Psn is back online

Its not a question lol just letn people know

Online fps games like crossfire

I used to play crossfire but now theres way to lots of hackers and I want to play a game similar to it. I want to know the best fps that permit you to buy good guns with money(like crossfires black market.) Any help here?

Free online games similar to land grab

I played the I win land grab game, I was wondering if there were free online good one similar to it? I really enjoyed it but I don't plan on buying it... So help would be welcomed. <br> <br> Land grab was starting out with one lower house, upgrading to higher houses, as well as taking over other parts, unique kinds of medieval protections. I really enjoyed it, I'd love to play an online version.

How can I play Free online games without having to download software

I want to play online puzzle games but I must download Java software, as well as I dont want my computer to crash.

Can you download full pc games online for free

I've heard people saying you can and you cant...........can you get them from torrents, or just links......and do they work??

I need fun socializing online games

I'm getting a bit bored of my current games. So if anybody could recommend fun online games where I can socialize and have friends where membership doesn't really matter? Something such as Club Penguin, Wizard101, or Second Life would be real good. If you could give me such as a list or something?<br> PS Please, no sites where I can get minigames and stuff such as Miniclip. Thank you. XD

Online free game like runescape

WOW has free play up to level 20 it is likely one of the best mmorpg out there. Yet, theres allot of new comers that are making a splash but most you need to pay a monthly fee. You get what you pay for.

Where can i play monopoly online with other people

I need a website to play monopoly with other people online I've tried it takes ages to load:/

Good free online virtual world for a 13 year old

I used to love virtual worlds, but now they are either to immature, or im not old enuff for them. Help please! ;D

Where online can you get xbox360 games cheaper

i do not mean such as a dollar or two off, such as over $10 off

How much does data does online gaming use

I have the option of playing online with this net plan. The plan gives me three gb of data to do whatever i want per month. If i do set this up i'll play just call of duty over xbox live. how lengthy could i play say such as mw2 before reaching my data limit.

What is a noob (in online gaming terms)

i was playing xbox and i killed somebody and t-bagged him cause he did it to me and after the game he sent me a message saying 'You F*****g Noob'

When will the Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 beta be back online

The servers are down, when will they be fixed?

How do I play online poker with my friends on my computer

I wanted to know if I there was such a computer application me and all my friends can download on our computers and play poker in a private game?

Has ps2 online network has been closed

Some of the servers are still open

Is the endless online server up

i miss playing :(

Any one interest to play Online Sports Games see this web site

Check out all the really good online sports games at! Sport equipment, sport memorabilia, sports websites and sport equipment<br>

When i buy fifa12 from ps store do i get the online code with it

when i buy fifa12 from ps store do i get the online code with it or i need to pay for the game once then i need to pay for the code?

Is there a list of Digimon for Digimon Masters Online

I've been playing Digimon Masters Online, but I have also been unimpressed with the Mercinary Digimon so far. It seems everyone has Drimogemon, Gabumon, Piyomon, Gotsumon, Elecmon, as well as Kunemon. Does one have a complete list of the current Mercinary Digimon for the English Version of Digimon Masters Online? And also, does anybody know the release date for the full version of the game, as we are still the open beta. Thanks much!

What is the best online game

Be more specific.<br> Do you mean online as in PC, Xbox, PS3, Wii?<br> <br> What mode of game are you searching for?<br> Shooters,Racing,RPG,Sandbox?<br> <br> Currently my favorite online PC game is Minecraft.

When will DC Universe online be free for the ps3

Im searching it up and I see its saying the 19 but its telling me i need to pay.

I want to download a cool online or computer game for free. Where

I want to download The Sims three on my computer for free or a trial of some sort. If you can't help me get The Sims three trial or something such as that, then tell me a cool, non-cheesy, addictive game either online or computer game. Please help! I am bored of viewing videos on a slow streaming computer and searching for fantastic games and learning that it won't work. The games that I have tried out already are:<br> Facebook games,<br> Virtual Families,<br> Lots-for-Sale two or whatever it is called,<br> and thats about it.<br> I already tried to download The Sims three trial but either couldn't get it or it wouldn't work.

Are there any good turn based online games out there

For those who keep in mind games such as Master of Orion or Master of Orion 2, where you played against the computer. Each turn you had a chance to modify your planets, production, fleet, diplomacy, etc.<br> <br> What I'd really love is something such as this, but online, where you play one turn each day in a multi-player universe, as well as where you can que up a few turns in advance, just in case you don't play every day. And then each day, the turns execute and all the players get the results.


Im a 14 year old girl and i need something to do online. I such as some MMORPG games such as habbo a bit but not other games such as just playing games. I don't want schooly stuff or childish stuff. I also such as doing such as virtual makeovers such as on taaz but not cartoon gay stuff. <br> Help please!

Yugioh online Help.

Is this deck build good? Please help. <br> 3 Master Hyperion (19mobs)<br> 3 Agent of Mystery-Earth<br> 3 Agent of Creation-Venus<br> 3 orange<br> 1 honest<br> 2 Archlord Krystia<br> 1 hecatrice<br> 3 shine ball<br> <br> spells<br> 2 vahalla<br> 1 dark hole<br> 1 monster reborn<br> 1 bk of moon<br> 3 duality<br> 2mst<br> 2d-prison<br> 1 trunade<br> <br> traps (Cool<br> mirror force<br> 2 solumn warning<br> solumn judgement<br> torential<br> 2 bottemless<br> trap dust shoot

MW3 vs BF3 Online Which should i buy

Im getting a game today and wana know which one to buy for mostly online. Most of my friends r getting mw3 and im thinking of getting bf3 on my gaming pc which i build in such as five weeks. Sooo which one should i buy for my ps3? Im a great cod player and avg battlefield player.

How can I get free online games to play on my andriod phone

I don't such as playing the free app games they adcertise for android because they are too boring and don't require much skill. Please help.

Can you help I cant get a game on MW3 online with my xbox

it just keeps coming up - no players available - what am I doing wrong - please help stressed oot

Free online quest/strategy MMORPG games

Are there good free online MMORPG games? I was searching for a quest such as game. If so, are there animal such as games as well? Any animal is good, but if theres horses (something such as horseisle - I'm kind of bored of it though). What are some well played ones?

Are alot of games going to start requiring online passes

I hope not, I'm a gamefly renter, I don't want to start paying 10 bucks for every game I want to go online with, I'm glad MW3 didn't do that but Battlefield three and Saints Row three did.

Best online build a city game

i need help to get a good website where you can build your own town and name the streets and everything. ive tried numerous ones but they were all very cheesy and not fun.

I cant remember the name of an online game

it's a 2d sandbox RPG with a flat map. you can gain loyalty to certain factions through doing quests or attacking them. you change places on the map through walking off the edge of the screen, theres bridges and rivers. you can be a mage, warrior, or archer. It was a really fun gam, as well as I wish i could keep in mind what it was so I could go play it again.some of the factions were merchants, as well as things such as that.

Video & Online games: CALL OF DUTY OR BATTLEFIELD Which one is better and why

The fun of the game COD<br> If you need to have realistic BF3

What are some online flash games that you really enjoy playing

Google.. Happy wheels. Is the funniest game in the world!!!

