I'm searching for fairly new PS3 games to buy, I've beaten all my old ones and I'm getting bored of replaying them. I'm into sports (fifa) FPS, fantasy and just about genre. My favorite games for PS3 are likely Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Fifa 13, fallout game and Bioshock.<br> I'd appreciate feedback! =)

Where do I buy a PS3 that is backwards compatible

Hi! I was just searching for it. Check Online store. Try to use this link.

ShouldIget the XBOX360 or PS3

i lately have been really into games right away and I've never actually owned a game counsle except for wii (haha i know lame) but I've been over to my guy friends houses alot lately and i have realized i really wanna buy a game consle because i am sick of playing video games on the computer. What would you reccomend me buying, PS3 or xbox? I've played on both before but I'm not sure which one i want more. Could you tell me what i should buy and what are the pros/cons about it, i also wanna make sure i can not discussed online to other players while playing. I know ill need a headset

What are some good video games for $25 for PS3

I just found A 20 and a 10 so I figured I would get a soda and some candy and with the remaining 25 a game from gamestop. Any recommendations?

Arresting Sleeping dogs PS3

I bought the police protection pack for PS3 Sleeping dogs and I heard you can arrest people while wearing the outfit. What buttons do you press to arrest someone?

Should I get the ps3 or xbox360

Which one is the overall better method for gaming?

Why do people fight over which console they think is better (Xbox or PS3)

Isn't it the same as liking chocolate or vanilla ice cream better. You don't hear people fighting about that so I was wondering why people fight over consoles

Xbox 360 vs PS3..........................

Write PC and you mongs will get reported

Which is better Xbox or Ps3

Which is better Xbox or Ps3. Now You need to pay to be online for xbox but the playstation network has problems online sometimes. Xbox can play a bunch of games. Ps3 can play games too but some of the games you only play on Ps3. Now Ps3 have a license that if you buy a game and you let somebody borrow the game they can not access it. Now xbox if you borrow somebodys game you can play as lengthy as you like. So I what to know which is better but from you. X-BOX or PS3?

Where to get a custom controller for ps3

I really just want one that I can have the two buttons under the controller.

ShouldIget ps3 or wait for ps4


PS3 Call of Duty Collection for sale

im putting forth effort to sell my call of duty games for ps3<br> Cod 4<br> Cod WAW<br> Cod MW2<br> Cod MW3<br> Cod BO1<br> Cod BO2<br> im have a listing on ebay,<br> if you would want to offer message me.

Does any one want to be friends in the ps3 :)

I would!!! mode in ur name on additional deatails ill send u a request!<br> me: agentmichael521<br> u can send me a request if u want!<br> i'll reply either next week or on the weekend!

MGS1 PS3 Version frame rate

I got the game by PlayStation Store download and I noticed the bad framerate. Anyway to fix this?

What are some good PS3 games with Amazing Story

i love games with a really good story and gameplay, <br> <br> already played and done the Killzone games, uncharted games, god of war collections & 3, bioshock 1-3, assassins creed 1-3, skyrim, deadspace 1-3and lots more, Just wondering what games you lot have played that have had a awesome story and gripping gameplay, lots of thanks

What is better a ps3 or an xbox 360

in terms of games, controls, graphics, number of things you can do, etc.

I really want it on PS3 can you help me with that

can you tell me how to get minecraft on ps3 i really want it and its only on xbox

Is gangstar a xbox or ps3 game

I wanted to see if it was a game

What great shooter ps3 game should I get

I'm getting a new ps3 game and I'd such as one with a really good story and with Alot of things to do and don't say borderlands,Farcry 3, cod, skyrim,uncharted,infamous, or fallout 3. I own some and don't want to hear about those

Witch game box beter xbox or ps3


Are there any cheap ps3 games that meet this requirement

Great story mode. Can build up a characters attributes. Fun. Long story type can still play after beating the game.

Hey I need help choosing a ps3 game to buy

Hey I need help choosing a ps3 game to buy<br> uncharted 2<br> Metal Gear Solid 4<br> God of war hd collection <br> god of war 3<br> mass efect 2<br> dead space 2<br> dead island<br> red dead redemption<br> grand turismo 5<br> cod games<br> fifa street<br> killzone two or 3<br> Any Assassin's creed game<br> mafia 2<br> F3AR<br> So which one of these should i get first?Choose only one game!

Choose between ps3 and xbox 360

i think ps3 is far better. xbox is not hardware and worst exclusives. i don't get that why Americans buy xbox instead of ps3.

Who wants a Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn Ps3 beta code


Are there any zombie games where you actually play as a zom (on PC and PS3)

Left four Dead one + two and in Dead Space 2's MP. Also in Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Revolution DLC pack. Though, the best of the bunch is Left four Dead one + two for PC.

Why cant me and my freind connect online on PS3

We can link in assassins creed, call of duty, as well as mass effect 3, but not in tomb raider, uncharted, red dead redemption, the final of us etc. We tried using unique accounts but still failed. I have another freind with the same problem except that sometime we can not link and other times we can, so what can i do (if there is anything i can do) so which i can play with my freinds on the PS3

How do I delete the game data on my Ps3 without erasing my saved files

I was playing Skyrim and it kept freezing when I went into the water. Everyone keeps saying that the only way to fix this is to erase the game data, as well as then load it back again. Will doing this erase my saved files? I've worked really hard on my games and DO NOT want them to be erased. If theres another way to fix this glitch that doesn't involve erasing something that would be amazing. Thank you!

