What do guys think of a girl who plays CoD and Minecraft

Quite recently my friend told most people in my year that I do, as well as I was just thinking, do they think I'm a weird loner child? I just feel worried.<br> I' sorry for such a stupid question, as well as I tend to worry a lot, so once somethings in my minds, it won't leave without an answer.<br> Thanks.<br> Sorry for this silly pathetic question.

Minecraft Millénaire Mod Help

So I installed the Millénaire Mod in minecraft. Everything has been going well I've been keeping there resources up so they can continue building/upgrading. Well now they will not upgrade because it says i need 0/5 Tapisserie Normande. What is it and how do I get it. I don't understand what it is!! Please help it will be greatly appreciated!!

Free Minecraft download

I downloaded a free version of Minecraft Beta and started playing. 10 minutes in a message popped up saying "This is not a registered version :( Buy it from the store". If I continue to play it can I get charged. I don't mean charged from a credit card I mean through police for a free version (it's not a trial either). I have played it such as five months ago and this never happened.

When is Minecraft 1.8 coming out

I know it's not coming out 11/11/11 that's the full game but I was wondering when the new update was coming out.

Why does Minecraft frame lag

I have a GTX 460 grahpics card, quad core at 2.4ghz processor and 4gb ram. Why would it lag?? Sometimes I also get an error called out of memory.

Can someone give me a minecraft free account

Can somebody give me a minecraft free premium account please?

How do i set mouse 3 on minecraft

My controls were changed, as well as i can not get it back to mouse 3

How do i become an admin on my minecraft server

I have minecraft 1.7.3 and im not very good at the server thing so please help<br> <br> <br> <br> p.s im not a computer geek

Does Minecraft 1.8 seem slow

Before 1.8 I could use mineraft pretty well, Not it seems a bunch more laggy and not worth playing

Can a minecraft Server Owner see a list of who is banned

An operator made all his friends an operator and two of them were online, they determineto be complete @ssholes and ban me and my friend.. is there a way to get back on or will the owner realise that me and my friend are banned

Minecraft lags a millisecond every five seconds or so.

Its pissing me the **** off. Minecraft lags a millisecond every five seconds or so. It is really annoying and my PC is great. It's been doing this every since 1.7 (now in 1.8)<br> <br> MY SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS<br> <br> OPERATING SYSTEM:<br> Windows (Service Pack 1)<br> CPU TYPE:<br> Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz<br> CPU SPEED:<br> 3.09 GHz<br> SYSTEM MEMORY:<br> 5.99 GB<br> VIDEO CARD MODEL:<br> NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450<br> VIDEO CARD MEMORY:<br> 3.71 GB<br> VIDEO CARD DRIVER:<br> nvd3dum.dll<br> DESKTOP RESOLUTION:<br> 1920x1200<br> HARD DISK SIZE:<br> 931.41 GB<br> HARD DISK FREE SPACE:<br> 744.67 GB (80percent)<br> DOWNLOAD SPEED:<br> 881.99 kB/s (7.2 mbps

.MINE files wont open with minecraft classic anymore 10+1 pts

Hey kiddos and kiddettes.<br> <br> I used to play around with the FREE minecraft game at minecraft DOT net. (it says like, 'Outdated but free')<br> <br> anyway, to clarify, it is the version where you would just build stuff, with no health, as well as no animals, as well as your inventory was already stocked with blocks...<br> <br> Anyway, I had a level that I want to play around with again, but when I sign in online, as well as go to load it, it won't load. (it was never saved online, but i would select the file).<br> <br> Now I can't even do that. <br> <br> HOW DO I OPEN MY LEVEL D: D: D: <br> <br> Thanks in advance.<br> <br> All answers get a point, right answer gets 10+1!