Im joining xbox live soon.. What are some good games for online multiplayer both alone and with my own friends

I already have mw3 fifa skyrim and forza 4

Where can i play online monopoly

i want to play online monopoly because no one i know likes the game except me. but i can't get a site that is free, you don't need to sign up, or download the game or programs for it, that works on all computer systems. can u help me out thanks :)

How do you leave an online match in assassins creed revelations

Cant get a way to get out

Good MMORPGs or online worlds

Alright, I'm sick of just facebook. I really want a MMORPG or an online world. Any suggestions? I want something that doesn't have anything inappropriate in it, such as second life, or imvu. I would prefer it to be 3D. Something such as onverse, but not as boring. I just want something that I can make my avatar, as well as live my life online. Maybe SOMETHING such as free realms, but not as kiddy. I'm so picky. :;(

I need help finding an online game

I played this game once but I can't keep in mind what it is called. It is online and I think I just played a trial. The object of the game is to rotate hexagonal tiles in a grid. Ever tile has lines that go from one side of the hexagon to another and as you rotate the tiles the lines connect. You need to attempt not to link the line to itself for as lengthy as you can.<br> <br> Anyone know what this game is called and where I can get it?

Does anyone know a free addictive online game

been searching around online but can not get addictive fun games to while the time away! .................can anybody help?

Need a really gory free online game

well i get alot of built up anger so i played games online such as the torture game 3, ect, does anyone know of gory or sick either suicide or torture games? (no phycological posts plz just the games)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Online

Hi, I downloaded and installed Call of Duty MW3 [Reloaded] and the Online match thing doesn't work... says the server is not responding or visit ( CoD page ) for updates...<br> <br> Any way i can fix this and play with my friends online ?<br> I need it for those special ops missions precisely

Online game forgotten name

The game I'm searching for I believe I found by StumbleUpon, but midway through my computer crashed & I never found it again. <br> The premise is something along the lines of you have woken up in some sort of limbo and need to complete the game to return home. Your player is a stick man, as well as the "limbo" is actually a small city, where you can get an apartment, a job, as well as attend a university, though I believe the main goal is to achieve some sort of enlightenment? You can choose whether to go down several career paths, such as a police officer, a quick food worker, or a member of a gang. It functioned a bit such as The Sims, as well as it was not a multiplayer game. I think that's all I keep in mind about it, it had kind of a dark feel to it as well.<br> I'm not really wondering for a other reason than it's bothering me that I can't keep in mind the name. Thank you!

Parents wont let me play my ps3 online...what should i do

Play offline.

Eve Online Plz give me some advice Eve ISK

Eve Online (stylised EVE Online) is a video game through CCP Games. It is a player-driven, persistent-world MMORPG set in a science fiction space setting. Characters pilot customizable ships through a galaxy of over 7,500 star systems.Most star systems are connected to one or more other star systems through means of stargates. The star systems can contain moons, planets, stations, wormholes, asteroid belts and complexes.<br> <br> Players of Eve Online can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, as well as combat (both player versus environment and player versus player). The character advancement method is based upon training skills in real time, even while not logged into the game.<br> <br> Eve Online was released in North America and Europe in May 2003. It was published from May to December 2003 through Simon & Schuster Interactive,after which CCP purchased the rights and began to self-publish by a digital distribution scheme.On January 22, 2008, it was announced that Eve Online would be distributed by Steam.On March 10, 2009, the game was again made available in boxed form in stores, released through Atari.The current version of Eve Online is Crucible, released November 29, 2011.

Are there any virtual worlds SIMILAR to Toontown Online

Here are things I DON'T must know about:<br> fantage<br> clubpenguin<br> aqw<br> wizard101<br> imvu<br> smallworlds<br> maplestory<br> meez<br> wooz world<br><br> runscape<br> millsberry<br> tygirlz<br> webkinz<br> tootsville<br> monkeyquest<br> nick<br> barbiegirls<br> habbo<br> horseland<br> roblox<br> disney cars<br> pixie hollow<br> weeworld<br> ourworld<br> sherwood dungeon

What is a game related to the sims that you can play online

maplestory and perfect world

Good multiplayer online games

Hi, im searching for a good online multiplayer games i can play with my brother, it doesn't matter if it is a first person shooter, 3rd person shooter, building game etc, as lengthy as it is a teamwork game, because my younger brother is soon getting himself a gaming pc so i would want to know online Multiplayer games i can play with him and helping each other, i prefer game where i can just log on a continue on what i and my brother was doing.<br> and btw free games or games you must buy doesn't matter, but i don't want Pay2play games such as World of warcraft<br> <br> Games you don't must mention:<br> Minecraft<br> APB<br> any cs games<br> battlefield<br> tf2<br> half-life two deathmatch<br> portal 2<br> gta 4

How do I level up my industry on Eve Online fast and who can help me

I just started playing Eve Online. and i am busy on my work sometimes. A blueprint and one of my quests requires me to have level one industry. I browsed everywhere but can't figure out how to level it up.<br> who can help me? or where??

Where can i get the isk eve online(eve online isk)

My friends recommend me a reliable site. It's least expensive and safest! Then we together bought lots of years there I recommend u here <br> <br> Actually, I have bought gold times because I didn't have much time really during my work. And it brought me a really good of fun. Lol Fortunately, I didn't get hacked or banned through purchasing gold. Personally I think the reason why I didn't get caught is that I chose a reliable site to spend gold. I usually use the discount code IGXEIGXE68202 for 8percent coupon <br><br> bought all gold it, it is six years site. <br> <br> Hope i'v helped, best of luck

Is it legal to buy the Fallen Earth Chips online and where can i get the Fallen Earth Chips with low price

I am a little puzzle. and i have no idea about it?? plz give me some advice. I need the 90 red Chips now? how,fast???

I never played Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Is it a single player game or do you play with others online

What makes the game so good?

What was the first online mutliplayer game

Curious what was the first commercially sold online multiplayer game. The oldest one I own is Firepower for the Apple IIGS/Amiga from 1988, but I'm sure there need to be others?

Battlefield 3 online pass

i see a bunch of questions about it on here but none that answer mine good enough. i know you can play online with a ps3 on a unique profile then what the pass was downloaded on, as lengthy as your on the same console i guess? so will it work if it is file shared to a unique ps3? <br> and i dnt want answers saying that u can not do it on a unique profile. i dnt own the game...... yet, as well as iv never activated a pass, my brother did and i loaded up my profile to his ps3 and it let me play. GT (LilWheedie) on battle/log

DC Universe Online, Key

Okey I'v been playing the game for a while now with no problems, but all of a sudden it disconected and when i tryed to start the game up again, it said unable to get key, please attempt later, that was a two days ago, whats going on?

Does anyone have a gaia online

does anybody have a gaia online that they dont play anymore and would want to give it up? i had one a while ago and for the life of me can not keep in mind the password so i made a new one and thought i would ask if anybody wanted me to get it off their hands.<br> <br> or...<br> <br> if u have a gaia and play it frequently, if you wouldnt mind giving me some mino things you dont need.<br> <br> my gaia name is silybunny

I need a battlefield 3 Online Pass .... Can anyone give me one please

Sorry bro but you've gotta face the facts. Even if someone had a extra one, they would give it two such as a friend or relative or something, but not a total stranger online. Just buy one, as well as if u rented it and need one such as I did then you're out of luck!

Does anyone know a online site that plays bingo for fun with no money involved.

No.<br> Bingo is for betting and should never be played online.<br> There is no better feeling than to beat out 37 blue haired old ladies wearing polyester pants for the $100 jackpot, screaming BINGO all the way down the aisle.

