Is it necessary to play Red Dead Redemption before Undead Nightmare

I'm aware that Undead Nightmare is an extension, but I obtained the disk and wanted to play it. However, I've yet to play the original game, as well as I don't know if this will affect my enjoyment of the game, what with the lack of knowledge from the original game and the things involved and all.<br> <br> Thanks for a answers.

What is the cheat for the war horse on red dead redemption undead nightmare

Why would you want to cheat, it ruins games, people such as you who ruin online games. quitters and people who do cheat codes

Red dead redemption or undead nightmare Which should I get

I Looooove zombie games such as dead island but I also Loooooove average open world games such as fallout and skyrim.<br> Someone told me you need to have red dead to have undead nightmare is this true?<br> Also I have a few questions<br> Which has the biggest map ?<br> Can you have undead nightmare if you dont have red dead ?<br> Are there unique kinds of zombies on undead nightmare ?<br> Can you still do the same sort of stuff on undead nightmare such as get a horse and drag people behind and cover them in bate and that sort of stuff ?<br> Yeh so can I just have a description of both and which is better and why please?<br> The most detailed answer will get the ten points.<br> Thanks guys peace out .

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