On minecraft 1.8 how do you make an animal farm

I want to make an animal farm of some kind (preferably cow or pig farm) but I don't know how on 1.8 seeing as creating an area with a bunch of light at night doesn't work in 1.8. I know you can throw a load of eggs into an enclosed space because chickens spawn from eggs but I never have anything such as enough eggs for that. There's a significant lack of animals in the forest where my log cabin is.<br> <br> Any help? Thanks :)

Minecraft 1.8 free servers

so i want to play online...are there free minecraft servers you guys know ? pleeeeaase

Every texture pack i use doesnt change water for minecraft help

thanks :) i'm on a mac if it helps

Keep on getting a black screen when i load minecraft in web and single player

plz help

Anyone like minecraft

If u do, plz say use and - if u such as multiplayer classic - include your username. If u such as multiplayer classic, come to UberSWAG. Tell MAD_SKILLZz u r from yahoo answers. NO GRIEFING

Minecraft error message; "Bad video card drivers" (See description)

I have bought the game, but my friend gave me the hacked, (MinecraftSP), version because it works better with the "Mellinaire" mod. Now I don't need it so I download the real launcher and it's giving me error messages, this makes no sense, as I can open up the hacked version and it works fine.

How to get rid of dragons in minecraft

I made a REALLY valuable land in minecraft and spawned hundred of dragons...............How do i get rid of them without deleting it or hacking?

How to corrupt a minecraft map

I must corrupt the map do not ask why but how do i do it?

Minecraft 1.8 multiplayer

I want to play in multiplayer type but can't understand how to insert the address sometimes it says the network in unreachable and sometimes bad login so please tell me what should I do.<br> <br> Also is it a problem that I have a copied game since I downloaded it from utorrent?

Minecraft: The Nether

Ive lost the portal back to my world, can I get back without dying?

Does anyone know a free minecraft giftcode generator no surveys

I likely sound stupid but I can not buy minecraft until after christmas but I must test it out so I know I will such as it or if you could message me a code thanks :)

Are there any minecraft 1.0 servers and if so what is the ip

I've not been a segment of a minecraft server before but love the game and want to have a community to enjoy it with.

Where do i find screenshots i take on minecraft

my friends are dating and he likes Minecraft a bunch so she asked me to make them a monument and print it out for them but i can not get where to get the screenshots

Hi i need some good builders to join my minecraft server and help build

i just reset my server so im searching for some good builders server ip <br> and some people to do vids whit this is my youtube name 4600josh look me up :)

Minecraft help please (train mod)

i will download minecraft train and zeplin mod from minecraft forums but a: is it safe and b: do other people on my hamachi server must download it for it to work, thanks (will they be able to mine the minerals i mean and go in the trains/see the trains) thanks

Minecraft mystery custom maps

I'm having some trouble finding some that I haven't already seen the play-through for.<br> An ideal map would be in peaceful,l;l;mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…<br> <br> Sorry, cat got on the keyboard, felt it was too funny to delete.<br> Anyways, I don't mind not playing on peaceful; but I'm not real,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.…<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> ly intrested<br> <br> SORRY. CAT AGAIN. (I did shrink down some of the spam there!!)<br> *I'm not really interested in fighting. But beggars can't be choosers, post what you can.<br> I such as creepy, creepy is good :D.<br> Some maps I do know of are The Redmurk Mystery and Wintetide to name a few.<br> <br> Please help, as well as thank you in advance :).<br> <br> (And yes, I had fed the cats)<br> (And yes, I tried making my own map, but I changed a bunch of the story, sooo yeah)

Would anyone be interested in joining my Minecraft server

Hey,<br> <br> I made a Minecraft server running Bukkit a few days ago and the new server map is brand new. Would anybody be interested in taking a look around and playing for a little while? Maybe you could just tell me in-game what you think of my server and go and explore etc.<br> <br> My IP:<br> <br> Cheers.

MineCraft Bed Spawning

Hi<br> <br> I was wondering if you build a second bed and then sleep and then after that die you spawn in the new bed (i think) but what happens if you sleep in a new bed(so ones at your house and ones in a new house somewhere else) and then get rid of it( the one in the new house) where do you spawn?

What do numbers correspond to in Minecraft seeds

after playing minecraft for as lengthy as I have been, I always have been toying with seeds to see what the numbers correspond to. An example of an answer I'm searching for is "the first and second digits of a seed's sum directly affect the spawn rate of npc villages"; please don't give me trash unlike that.