What good free online games are there

what good online pc games are there that aret on facebook

Looking for an online game

I used to play World of Warcraft for a lengthy time and lots of strategy games, but now I'm searching for a new one (Strategy or role-playing game).I am a large fan of team games.So here's what kind of a game I need:<br> 1. Must be free-to-play online game.<br> 2. Must be a Player vs Player game, not a simulator or something such as that<br> 3. Must be a game that doesn't require waiting for a lengthy time to get somebody to play with (So a MMO game)

Are their any online games like the Sims 2 or 3

Are their online games that have almost all of the same things as the Sims two or 3, free, as well as can be played on a Macbook?

What are fun online games to play when you are bored

Im bored and searching for a fun online game to play, such as a free mmorpg or something. Any ideas?

BF3 Online Pass Wont Download

I just got Battlefield three for the PS3. I wanted to play online with a couple of friends and I put in the code for the online pass, such as it told me to do. It seems such as the code worked because it was going to let me download the pass. But when I clicked the button to download it a screen popped up that said "Please Wait..." and never went away. I even tried leaving it on over night to see if anything would change. But when I woke up in the morning, it still said please wait on the screen.<br> <br> If anybody can help thank you, I think this may be a PSN store issue though since the pass code seemed to work.

Each game online website

Hey i was wondering whether Each game website ship to the uk? and also is it a good idea to buy from them, i wanted to buy these fake Beats headphones but theres mixed reviews so im not sure if they are a dodgey site or what? please share your Eachgame reviews if you have ever bought anything from them 10 points best answer :) thanks in advance

I need suggestions for a psn online id

i such as call of duty and grand theft auto

Is it possible to play Draw Something online on my computer

I want to play, ''Draw Something'' and the only way I can play is through my computer, so I was just wondering if there's a website or something you can play it online. I've tried googling it, but so far I've had no luck. :$

Why is online gaming removed in diablo expansion

they let us play online in d1 and d2 but they removed it in the two's expansion. what is their reason behind it?

What is this online game called

I was at a friend's house the other day and he was playing a game on his computer. In the game, every single character you see is controlled through a person; cops, mayors, gun salesmen, etc.You can basically run around and do whatever you want: rob banks, steal, buy guns from other characters, etc. It searched really fun but I can't keep in mind what it's called. I guess it's not a large game you buy in stores, my friend said it was made through average people and you buy it online for $10. Does anybody know of this game?

PS3/XBOX360 online: Have you ever heard someone raging out on their mic

Like..continuously screaming or cussing in anger/frustration? I've had it happen during a whole game in the past (about 10 minutes)<br> It's awkward when I'm playing and my family is in the kitchen. Cause all of a sudden there will be this loud manly screaming. But it's hilarious

Help Forgot name of this online multiplayer game

Ok i do not think anybody will get this but i joined in 2009,2010 or 2011.Anyways you can start as something like a fairy or battler I THINK (Dont keep in mind alot) and you can trade with people and add them,also i think you could of been a wizard.Urgh i do not think anybody will get this but it was pretty good game,pretty good graphics and it was fun.Any help please?

Is there any free site i can play dig dug online

i havent played it for a while and i really want to

How do i mod MW3 online

plz help me out i just want to screw with my frends and they know what im doing

What is the best characters to play online in naruto ultimate ninja storm generations

Your mom

Need Battlefield 3 online pass

Just got the game, No online pass. How can i get one? :/

What are some good online games

Im 17, as well as really really bored. I've pretty much rinsed my xbox and most of my mate are on holiday so i can't go out. so I'm wondering does anybody know good online games. preferably ones that are fairly 'addictive' <br> <br> I want something along the lines of; <br> - Runescape<br> - Club Penguin (But more mature)<br> - Bootleggers<br> - mafia wars<br> <br> Basically an RPG sort of game. ohh and it has to be free<br> <br> Thanks :)

Dead Island online anyone

Anyone still play? for ps3 I barley bought it and I want to know if anybody who recently bought it or started a new story wants to play.

Help, Uncharted 3 Online Keep Getting Noobs On My Team _

Ok, I'm already prestige twice & level 74, but I keep getting noobs! It's unfair & repeative. <br> Example:<br> Heroes:<br> Lv5<br> Lv17<br> Lv8<br> Lv10<br> Lv25<br> <br> Villans:<br> Lv75<br> Lv75<br> Lv75<br> Lv75<br> Lv75<br> Lv75

What is the best way to make money online

Casinos?<br> tired of those afiliate programs online and fake stuff<br> <br> DO NOT answer with fake sites

Which is better for online gaming PS3 OR 360, honest opinion

I want to know which is better for online gaming as i have got an XBOX 360 and just bought a PS3 but it hasn't arrived yet. I such as both consoles as i have played both before and I'm not putting forth effort to make this a console war, just want your honest, none-biast opinions, THANKS GUYS!

Final Fantasy 10 Online free

I absolutely love FF10 and want to know where i can play it online with saves for free, thanks.

Online gaming speed, when running a speed test my download is 20Mbps/upload speed is 7.61Mbps.

While setting up a connection on my ps3 it shows my upload connection speed as 1.4Mbps and download speed is 1.6Mbps I believe. I have trouble joining games through friend invites and before I moved I used to get right into a lobby and now it takes a min or to to get a lobby to join. I'm running my connection through wireless and using a Cisco Linskys e2500. Any suggestions on how to improve my speed, useful help would be appreciated.

Why do parents allow their young children to play online Rated M games

Do they just not know what they're exposing their children to?



Will Tera Online > WoW

No,man, Tera cannot defeat Wow. even the Wow at present.

Everytime I stop playing online i go back to lvl 2. HELP

I want to earn WANTED trophy. I play and play, but everytime i shut down my ps3 i go back to the start point, my 44 563$. Is it because i cheated in singleplayer? HELP PLZ

Anyone know any good online otome games that can be played daily

Recently I've been hooked in playing otome games but I've been more into online otome games such as Star Project and My Candy Love. I want to look for more so suggestions?

Where is a place online where i can find a free Asian style dating sim game

I'm okay with downloads i would prefer one where the main character is a female and perusing guys tho. help or suggestions would be great, thanks!

I just got Guitar Hero: Aerosmith again and I want to link my account online. How do i do it

my method is PS3.

Online video games: Why are boys rude to girls

k, so I enjoy playing online video games (like call of duty, battlefield, little large planet, etc).<br> <br> Often - such as way more than you can imagine, I get rude boys either discussing to me on their mics or messaging me mean things like:<br> - you're not a girl, likely some fat old man <br> - then I turn the mic on and say "hi... girl here"... and I get "well you're likely some fat chick with no life"<br> <br> I'll be honest, I'd love to play more than I do... but I run in the mornings, then go to school, then study, then gym, then dinner, then other stuff such as chill with friends or my bf.. I will usually only start playing at such as 10pm to 10:30 sometimes 11 during the week. Weekends I'm hardly ever on. <br> I guess what I'm saying is that after I've done so much in a day, it really irratates me to hear somebody say that I have no life.<br> <br> But I get it completely pointless to attempt and defend myself and I end up leaving the lobby. <br> <br> My question is... why do boys must be such as that? <br> <br> (FYI - I have a ps3. Are the guys on xbox nicer?)

Question for online gamers

this question is for people who purchase several hours for online games everyday.<br> <br> 1. Is your real life simply boring? ( yes or no)<br> 2. Which gaming sites do you frequent?<br> 3. is it easier for you to make friends online than real life?<br> 4. interesting stories you wanna share?<br> <br> thanks in advance.