Which one is better Wii , ps3 or Xbox 360

360. Not a fanboy, just had a better experience playing the 360 than PS3. I own all the consoles, as well as Wii is mainly kiddy games that aren't too impressive.

Should I get an Xbox or PS3

People have told me to get an Xbox and others say ps3, so i don't know what to choose or should I just get them both.

Is this really how ps3 battlefield is Is that really how ps3 Battlefield three is?

ShouldIget PS3 or wait for PS4

i gonna buy a new console,<br> should i get PS3 or wait<br> for PS4 thats coming out<br> at the end of 2013 ?

Best racing video game for ps3

So i wanna buy a racing game but i want to drive an audi r8, what game should i buy for i could drive an audi r8 and customize it. I already got midnight club and is hard to unlock the audi so i want a new game help what game

Does anyone know any awesome ps3 video games

I such as video games with a story. Some games I play now are Fallout 3, Skyrim, as well as Jak two and 3. I such as games that involve magic and violence, such as Skyrim. Not much into zombie games.

What exact time does vengence/buried come out on PS3 tonight

Hi, im staying up all night to download the new map dlc on Black Ops two Vengence/buried and was wondering what is the exact UK time for it to come out! I've been told at exactly 12 o clock but just wanted to make sure! Thanks Guys!:D <br> <br> If you want to stay up with me add me on PS3 Xx_Lowley_xX

How to fix my screen in skyrim (ps3)

its a bit wide in first person and when you speak to somebody the writing goes outside the screen<br> <br> i got a hdtv<br> 50 inch tv

How much wouldIget for my ps3

How much would i be able to sell my PS3 for it's 320gb slim<br> <br> It would come with<br> 1 controller<br> GTA 4<br> Little large planet<br> Little large planet 2<br> Medal of honor <br> Gran Turismo 5<br> Assassins creed Brotherhood<br> Official Playstation headset<br> Steering wheel that was bough for 20 pounds with wheel and paddles.<br> <br> The whole set is in mint condition and i was wondering what price range could i get for it i also have the box which is in good condition.

What Final Fantasy game should I get for PS3

Alright so I am very new to the series (never played one of them before) and I want to get a game for the ps3 because its the only method I have which you can get Final fantasy games for, I have seen theres some new games coming out for the series very soon aswell way here is the list of the ones I can get:<br> <br> Final Fantasy XIII<br> Final Fantasy XIII-2<br> Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII<br> Final Fantasy X|X-2 Remaster<br> Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn<br> <br> So I know some of these games haven't come out yet but I can just wait for them :)<br> Which ones do you think I should buy first please tell me in order of which ones to buy.


Yes Add me PSN is Boyanime010

PS3 vs. XBOX 360 (If you have/had both)

Just wondering what method I should get. I want answers from people that have both consoles. What do you use each method for? If you could only have one console, which would you choose and why? <br> <br> Thanks!


any logn lasting awesome games for ps3 , list plz and one BEAST game thnx!!

Which game should I buy next for my PS3

Please suggest me a new and a really good ps3 game I could buy. It has been four months since I Haven't got game. I'm gonna buy The Last of Us, view dogs and gta five all together so please don't suggest these. I such as games having really good action and multiplayer.

Should I buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360

My current Xbox 360 is about to break so I need a new console. I can't afford to fork out $500 + for a next gen console so should I get an Xbox 360 or PS3 and why?

Will the fifa 14(ps3) graphics be identical to fifa 13

I'm pretty sure they'll slightly be better.

God father dons edition game help PS3

I've been playing the god father game and have found a segment I cannot get pass due to my controller. I have a dualshock 3/sixaxis controller but for some reason I cannot get the motion control to work. I'm stuck on the segment were you need to deal with the corrupt chief. I can't push him over the ledge. does anybody know how to make the controller work or get passed the mission without it.

ShouldItrade in my xbox and PS3 for the PS4

I recently just got a PS3 (i can literally still return it for such as $210) and my xbox is worth such as $100 (not suprised). Im pretty set on getting a PS4, but knowing the games library coming out for it will not be that huge at first im sorta debating it.<br> <br> So should i wait for post-release or trade in my both my consoles now and chill with my PSP until November?<br> <br> I only have such as 15 days decide. Opinions would help.

Saving in God of war saga collection ps3

every time i play the original god of war on my ps3 it will not save!

Ps3 open world games

I need a game please! I can't get grand theft auto because of the naked strippers and can't get game for that matter with actual nudity which basically cancels out good game. My parents said theres millions of games you'll get one but gta v is literally going to be better than game Ill see in a lengthy time. So Im basically screwed. Yay! Np red dead redemption. No saints row(nudity) no skyrim no gta no bully. Is there open world game worth playing that doesn't have nudity in it?

Ps3 questionIneed help please

is it right to use this: <a href="" rel="nofollow">…</a> for my ps3? coz my ps3 fat 60 gb got ylod three times n were all fixed through a hairblower process n awhile while i was playing tekken tag two it shuts down...its not ylod. so i just take it a rest. and is using vacuum to suck the dusts in the ps3s vent right or right? ps: no one answered this in the playstation category....pls answer i really need a large help.

Which is better xbox or PS3

in my opinion it goes such as this:<br> 1. pc<br> 2. xbox<br> 3.ps3

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