New minecraft server up

server ip <br> mail me if there is problems<br> <br> might not be online all the time

How to create premium minecraft account for free

Hi. Sorry for stupid question, but my account got stolen :/<br> <br> So please if anybody knows how to make free premium minecraft account, please help me!

Can i download minecraft on a mac


Best Minecraft Texture Pack

The default texture pack is just terrible(in my opinion) and I didn't have the best experience with the Painterly Pack so I am putting forth effort to get a new one. Any suggestions? I am searching for a texture pack with good searching glow stone such as in modern craft or painterly pack, but i tried those and they didn't work out.

Can you download the free single player version of minecraft

I dont really want to pay for the full version of minecraft so I am playing the free single player version. But it is SO SLOW and laggy. Is there anyway I can download it to my computer or something to make it faster?

How do i set up a nonhamachi minecraft server.

How do i configured a no-pay, non-hamachi minecraft server (when i try, no one can link without hamachi HELP!!)

Some blocks in minecraft have fire in them...

i don't know if it is a mod or what.

Search Minecraft Hardcore Server

I'm wondering, that theres no server, including hardcore, pvp, griefing, to die of hunger and mobs.<br> shops and economy would be nice but not that important.

Minecraft cant be bought in the UAE

I live in the UAE and I just realized that my VISA electron debit card doesn't work. I tried my *Ron's* but that didn't work either. It always says that the transaction failed. What can I do?

Why do I keep getting disconnected from Minecraft Servers

Any server I go on, I can either play for a little bit and then I get disconnected, or when I get disconnected from one, the rest don't work either. It's really annoying and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

When you jailbreak and get the minecraft game on cydia...

is it the same kind if game you have on your pc such as dous it look the same and have the same stuff

(minecraft) why is it that wean ever i go into a jungle ocelots spawn but thare will be like 50 of them

this only happens in easy average and hard

Could you find a end portal frame in creative mode in minecraft

i want to now if you could get a end portal frame in minecraft creative mode

Minecraft mod problems. Please help

I want to download the newer versions of modloader and elemental arrows, but my minecraft.jar file is missing...sort of. I check the bin and theres two minecraft files, one is "minecraft" the other is "minercraft-1.1". And to the right it says that they are alternative( not sure if it said alternative) JAR file. I don't know what to do at that point. PLEASE HELP ME. What do I do and how can I use the mod. And can you put it in terms that are more easy to understand. This is my 2nd time downloading a mod.

When is minecraft coming out for xbox 360

I was just wondering when Minecraft will be coming for xbox. Ive heard March 117th 2012 but that is all.If you know please tell me!

In Minecraft multiplayer how do i spawn at my house

In a multiplayer world I made a house in a mountain extremely, extremely far away from the spawn and I want to be able to spawn in the house, so how do i do that where I can just say the command /home and go there

House Design on Minecraft Help

Alright, i would such as some help on a minecraft with my new house. I would such as a video/tutorial on how to make a house in a 32 x 32 block radius. This would include gardens and possibly a mini greenhouse. Mind that this house is going to be used as a main house. But also i would want to have a nice design and a nice searching house. Nice as in a model home but usable for everyday usage. Could somebody send me a link to a video or a blueprint to this. Thank you

Feeding wolves in Minecraft

In Minecraft, I have several tamed wolves. I want them to breed and all webpages (including minecraft wiki) tell me to right-click on them whilst holding meat, but whenever I attempt the only thing that happens is that I order them to sit down or get up, but still cannot feed them. Anything else I am not doing that I need to do to succeed?

Why wont minecraft use the ram

my minecraft has just under 1gb of allocated memery but only uses about 200kb or less how do I fix?????

How to reset a Minecraft map

So i've made a pretty epic Custom map on minecraft and i want to use it with friends, but due to me being on it sleeping in beds and stuff, the spawn has moved, is there something i can delete from the save file itself to reset the spawn to where i put it but not delete the map and important data itself?