Whats YOUR favorite online PC game

Yeeaaahhhhhh. I have video game ADHD. No matter how addicted i get, I tend to lose interest quick. ANY TYPE OF GAME. <br> As lengthy as its good, <br> and has a good playerbase. <br> I am pretty sure I know every MMORPG in history, so attempt to name other games. But i havent PLAYED everyone, so if you are a gigantic fan of it, let me know.<br> <br> If you answer minecraft, you better have a damn good freebuild server.

Why cant I find other players on MW3 online

After it prompts me to sign into Playstation Network, as well as I successfully sign in. I go to "find a match"<br> <br> then it leaves me sitting and waiting.<br> <br> I normally wait about 10 minuets before giving up...<br> Anyone know what's wrong?

What are some good free online games

I play WOW a lot. Its fun but I am searching for other games to play for free. Do you know of that are good, free and safe? I have heard of wizard 101. Is that good. I also such as stragedy games as well.

Can you get instagram online

I am getting rid of my iphone and i was wondering if i could get instagram online. (Send me the link please)<br> <br> Thanks xoxoxox

Video games and Online : My room temperature is 35 degree Celsius . Is it good for a Xbox 360 slim

i do not think so. ive gone through five 360's and they all had the red ring of death due to overheating. had a ps3 for almost two years now and the only problem ive come across is the fan going out. (very easy fix)

Online games and entertainment for 50yo dad

My dad is an active sportsman, spends 14+ hours a week on running, swimming, biking, kayaking, rowing, sailing, yoga, weight lifting, fitness etc. He also loves to tend his garden, business-travels, driving, working etc.<br> Now he has crashed in a bike race, as well as had broken his collar bone and is in a bunch a lot of pain, but almost worst of all, he is bored out of his mind! He won't be able to do all his favorite activities for weeks! He has also just quit smoking, so that's one more reason besides pain and boredom which he really needs a distraction!<br> And I thought, why not online games? He likes puzzles and he already plays WordFeud, so maybe something such as that? Obviously it cannot be too much of an action game, as he can only use one arm, as well as rapid movement will hurt.<br> I hope you have some recommendations! :D

Xbox Which game has most online players

hey, which game on the xbox360 has the most online players at a time? such as e.g i played a game on pc, (runescape) about 2000 players can come on at a time, (thats just one world, there were over 150 worlds..)<br> <br> so which game(s) has the most online players at a time on xbxo 360 console? <br> <br> i think its final fantasy, i never played it tho.. not my style and i think its Pay to Play.. online.

Is it safe to buy Diablo 3 Gold online

I such as playing diablo three game very much , as well as i want to get good stuffs in game? Is it safe to buy Diablo three Gold online?

What are some online games I can play with my friend who lives in another state


Can you help me find this online game

When I was younger I used to play this game online and it had something to do with this group of girlfriends that were all trolls or fairies or something and they had these little magic orbs which you could use to do things and I realllyyy want to play it again for the nostalgia. Please help?

Suggestions on online mmorpgs

alright. I have played a bunch of conquer and eudemons for a wile. I'm searching for an online mmorpg thats community based and does not include to much grinding. suggestions would be good. Thank you.

Is it legal to download pirated games online

No, since you are downloading content without paying the creators, therefore stealing the game while not supporting the developers.

IPhone Games Online

What are some free games I can download on my iPhone that I can play against others online?

Ifi buy the Sims 3 online (like the download, not the disk) willIbe able to put it on multiple computers

Yes,but it is time consuming.What I would do in situations such as this is put all the files for the game(and the game itself of course)onto a flash drive or a disc.I would really recommend a flash drive though.

Are there any good turn based strategy games online were there are no meber ship were u have to pay real money


What are some fun FREE online games to play

EXCEPTIONS: <br> 1)not those kinds of games where you have armies and you have need to click on one character at a time and advance them uhh and such boring slow things<br> 2)neither do I enjoy the kinds of games like "pokemon" where you need to stop, choose what action you want your character to perform, wait for them to do it, wait to see if the other guy counteracts, wait to see points. wait wait wait wiat. <br> <br> Thats all! thanks in advance for your time!!

Which call of duty online do you think is the best of all time

I think mw2

Some online ville game

i keep in mind plaing a game about five years ago and im pretty sure it ended in -ville.<br> i found it through some facebook ad but it wasnt a facebook app.<br> All i keep in mind about it is that the letters on the homepage were red, you could make up a character,<br> and when you first log in, you were in an outdoor area nd to the right there was a bulletin board you could get new stuff on.. <br> there was a mini game there you jump on trees that had something to do with honey bees and bears, as well as another game with some underground place and diamonds. i keep in mind planting with mulch as well.<br> i would really apreciate if anybody might recognize the game, alothough i know my description is vague

How can I urn money by playing online games

How can I urn cash through playing online games ?<br> Please inform the total matter. <br> Thanks

Is there ANY fun things to do online that does NOT include games

Is there ANY fun things to do online that does NOT include games or youtube or facebook ? and plz don't give an answer such as "watch porn" . <br> <br> Im 14 , in the UK

Why does just my Halo 3 lag online, but no other games

I usually play Black Ops or Halo Wars; but today I thought for the first time in years I wanted to play Halo 3! I went on it, as well as the campaign was really fun as expected, as well as because i'm on a new account I thought I could get back into it and attempt to get all the achievments and get a high rank on multiplayer and stuff. But in ALL the games I've played so far, likely such as 10-15, it has said my connection is one bar out of five bars and the entire game it is really laggy and it makes it so much harder for me to get kills and puts me in a disadvantage!<br> I really want to play the game aswell!<br> Does anybody know how to fix this problem? <br> -thanks for your time reading

Where can I Play Online Games for Free<br><br>

Is there an anime online game LIIIKE

Where you do WHATEVER you want and be in a school and meet new people and stuff, as well as shop for food, start a family or something simply put a game about life not sims three though..

Nba 2k12 online with friends

I've been playing nba 2k12 online with my friend for somewhat a while now and today we tried to play and as soon as he enters my room the start button disappears and we cannot start the match. And when I attempt to Join his room the same thing happens. I've browsed online and all people say "delete your nba today your online data" I can get the nba today data but not the online data and ive browsed everywhere and even after we both delete nba today it still doesn't not work. Any help on what to do?

Where canIwatch hunger games online for free

can you give me urls please??

Are there any places online with super cheap structure decks

i'm new to yugioh and only have one deck but i need something unique and it needs to cheap

How to get better in black ops online

I recently got black ops from a local gamestop and i started going online and now i am a level 12 i think. I suck at the game if im lucky such as final game i got 16 kills and 17 deaths... With an m16. With a red dot sight... Any tips on getting better?

Is there a version of digimon masters online for mac

I found one but it said hackshield failed or something. :/ Idk what to doo

What are fun things to do online

I NEED A ANSWER FAST!!!!!!!!! im relly board

How to play mw3 online when you are asked to download some downloadable content

Ok hi everyone, i am facing a problem with mw3 online multiplayer and i hope one of you guys would be able to help me out. The problem is that I can't play the game anymore because some downloadable content is required. Everytime I choose to play game, i am reminded with a Notice that says:<br> Free downloadable content is required. Do you want to download it now?<br> Obviously, I said yes and I went to the store. I downloaded the required content. When I got back to play the game I was asked again the same question:<br> Free downloadable content is required. Do you want to download it now?<br> <br> So how can I fix this problem? is this happening with others as well ? am I doing anything wrong ?<br> I hope someone can provide me with a suitable answer. thanks in advance :))

Is it possible to get hacked while playing online games like Counter Strike or COD

Is it?

Is it worth to get an xbox if im not going to play online much or shouldIjust go with ps3

i really can't determinewhich one should i buy, i kinda want an xbox but i need to pay for live and i'm not even sure if i'm going to play online, i don't have friends who play games lol and i'm from asia- philippines, if that matters... i think some of the apps doesn't work here( such as netfix)? so its kinda more worth to get an xbox if you're from the US, idk? but i want the kinect and their menu layout seems nicer than ps3. is it still good if i'm not going to play online much?<br> <br> with ps3, online is free and i wouldn't need to worry when to get online and stuff plus the browser...<br> games i might get are skyrim, portal, mass effect, bioshock and there's some ps3 games i kinda want such as heavy rain, journey and from ghibli, Ni no kuni! arggnfk are they worth it? <br> i don't really know much xbox exclusives that interest me, just left4dead(.....or can you recommend some?)<br> though most of the games i want are multiplatform so yeah.....i'm really confused sigh<br> <br> i also want the one that is able to do more stuff other than gaming?<br> umm HELP what do you think? thanks!!

Im BORED Anything I can do online

Please do not suggest:<br><br> Funny texts, stories, or pictures.<br> (whatever it is)<br> Youtube<br><br> or (idk ^-^)<br> <br> Thanks!! <3

I recently downloaded DC Universe Online and its slow like crazy any way I can fix that

Oh yeah it did the same thing on some other games too please help i really want to play this game it freezes some times too HELP thanks. :-)<br> <br> Oh yeah with out having to buy anything thx again.

Is there a game like Sword Art Online

Where you have hunger, buy houses with virtual money, thirst, marriage, different character configuration.

Best Free Online PC Games

Me and my friend just got gaming PCs, as well as we are searching to get free downloadable PC games to play online with together. Can anybody recommend a few?<br> <br> Thanks in advance :)

Are we too old for online games

Me and my best friend are both starting Year 8. For about a year now (though me for much longer) we have been going on an online game called Buzz Hotel. If you've heard of Habbo Hotel, then this is very similar except everything's free etc. But yesterday she said 'I might not come on here anymore because don't you think its a bit... childish?'. I such as the game and everything, but does anybody think we're too old for it?

Which online video game are you best at

Lol for me WoW

What online game do you play

im searching for an online game which you dont must download. not runescape. <br> i played league of legends. but my computer is messed up and i can not download anything

How to play fifa 11 online without GameRanger

can i host from ma laptop itself....instead of using der ny other way?

A fun game to play online free

Is there a addicting game which you can lvl up make your own charecter and play with other people online for pc which i can download for free?

Where canIplay dungeons and dragons online not the MMORPG but the classic pencil and paper version

any help PLZ? +10pts

Do people still play MW2 on ps3 online

I was playing on getting it, since I never finished MW2 and played enough multiplayer.

Good online games for a 12 year old

I'm in Year 8, as well as I'm searching for some good online multiplayer games. Preferably non-download ones. I don't want war/battle games, or girly games, but something interesting, that I could make an avatar for, as well as that keeps progress etc. Games such as or habbo hotel. NOT club penguin, neopets, moshimonsters, etc. they're what my seven year old sister plays.. :L<br> okay good answers appreciated and best one gets the 10 points ;D

Why is call of duty so popular for online

There so may games the have online play but yet cod rules every time now don't get me wrong I own black ops and play to but I also have bad company two which I get so much more fun plus I got crysis two max Payne three twisted metal

What is a good online username 10p

It need to have something to do with stealth and it need to be original

Virtual world like sword art online

Id want to play a game where its free, there is level ups you can trade, get married and duels.<br> A game pretty close to the story line of the anime Sword art online if possible.<br> <br> please and thanks


If you play cod bo add me K1ddY_L0v3R it's my psn

Do you hate it when guys play as girls in onlinegames..

Why or Why not? Btw this isn't homework lol.. What class would ask this? :P

What are some fun online games , fun enough like CoD

medal of honor,battlefield 3

Can you gameshare a fifa 13 online pass (PS3)

I recently bought fifa 13 along with most of my friends on ps3 and my online code hasn't been working properly and i have tried all the solutions on the web? Is it possible for me to game share and online pass with my friend and for both of us to still be able to play against each other and use fifa 13 online at the same time or at all? Has anybody done this and is it a safe/good idea?<br> Thanks,<br> Alex

Is MTG online expensive

I know theres that 10 dollar initial fee but do you keep having to pay to get more cards and enter tournaments or can you earn everything free?

What is a good online source for tomahawks

I think there have been a few break-ins in my building lately. And I think somebody has been steeling j crew catalogues out of my mailbox so home security has been on my mind. I considered a gun or ninja sword or Klingon battle axe thingy and settled on a tomahawk. I’ve tried to fine the right tomahawk for my situation, even went to a hardware store in the Choctaw reservation. They just had hatchets. Should I buy one for my cat too, for when I’m not home?

Is there a Calculater online that shows work

For example it would show how to do the entire promblem

Where do I go to complain about an online game providers service

I recently started playing a game on-line ( vega conflict through kixeye) It is a game where you need to build up a base and army and then battle it. This takes ages to configured or repair if you get damaged. <br> The providers make their cash through selling "coins" you can purchase to speed up repair, it is with these coins the problem lies. They cost $1 for 10 and can be used to reduce waiting time, however kixeye the developer have made it so some players get a one hour speed up, some get a 30 min speed up and others get a measly 15 min speed up per coin!! Imagine you did buy something only to get others could get the same for a quarter of the price This is not a bug or glitch the developers openly admit this on the forums and refuse to say why this was implemented or how lengthy it will be implemented for. ( the general consensus among players is thats they are doing market research to see which would bring in the most revenue and hoped players wouldn't notice the difference) <br> <br> I would want to complain but don't know where to go to. I'm sure this is not illegal (you should see the terms and conditions, an horrible lot of small print!) and I have not spent anything on the game so don't need info about refunds etc. I would want to know if theres an organization that I can complain to or ones that rates gaming company's. Thank you for a feedback

Any fun online games for me to pass the time

Death vs Monstars 2. :)

IfIbought a used battlefield 3 premium ps3 game willIbe able to play online and have all the features

you need to buy all the add-ons plus multiplayer access its a ripofff :(

Looking for an online game.

Im searching for an online game to get into. Kinda game im searching for is the common genre of fantasy. Preferably one that takes a bit of skill not just click and click and click. Good crafting system. But not dependant on crafting. Team oreiented as in has alot of co op features such as guilds or clans. Housing optional. Role playing game overall. If anybody knows of a f2p game that is not class oriented thatd be really good but not necessary. Moderate graphics not too high my computer isnt the best. Decent player base. Experience rate has to be faily fast not such as one day one level. Anyone suggest games? Good example of games would be Perfect World international (played this for a lengthy time but the experience rate is extremely slow) Vindictus (love this game but graphics are high and ability to get real team mates is low). Heaven and Hearth is another example of how i such as skills to be not a dead choice but its going under alot of lag issues.

Black ops 2 cant play online

is the server down? can not play multiplayer or online zombie >.<

2 player online quiz game

I want to play an online quiz game with my friend on a unique computer online, is there game such as this, I wish the quiz was about video games.