What is the game called minecraft

everyone is discussing it at my school. can somebody tell me?is it worth it to buy? HONEST ANSWER don't do stupid answers

Minecraft texture packs /mods legal stuff

when people put stuff in there textures/mods do they need to file it somewhere? or can u just put it in? i am asking because i want to put one on mine

Anyone have a small minecraft server that wants an extra member :)

I just wanna build fantastic stuff and have fun on a server with a few people. I neeeed this. I don't grief I swear!

How to get to my minecraft.jar error message

When I go in the bin folder under minecraft and click on minecraft executable jar file, a error message pops up and it says: Could not get the main class: net.minecraft.client.minecraft. Program wont exit. how do I get rid of this message and open the minecraft.jar? I'm using windows seven and I have the latest version of java. Please help

Whats the use of a premium account on Minecraft

I already have Minecraft on my com and I such as playing Single Player a bit more than Multiplayer. So in this case does having a premium account on Minecraft really necessary? The only thing I could get is you can change the skin of your character, which I do not really care about so much. So main question is<br> What does having a premium account give?

Does anyone wanna play minecraft hunger games

my server is it might not be up though post ur in game name(ign) and ill attempt to white list alot of you (if theres any) happy hunger games and may the odds ever be in you're favor.

Need Minecraft help.

I was just made OP today and about 10 minuits ago it started raining on the server and I don't such as rain I did /stop rain thinking it would stop the rain but the entire server went down and I can't connect, I really need help.

How to get a free minecraft premium

please write really specific instructions of how. I don't want surveys or need to download anything.

Good Animation System For Minecraft

Right so I'd want to animate my own minecraft story-type thingy. Thing is I need a good program, all the programs I've searched at the past are really expensive, some even going to around £3000. So I need a inexpensive (even free will do :) ) Animating method where I can add minecraft textures and is pretty simple to use. <br> <br> I don't mind downloading anything, but this is needed soon. -Thanks

How you install mods to minecraft server

The bad stuff begins when I attempt to installl some mods such as - build craft and industrial craft.<br> but seems to me it dos not work.<br> I open my server MC file ( what I have downloaded from MC official page) with Winrar<br> Then I select my modloderMP ( open with Winrar ) and drag into MC server file, but then pops up some warning - The archive is corrupt<br> <br> And all my mods is for server only not Sp

If you have Minecraft X360 problems. READ THIS

When a game is uploaded to the marketplace, sometimes an error can occurr that will glitch the MSP count. Nothing is wrong with your stuff. If you all wait about an hour then the problem will be sorted out and you will all be able to enjoy the game.<br> Please tell other people this of they are freaking out.<br> Happy mining later =D<br> I'll be at school :(

When will these be in Minecraft Xbox edition

-The all-important Creative Mode<br> -Endermen<br> -Dungeons <br> -The end<br> -infinite maps(or at least much bigger maps)<br> -NPC's and their villages<br> -more mobs with higher mob diversity<br> <br> not searching for a exact dates, as well as i KNOW that notch said updates would be soon and frequent.

Is Minecraft going to be released on a disc soon

I kinda want Minecraft but I'm never one for purchasing over the internet. Does anybody know if it's gonna be released on a disc coopy at point?

Minecraft Isnt Working

My younger cousin got minecraft the other day (Sunday) and so far it's not working...AT ALL!<br> <br> Here's the specifics about the days after:<br> <br> Monday: Gave her a black screen after she logged on.<br> <br> Tuesday (Today): Loaded but said, "Done Loading" and the progress bar wasn't full.<br> <br> She honestly doesn't know what's happened. <br> <br> She tried her laptop and the same thing happend.<br> <br> Please help!!<br> <br> She wants to swing her diamond sword already!!<br> <br> Thanks.<br> <br> ~Tori

When i get on mine craft it said cannot connect to minecraft.net but the web site is up

i am also getting this problem started same time so are several other people i know from North America Australia and parts of the UK


when i attempt to login on my minecraft launcher it says can't link to minecraft.net i have a real minecraft account and good quick net if u can help ill vote you as best answer

Why does my minecraft xbox edition freeze when i open my inventory

Awesome! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!<br> <br> >> minecraftnow.us <<

PC Minecraft anyone wanna play

Anybody wanna play on mine and my friends hamachi server? We have a few others playing with us. But u will need hamachi to login toour server. Our server should be completely live soon. If anybody replies to this I will add a comment giving the hamachi server name and password. On our server we have economy and skills and jobs and money. Awhole bunch of unique stuff. Also i use Skype a bunch if u have a Mic :) just leave an answer and I'll post the details.

Question about buying minecraft for pc

I have a building society account so I can't buy it online through the website. So I was wondering what shop sells it in the uk. Also, can I use a second hand copy or is there a one use code in there

What is wrong with my minecraft server

I keep getting this message when i open up my server.<br> [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the method time change, or is the server overloaded?<br> also when i get into the game, if i tried to break a block of dirt, the dirt will just come back and so i need to dig it again. Please help

In minecraft can you change the powerfulness of tnt/creeper explosion

Ill put it to you straight, I want to destroy the minecraft world. Any Ideas?

Hosting minecraft hunger games server need people

This is a hamtchi server my paid server has ran out and i want to attempt a hunger games survival pvp map! here are the hamatchis and the ip you will need, p,s if you did not know join the hamtchi before using the ip, 1- hamatchi: ApShadow password- 123 hamatchi 2: superderpycard password 123 hamatchi 3:<br> ninjacatfish:) password 123 10 spaces in the server (wont be full:P and if it is ill open it to more) so join whenever and have fun:)

Where can I find a decent minecraft nuclear reactor tutorial

Hello, I play the tekkit group of mods and I'd want to build a nuclear reactor however I'm not to sure how to make a good one. Does anybody know where I can get a tutorial or guide etc? It doesn't matter how hard it is to make and I'd such as it to have switches to turn it on and off etc. Thanks :)

Why do so many people play minecraft

I see so lots of people on the net playing Minecraft, but I do not know why. When I look up some gameplay videos on youtube they show me these poor Lego-like graphics. <br> How can people not care about graphics soo much?<br> <br> I mean ofcourse, it doesnt need to be as beautiful as skyrim and Dark Souls, but still, it should atleast reach a minimum standard.<br> <br> Any idea?

When is the update for xbox360 minecraft going to come out

im wondering when the xbox version is going to be such as the computer version with all the updated features or at least give us creative mode

Whats a Hack for Minecraft SMP servers

What's a hack for Minecraft SMP servers where I can spawn items?

Want to play Minecraft Xbox edition with me

I'm bored and I'm searching for other players griefers aret welcomed and you need a mic

Can you please list 12 things to build in minecraft (in order from easiest to hardest)

1: make a house that looks nice and has everything you must live<br> <br> 2: make a gigantic pool with a diving board that is 155 blocks high<br> <br> 3: make another house... made out of tnt<br> <br> 4: make a gigantic mob farm for animals and evil mobs<br> <br> 5: make a hidden house in the side of a mountain using pistons and redstone<br> <br> 6: make a simple pixel art (suggestions, mario, link, and/or samus)<br> <br> 7: make a giant 16 X 16 block of tnt out of wool... completely filled with tnt<br> <br> 8: make a giant statue of steve with a pickaxe or a sword<br> <br> 9: make a giant mansion to replace your old house<br> <br> 10: make a giant statue of a mob and turn it into a house<br> <br> 11: make an enormous rollercoaster made out of minecart tracks<br> <br> 12: make a gigantic town with a giant library, bank, restaurant, museum, school, laboratory and finally a 200 X 200 castle with pixel arts on the walls amazing redstone contraptions and anything you could think of, have fun with that XD!

WhenIsplit screen on minecraft 360 and friend leavesIcant move

this is my friends problem. on mineraft 360 edition. he has two gold accounts him and his dad, as well as he started to play minecraft and went into split screen. he had a online game set up. and when his dad exited the game friend couldnt move ir do anything. he has deleted minecraft and re installed it. still problem there. if you can help please do

Minecraft Question for you Please answer now

ok so i built this map, as well as i tried to put it in multyplayer it didnt work, as well as i put it back in single player and it spawns me in this defualt area, how do i get it back, please help me now.

How can I convice my dad to buy Minecraft

My dad won't buy me Minecraft because he says he dosen't want to buy online games because he says it causes virus.