Any online game for 2 players (10 points)

any free online games.. any...for two players on unique computers at unique locations.,<br> me at my home and my friend on his home if we cud play game by internet???

How to put your jtag online 2012

Can anyone help me get my jtag online 2012 and it has to work if u can help over skype i can do that to. Please help

Any online animal games

Like fighting games, when the player/you're an animal. I've been searching for awhile now but I just can't seem to get what I'm searching for :( Help?

I Need Help With PS3 Online Black Ops 2

for some reason i can not play Black Ops two online. it says the server is not available, but its fine when i check online. this happened to me before with MW3 so i sold it because it never let me play online, i never figured out the reason why it didn't let me. all my other games work fine online such as Black Ops one and Madden, just not Black ops 2. i need help bad

What online game is your favourite to play

Any genre.. :)<br> <br> BQ: How lengthy have you been playing that game?

True or false: You feel good when you kill people in online games

I wouldn't say i feel good ABOUT killing people. I feel good because i have succeeded in gaining a point for my team and getting closer to the goal and winning, its a hobby and a social experience for me. Its not something i enjoy the sensation of taking someones life. Its adding the point for the team.

Are there any realistic life simulation games online

i want to know if theres online life simulation games where i can raise a family. i have a twinity and a second life account also imvu but none of them are such as realistic enough for me. plz no websties such as pog, flonga or y8 cuz those are stupid

Anyone watch Sword Art Online If yes how long till a nervegear type gaming system

What existing game would you play on nerve-game system?

Whats a good Online Multiplayer game

Okay so i want to play online games such as Black ops or halo or other games online what are some good games which i can download or play online?

Online games for girls

My daughter (whom is 12) got a laptop for Christmas,but she doesent know games,from what she told me. She likes Anime,and stuff such as StarDoll,or virtual pet games,Quizzes,virtual worlds,etc.<br> She also likes game websites that let her earn points,or whatever from playing the games.<br> <br> Thank you for your help!

I cant go online on origin

I just got battlefield three premium edition and I am downloading the updates to the game so I can play multiplayer. I have a really slow net connection, It has taken the entire night to download this update. My update has just stopped for some reason and it says that I am in offline mode. I click to go online and it doesn't do anything. Is anybody else having the same problem. I need this fixed.

I just bought fight night champion and my online pass wont work it says my free trial has expired

I have just bought fight night champion factory sealed tryed to put my online pass in and it will not work can u help me please

What are some fun online games

I am picky and can't determinewhich game i should play, so i wan't some suggestions, but here is some games i have tryed.<br> Runescape: To much work to get to high level, not as good as it used to be.<br> Pirate101: I such as the concept, but the battle method is not my favorite.<br> Wizard101: To lots of little kids and too expensive.<br> Grand Fantasia: A lot of the gameplay is repetitive, people sell overpriced items.<br> AE Oversoul: Like the graphics, but it does not suit my tastes.<br> Ourworld: No friends of mine play it, as well as it's expensive if you want fantastic stuff.<br> Club Penguin: Not paying for a kid game.<br> Eden Eternal: Don't such as the method of the game.<br> Monkey Quest: Too Expensive<br> Adventurequest: To hard to catch up with storyline, no friends play it, to expensive.<br> <br> It has so be an online game, i can't get an xbox 360 or ps3.

Anybody know any online dating games that are free

Just searching for a dating game that doesn't need to be downloaded and is really fun!

Looking for a new MMO/Online Game

I'm searching for a new MMO and/or Online Game to play. I'm searching for a game that I can do a bunch of soloing on (I'm ok with an occasional team being needed, but I'm a solo player at heart), as well as is either free to play or is a low, not absurd price. Games I have played include Wizard101, DDO (the teamworking all the time was getting annoying), as well as Champions Online.

What are some good online game that u can download for free

Steam has some really good free online games. You should check on there.

Anyone play dc universe online this will help add loads of people here

How to turn Steam software into online mode

When I opened my Team Fortress two game, I got this 'fatal error' warning. It said 'Steam needs to be online to update, but was set to offline mode.' <br> <br> I have net access, as well as I already set my firewalls and router to permit Steam access. <br> <br> How the hell do you fix this?

What are some good online and downloadable games

Diablo3 , Starcraft 2

Any cool online games

im really bored of playin those games i already know and im sure theres lots of games i do not know so please suggest any....p.s:i do not want with horror or you know all that fighting and blood everywhere and dead bodies and all that please just the thing is which i sometimes play the shooting ones but not with all those deadly one...i want something such as decent and fun... and also i do not want with all make up and dress designing and beauty parlor,etc and all that (i hate those kind of girly games) and particularly i want the one which is not such as boyish or very girlish maybe somewhere in the middle :P here are some game i such as and depending on those maybe youll come to know my taste and the ones im asking for:<br> ~Mario (all the ones mario forever,etc)(if you have played this game... its somewhat famous!)<br> ~penguin diner @ zapak (not so popular but if you have played this game)<br> ~rollercoaster rush @ <br> ~age of war (really amazing game... it has kinda shooting and all but as i told it doesnt has such as death and all that :D)<br> k so these are the ones im able to remember... thanks!!

Is there any Online Multiplayer games for 1118 year olds

I'm nearly 14 now and I want to go on some online multiplayer games. Any ideas?

When playing Call of Duty online . .

Is it always bull crap every time you get killed ?

Does anybody know any good online virtual worlds/websites

Ok i play on Toontown,Wonderland online and imvu does anyone know more? and also good websites? please list as many as possible please answer

Minecraft online filtered by talktalk Gaming filtered by talk talk

I'm 16, as well as my mum has decided to block all things related to "Gaming" with talktalk parental control.<br> First of all, this is completely unfair, because gaming is how i relax. I don't really have friends, so i don't go and see people, my tv and ps3 are broken, so the only way i can relax right away is to play games online.<br> I play minecraft but only online, i don't such as minecraft single player. Talktalk has blocked all access to servers on mineraft.<br> I just had a very stressful week of exams, as well as i wanted to just play my games this weekend, but instead i've spent it arguing with my mum about this. She flat out refuses to unblock games, there is nothing i can do.<br> I tried turning it back on myself, but she changed her email so i can't.<br> <br> I just don't know what to do, i'm so angry and stressed, as well as normally when i feel such as this i play my video games, but now i can't and that is making how i feel even worse!<br> <br> <br> Please help? Is there a proxy i can use that will permit me to play minecraft servers?<br> <br> Help!!!!

Why do people say that online is better on Xbox

I own a PS3 and people say online is better on Xbox. I never played online on Xbox. I think online on PS3 is perfect and it couldn't be improved at all. I really don't understand why people say that. And also do you need to pay for PSN? No. So wouldn't that make online on PS3 better?

Any good free online games

I have some time to kill, am sick of assassins creed and COD and a bunch of other games.<br> So, I'm searching for some good old free online games. Any ideas?<br> <br> Thanks!

Online best videos download free

pirates bay

Is there a website where I can report online games

This game called Realm of the Mad god conned $40 from me. Is there a website where I can report that game?

What are some online multiplayer games in we can chat

Only give links please...