Battlefield 3 or Minecraft

Should I get Battlefield three for the multiplayer on Xbox or Minecraft on Xbox?

I deleted my map in minecraft and it is still in recycle bin butIhave 5 maps in recycle bin help please

You'll just need to restore them one at a time, as well as if it's the wrong one then rename it to world1 or whatever and delete it.

Is it possible to reset a world in Minecraft

As in set the world back to the way it was when you first created (spawned in) it? I have a world on Minecraft that really want to start over on, but I'm not sure if it's possible. I've tried using a seed reader and copying the seed while making a new world but I spawn in a completely unique world. So is it possible to reset it to the way it was at the start? <br> <br> I such as this particular world because it's perfect to my likings. I such as the sizes of the biomes and how they're arranged, as well as where the NPC villages are located. And deleting the things I built on the world aren't that simple, because I've destroyed some of the land on the coasts and made some changes to the villages. So again, is it possible to reset the world? If it is, how can I reset it? Thanks! :)

How to make my Minecraft server bukkit.

I have a hamachi server but I want to turn it to a bukkit server so I can add plugins.


i was wondering if you guys would let me in your sever?<br> <br> im not a greifer i just want to play the game and build large buildings till my hearts contents

How to get a minecraft gift code for free

Hi. I really want a minecraft gift code because my other account got.. yeah can anybody tell me how? Steps. Please I went to minecraftpremium.com but didn't work xD thank you :)

Is there anything else to do to my minecraft house

So i just made a house. I already have your simple needs for example crafting table, furnace room, enchantment room, mine, chests, bedroom, as well as nether portal. I feel such as I'm running out of things to do while waiting for 1.3 so if you have more fun ideas for me that would be great. thanks

Minecraft on the go (not pocket edition) need answer fast please

I do not mean pocket edition, i mean if you log in to minecraft on your laptop, as well as bring it ouside of your wifi connection, can you still play single player?

Where canIbuy minecraft

Every time i attempt to buy minecraft on mineraft.net it fails even though i have more than enough of cash in my account. Are there other locations to buy minecraft?

Minecraft Multiplayer Question on Banning

So apparently me and my whole faction (with the exception of one) were all banned for a week for *'spawn camping'. I have a theory that theres more to this than just this 'spawn camping'.<br> <br> The thing is, rival factions were also at spawn putting forth effort to kill newcomers for free kills, which in return would give our rivals more power. (We tried to protect the newcomers)<br> <br> No one wanted to go to the installed 'PVP Arena' either, because there was no safezone to run to there.<br> <br> My theory is this: My faction is the most powerful one on the server. I think this is just a way to let other people have a chance to takeover. Apparently our 'spawn camping' wasn't a problem until just yesterday, when we were told to stop (so we did) and then we were banned today.<br> <br> My question is, do you think theres more to this 'spawn camping' deal? Or do you think that the owner is putting forth effort to balance out the power? Did we do something wrong?<br> <br> *spawn camping = Staying just outside the designated spawn area in the warzone to kill people who exit spawn.<br> <br> <br> Note:<br> <br> - Please do give some insight on what you think, not just a simple answer. The more specifics the better, as well as also an increased chance at a 'Best Answer'

Why isnt minecraft classic working

When Minecraft Classic loads it just stops loading, as well as wont load anymore. I have tryed to refresh the page.

Cracked Minecraft Server to Grief

Me, as well as some friends have a new Minecraft griefing team, Team Squid. I was just wondering, if anybody has minecraft servers that they have had a bad experience on, as well as would such as me and my team to grief. Note: We are all using cracked accounts, however, we do all have hamachi. If you could leave below the server you would such as us to grief, in this format, that would be great.<br> Format:<br> <br> Ip:<br> Hamachi or No:<br> (If Hamachi) ID:<br> (If Hamachi) Password:<br> Why you want it Griefed:<br> (If you want to help) Username:

Is herobrine in minecraft xbox

me and my friends were playing minecraft on the xbox and then we all started to go into the mines and when we started going off through are selves we would lose half of our health and then catch on fire then then go out untill we died but every time we searched around and no one was anywhere around us pleas need some answers!