DC Universe Online Best DPS setup

Hey everyone i recently got back into Dc universe online for the playstation three and i am putting forth effort to figure out what the best dps (damage per second) class setup is. Basically what is the best setup for doing the greatest ammount of damage in a short time. I want to know which power is best to fit this category, what weapon to use with it ( i such as the bow but idk if i would use it) and what movement mode (not such as it matters). Please help me out, i am searching towards the villain side as well. 10 points to best answer! ( I have all the powers too, only equipment i don't have is the shield)

Survival game online for free

Hi, so I'm desperately searching for an online survival game. I found my ideal game for the PC, DayZ, but found out my PC can't support it. So now I'm searching for a survival game to play on browser to avoid this issue. Here is what I'm searching for:<br> 1. Ideally zombies, but not necessarily. I just want a game where you are forced to survive against nature or zombies where you need to scavenge, deal with other players (just such as DayZ) , etc.<br> 2. Preferably no birds eye watch. A first or third person watch is ideal. <br> 3. Can be MMORPG or whatever. <br> 4. FREE! FREE!<br> <br> Any ideas or potential games would be nice, thanks!

Do people still play Mortal kombat online

The only Mortal Kombat I've ever played is MK3 (PlayStation 1) fav character - Kabal :P

Does anyone know the online medieval game where you protect your castle from other armys and there is two

castles, as well as the king is in the casltle, as well as you click certain building to make bow and arrow mens, close fighting men, as well as you highlight all the soldiers and click in one spot and make them move

What is the best internet provider for online gaming

I have a ps3 and want to reduce the quantity of lag as much as possible when it comes to online gaming. So far I have tried using an ethernet cable to have a wired connection but I want to change from AT&T's 2wire router to something better. Any suggestions? I live in southern california btw.

How to play games online with wifi on a ds lite

What are some cool things to do online

They need to be available from school WiFi.<br> And i don't want people telling how irresponsible i am stealing a schools WiFi.<br> Thanks.

Does anyone know of any Hunger Games like games online

NO role-playing, trivia, or games which you need to buy. I'm just searching for hunger games such as games, preferably multiplayer! Please help!

What are some good websites to play free games online

It depends on your age...I'm a teen and play games on they are not really math games.

Persistent Online Massive Real Time Strategy Games

I am searching for a game thats similar to a real-time strategy game, but it takes place in a massive persistent online game.<br> <br> Like everyone has a plot of land on a gigantic map where you can build and train and you can fight, forge alliances, etc with real-time strategic battles.

Does anyone know another great 3D porn game online besides

I've been playing on for the past few months but was wondering if somebody can recommend another really good online sex game

Does anyone know how I can sell my gaiaonline account/items

It's worth 20mil and I hate having it sit there doing nothing, but would want to get some money out of it.<br> <br> Anyone been successful in selling there's and could tell me how and who to ask?

Gt 620 m wont run tera online at all

Should I be able to run terra on a geforce gt 620m?<br> <br> So I know my 620 m isn't really made for gaming. however, on a 1600x900 resolution with all the video settings on the lowest possible settings. I am getting around 5-7 fps at the most. Is this about right for my video cards specs? Or is there something buggy going on?

CanIget money from online games ...

how to make cash from online gaming.make cash to my account one can can help!?

Whats a good online game

my best friend and I want to play an online game together we tried games such as runescape and fun orb but we didn't really such as them and I don't want answers about borderlands halo or black ops

What are some websites with free online games for 8 year old kids

i need one which has some fantastic car racing or shooting games but with good quality, as well as also something with which my adobe doesn't crash(yes everytime my little brother plays online games my adobe crashes)...<br> <br> I've tried yahoo online games but it doesn't really works for me and my bro...

Which is this online game that I played few years ago

In this game we are a panda and we can convert ourself into a leaf,football,etc to save the panda from the hunters which are there in the jungle and we need to save the panda's girl-friend. Please hurry up and answer becoz I am willing to play it.

How do you play really well on fifa online against other gamers

Someone help out me please

Ragnarok online farming help

im level 44/41 swordsman and idk where i should be farming for a decent quantity of zeny

Cant Remember the Name of an Online Game

Its a game from some online site such as It was 2-D and a war game. You were always black and your enemy another color, you had a base on the left hand side of the screen and you could send out subs, ships, helicopters. It was such as a water battle ground. The levels became increasingly harder and then you would need to fight a boss which was always a giant battleship.

Online Multiplayer game with wars and jobs, etc

So I want to get an online multiplayer game where theres multiple towns/factions which you can join and get a job. Also should be able to move up in ranks and be able to interact with other people. Also have wars between factions putting forth effort to take there land and it definitely has to be with other people online.

Xbox one 24/7 online,,,,

So this online thing? I don't really get it? May somebody explain it and why it is bad?

What are some good online rpgs that are free

I'm bored and such as rpgs. I need one thats free and isn't overly complicated such as WoW or something of that sort. I also such as it to be an online rpg with other people. Thanks!

PSP games which has infrastructure online and there servers are still runng

I know resistace retribution is still online but other gun fighing and fighting games likh tekken and racing games which are still online for psp ??

How do you play Star Trek Online

I downloaded Star Trek Online and I don't understand how to play it. I can't make my own character or anything. All that comes up is a screen that says "Patch" and "Visit C-Store". I can't get out how to actually play the game. I don't think you need to pay because on Free-to-play it said I can play for free all the time. Can somebody please help me understand how to play it??? Thanks:)

Best iphone online game

Hello<br> I generally play fun run online with my friends but we're bored now and we want a new game to play together so can you give me a good game ?<br> P.S:we're four players

Any good online games

Well I such as a certain variety of games, mainly action/strategic/adventure games. I don't know the fancy names, but games such as you level up and you can raise you're attributes, skill points, etc. better weapons as you go along, mainly games that involve swords and arrows.

Lying on the Internet/on online games

Hii :D please state whether you're a male or female and your age (age group is fine too).<br> Yes/No answers are totally good. <br> <br> 1) How lots of hours do you purchase online daily? (this includes computers, phones, ipads, as lengthy as you are on the internet) (1h, 2h, 3-4h, 5-7h, 8-..)<br> <br> 2) Would you say you act differently in real life than on the Internet? <br> <br> 3) Have you met anybody who has lied about themselves on the Internet?<br> <br> 4) What did they lie about? (age, gender, name, appearance, job, hobbies or interests, anything else)<br> <br> 5) Do you think it's okay to lie online?<br> <br> 6) How important is for you to comment anonymous or have anonymous account? (rate from one to 5)<br> <br> Thank you!

How do you use cheat engine for pokemon world online to get money and pokemon

please help

What are some really good free games online similar to Clash Of Clans and Simcity

What are some great free games online similar to Clash Of Clans and Simcity?<br> There are somewhat a few on Facebook but all the adds, popups and general limits annoy me, suggestions?

I just got animal crossing new leaf on 3ds, andIneed friends to play online w/. add my friend code below:

my friend code on 3ds is 2938 6700 7602. my name on 3ds is Justin. mode ur codes below. i really wanna play multiplayer animal crossing new leaf

Will the ps4 really make you pay to play online

will there be new systems commoning out. thatl let me play for free

What would be better for online gaming, ps4 or xbox one

I want to ask what would be better for online gaming, ps4 or xbox one? I know that the ps4 beat the xbox one in lots of things. but which better for online gaming because It's the most important. and if the xbox one is better, does that mean the ps4 is bad in olnine?

I was just on FB and I resumed my online game,how

Do I start from the begging when it will not let me? I know this a childish and guilty pleasure of mine, I play a few online games. I have tried to contact them and they just offer an advice section and my question has not been answered.