Do any Mods for Minecraft increase the frames per second

I heard the Optifine works?

Minecraft single player queston

so lately ive noticed some weird stuff when i was playing single player i was on survival type and i notice some buildings such as a well or somthing weird and it had searched such as somebody had been mineing so i was wondering when you respawn or go to a world on single player can there be other players in this world or what?????

Recording minecraft videos for youtube

I am thinking about starting a minecraft series on youtube and I have a question. What would be the best recording software that wouldn't make my minecraft lag. Now I use a laptop to play minecraft it is a dell with 4GB of RAM with an intel pentiium processor.

Minecraft creative mode

i play mine craft xbox 360 addition and I've never played mine craft on the computer. i know theres no creative type yet on xbox but on the computer version, what you make in creative mode, will that translate into survival type like peaceful easy and so on? or is it a while other world?

What are some good Minecraft servers

Ones with anti griefing.

Cracked Minecraft Servers

Please could I have some cracked mine craft servers that are NOT full all the time and are overloaded <3

Can someone explain minecraft servers for me

Do you just such as host a map you've created for the public to go to? Do you need to be connected to the Internet with your computer on at all times for it to be able to be visited? Does each map need its own server? Can people go to your server when you're not on? How much lag does it make in comparison to single player? And what's the difference between having people visit your server and somebody joining you on single player?

I need modloader for Minecraft 1.3.1

If somemone have link please give me.

Minecraft recovering deleted servers

I had to reset my whole .minecraft folder once, as well as all the servers I had saved were gone, as well as I forgot to write the ip to one down. Is there a way to see what servers I've been on before? I also have a friend on the server but my only communication with him was on the server, so if you could see what servers others have played on (or are on) that would work.

I bought minecraft yesturday and it still says andquot;user not premium andquot; what do I do

It also said transaction failed , but then it said purchased game. Help?

What time will minecraft 1.3 come out in canada

Ive been on my computer waiting for over six hours and was just wondering how lengthy it will take I'm in Pacific time.

MineCraft farm live stock help

I just got minecraft for the xbox and I want to know about how to capture animals and use them as live stock, can one please help, as well as explain this to me? I don't know how to catch, or breed them. Please help

How do I convince my Mum to buy me Minecraft

I wanted to get Minecraft so I asked my Mum because you need a credit or debit card to buy it. I even told her that I would pay her back the cash in cash, all I needed is a credit/debit card to get the game. Unfortunately, she said no because she thinks that Mojang is gonna scam her and withdraw lots of cash out of her bank account. Can anybody please help me? Thanks in advance!

Minecraft hardcore server not working

Every time I die on the server, i can respawn. I was on the ops list but I am not anymore. I've restarted the server several times after saving the ops list and properties files. Hardcore is set to real in the properties file. Does anybody know why I am permitted to respawn? I am running 1.3.1

WhenIopen my minecraft and click login it saysIcant connect to minecraft.net.

It just happened now and i can play single player but when i attempt multiplayer it says bad login. Also, on minecraft.net it says "Our servers are working a bit too hard, please check through later". Whats Wrong???

Minecraft pe seeds for android

Does anybody know good seeds that has only one tree. Preferbly (sorry if i spelt it wrong) in a remote island such as in bluexephos survival island. For android if it makes difference. Thanks in advance. :)

Minecraft Question

I was not able to log into minecraft today. Every time I clicked log it it came up with the message "can't link to minecraft.net". I was not sure if this was a problem on my end or minecrafts end. So I have a Mac and went to my applications and dragged minecraft to the trash and emptied the trash. Then I tried to re install minecraft. I re installed it and I still had the same problem. I thought I heard from somewhere minecraft does not delete unless you also delete the bin folder. So then I deleted minecraft and the bin folder this time. I removed both of them from trash. Then I re installed minecraft and it didnt fix the problem and it didnt replace the bin folder. And I need a bin folder to run minecraft. And can I get the bin folder and the contents of the bin folder back? Do I delete everything that has to do with minecraft on my computer then re install minecraft? What do I do? I don't now that it is possible to get minecraft up and running again because when you first download minecraft it creates all of those folders. So what do I do? I mostly play multiplayer so I do not mind if I need to start minecraft from scratch. Although I do not mind I would prefer to have my past world saves. I still have the saves folder and all the other folders. I just don't have the bin folder and what is inside of it. I deleted the bin folder from the trash so theres no way I can get it back. <br> <br> Can anybody help?<br> <br> Thanks!