Why cant me and my freind connect online on PS3

We can link in assassins creed, call of duty, as well as mass effect 3, but not in tomb raider, uncharted, red dead redemption, the final of us etc. We tried using unique accounts but still failed. I have another freind with the same problem except that sometime we can not link and other times we can, so what can i do (if there is anything i can do) so which i can play with my freinds on the PS3

Can you play The Elder Scrolls Online single player

I know its an MMO but i heard you do not need to play online. It isn't out yet, i know, just wondered if anybody knows. i do not really such as MMOs and wasnt gonna get this but then i heard you could play it through yourself. I feel stupid for asking because it says in the title its online.

Where is the best place for me to get candy crush online

Where I don't need to play against other people and move up in levels.

What are some good online open world multiplayer games that can be played for free

Does anybody know of great online games that do not require a monthly fee?

Good ship for piracy in EVE online

I want something that is able to use cloak, so i can stealth up to people, stasis web/warp disrupt them, then let loose with good firepower. My choices so far are the Harpy, Hawk, Crow, Falcon, Onyx or Manticore, i'm Caldari, but iit really doesn't matter what race of ship. Thanks in advance!

Does Virtua Tennis 4 still work online (Xbox 360)

Also, is there better tennis games available for the xbox?

Are there any good Online games whereIcan make a character and be a lesbian

I am wondering. I would such as it to be where i could walk around and stuff and mode things into a chat box and stuff.

Anyone know any good online pc games

i such as mutilplayer online pc games such as world of warcraft and second life where i can social and play other players. ANYONE KNOW ANY OTHER GOOD GAMES LIKE THIS?

Any good online games like IMVU

Are there games such as IMVU, or Postal 2, stuff such as that (3D or social) without it being a facebook app or a download?<br> <br> I'd rather it was an online game because I don't really trust game/social 3D game downloads.. Also there's the fact that I don't want extreme lag time (which sucks real bad).. Plus, this isn't my computer. I don't want to download viruses and stuff onto someone else's PC.

Is CoD 4 the best online CoD

And do you still play it? I think it is my personal favourite!

Any good FREE online games to get addicted to

I want to get a online game to get hooked on but I can not think of any. I do not such as Minecraft or Amnesia.

Video andamp; Online Gaming: What do you think about this statement on PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming

This was taken from another user that answered my final question on a conversation I had with somebody about this topic,<br> <br> "I've been playing Video Games since the Atari, I even keep in mind the crash in 1983. These people who think their Gaming PCs are more powerful then the consoles need to have missed a process because they are stating the obvious, but ignoring the additional cost for everything to run a Gaming PC and the lack of worthy games there of. Asides from Popular games such as World Of Warcraft, you don't hear much from PC Gaming. Now the popularity is growing slightly because people who aren't very good at Video Games are grasping at straws such as League Of Legends, which isn't anything more impressive then E.T was for the Atari.<br> <br> Graphics aren't everything of course, specially when people hype Strategy games that don't look much better then the original Sim City for the Super Nintendo. Not saying those Strategy games don't stand alone in the PC Library, but people tend to overhype PC Gaming. Asides from the Modding/Hacking ability, getting ports cheaply on Valve's Steam with their yearly sales that rarely occur and multiplayer aspect there really isn't anything worth while in the PC Gaming Library that's Specifically made for the PC itself and not ported from the console.<br> <br> People want to claimer to Indie Developers on PC, such as Minecraft which is now published through Mojang but the problem is theres very few worthy games on the PC even Minecraft doesn't have anything asides bored replayability attached to it that keeps it alive. <br> <br> The argument of Console Vs PC is asinine when you observe Console Gaming Library and Cost Vs PC Gaming Library and Cost, people simple don't want to admit that fact because they want to hold onto what they believe is the future. Which is comedic, when everybody's reaction to Microsoft's DRM was death to the console yet everybody plans on running to the PC Gaming which is nothing but DRM. Let me put it this way, Valve's Steam doesn't work unless you are logged onto steam that's what Microsoft was originally going to do with the Xbox One and Xbox Live and people wanted their heads for it except these same people where planning on going to the PC which was the exact same thing.<br> <br> In the end, since Microsoft and Sony aren't doing DRM at least when the plug gets pulled Console gaming still works."<br> <br> Video & Online Gaming: What do you think about this statement on PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming?

Where to play Online Uno with long distance friends

I'm in North Carolina and taught my friend who just visited me from California how to play Uno. We would want to continue to continuing playing with online Uno. DOES ANYONE KNOW A WEBSITE? If other popular games like family feud and wheel of fortune is there..that's even better especially if it's free! Thanks!

Ive downloaded Star Trek: Online and its components.....

I've got Arc and the launcher. Now how do I get the game going?

What is the best free online MMO game

Try Runescape or League of Legends....<br> <br> the most popular games on the internet are popular for a reason.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U edition online not working

can't link to online matches or online leaderboards I keep getting error code 106-0502 i tried everything

Can I change character gta v online special edition, is anything different in the game between spe.andamp; Collecter

I wanna be able to customize my character in gta v online (special edition) because I browsed it up and I saw under collectors edition it said you can customize your character but in special edition it didn't say that???<br> So can you change your character in gta v special edition.<br> Also is there difference in the game between special and collectors???

Sword Art Online RPG Game Project

I just wanted to see if this was a good idea...<br> <br> For anybody who knows the anime series, ive been just going crazy for a SAO kind of game..<br> <br> Yes i know about SAO Infinity Moment, but i mean taking the idea of that world and all its liberties and make it into an awesome RPG game that anybody can enjoy...<br> <br> For example, you can cook, fish, be a blacksmith, run your own shop, buy a house, or just have a blast fightng monsters and collecting items with your friends!<br> <br> Does that sound such as a good game to you? I hope it does! Sadly we're not in the time yet where we can be transported into the game... But that has been a dream of mine....<br> <br> <br> To be able to make another world.... <br> And be able to live freely in the game(:<br> <br> For now we'll just need to enjoy the outside with a remote such as always...<br> <br> But soon enough... We'll be able to travel to another world...(:<br> <br> If i do end up making this game in the future.. <br> I just hope people will such as it... <br> Each little "this game is awesome!" Would mean much more than you would ever know..<br> <br> Games got me through my childhood... <br> Now its my turn to give the next generation a good childhood(:<br> <br> Im a young highschool student getting into video game programming and i want to see if its a good idea/concept to start...<br> <br> I know i gave ALOT to lean before i take on a large project such as this...<br> <br> Thanks for at least reading..

Whats your favourite multiplayer online game

Bf3<br> planetside two (free)<br> forza horizon<br> fifa 13<br> gear of war<br> halo 4<br> last of us

I want an online game to play please

I would attempt IMVU! It's really fun.

I used to play this old computer online game and if you remember it PLEASE answer

All I keep in mind is you were mainly just this kinda deformed face but you could go around & chat with people & play games & stuff I played it as a kid & I can't keep in mind it and its making me mad

Any games like the Sims but online and for free

I don't wanna pay and I don't want to download anything, I just want a game such as the Sims. So, you can make your own character and play around with it. I want it on my Mac Book. I know that nothing is gonna as good as the Sims, such as the graphics etc, but just something similar. <br> I just want answers, nothing else.<br> Thanks. :)

Great online horror game

Im searching for a free online horror game with no downloads. Has to be good, preferably good graphics, as well as obviously scary. Thanks!

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