Will my laptop run Minecraft okay

It is a ("Dell Latitude Laptop 500GB 4GB Dual Core WIFI WIRELESS one CD-RW/DVD XP 2"). The item details are;<br> Processor Speed:1.66 GHz Brand:Dell<br> Graphics Processing Type:Integrated/On-Board Graphics Model:Latitude D620<br> Memory:4 GB MPN:210-16830<br> Hard Drive Capacity:500 GB Product Line:Latitude<br> Operating System:Windows XP Screen Size:14.1"<br> Operating System Edition:Professional Processor Type:Intel Core Duo

Whats expected from optifine for minecraft 1.3.1

Since the new optifine for Minecraft 1.3.1 is taking so lengthy to release, is there gonna be new features or anything improved to it?

Are there any Minecraft mods that allow you to use dye on wolves/dogs

Hi, I'm new to Minecraft for PC and am very interested in using mods. Something I'd really want to be able to do in-game is be able to dye tamed wolves unique colors. I started searching for this mod once when I saw a picture of dogs dyed unique colors, but I haven't found anything yet. So the picture might just be edited. If you know of a mod that lets you dye wolves or other objects (boats, blocks, etc..) I would be very appreciative if you shared :)<br> <br> If you don't know of mods such as that, I'd still love to hear a list of some of your favorite add-ons!

Minecraft Texture Pack Not Working

Hey guys im putting forth effort to make my own 32x32 texture pack. I have already patched(mcpatcher) up the minecraft folder (1.3.1 btw) to work with both summerfields and misas (because i such as playing with them). Anyway so i decided to make my own. I have converted the terrain.png to 32x32, as well as am working on painting it. I'm putting forth effort to test my texture pack as i go but it isnt working! I'm sure i have everything in the folder, when i choose the texture pack the name is unique but the description and picture are the default. (Which i know you can change in the pack.png and pack.txt, as well as i have). I attempt playing the game and its still all default stuff. The other texture packs work fine. Is there anything i could have missed? Is it something to do with mcpatcher? Thanks for reading and please help


Who wnats to play multiplayer minecraft please im bored and want to play.

Minecraft Demo Java / MineCraft Requirements

I am putting forth effort to play the MineCraft Demo in order to see if my laptop will run minecraft, it said i needed java so i downloaded it, as well as it still says i need java? Can anybody tell me why this is? Or better still, can anybody tell me if my Laptop will run Minecraft? Its a HP Pavilion G6 Series, as well as there is a sticker saying " AMD RADEON GRAPHICS"; (If that is help) <br> <br> Thanks.

What are the top ten ways to find a village in a world on minecraft

I have made a great world on minecraft but i'm having trouble finding a village. Someone please help me get the top ten ways to get a village.<br> NOT INCLUDING SEEDS PLEASE!!!!

What are some seeds, Minecraft

READ THIS!!! <br> I want a small island with a tree and sugar cane or tall grass. (optional but wanted: animals for example sheep, cows, pigs. etc) THANKYOU SO MCUH!!!

Guys how doImake a mod for minecraft 1.3.2

when ever i attempt and decompile using MCP it comes up with the following error:<br> "C:/Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.6.0_26binJava" -jar runtimebinmcinjector/jar tempminecraft_rg...' Failed : 1<br> Decompiled failed

Who is looking for a good minecraft server

An exclusive new server is coming out soon be the first to know! It's called Mine city if you would want to know more please contact us at minecityserverteam@gmail.com it is likely going to come out in the next month.

When will minecraft 1.8.3 update come out on 360 which brings creative mode and ect.

Very soon less than a month. I think on the 15th maybe im not sure.

Why do people like minecraft

I never played it but i viewed a few videos and it just seems so boring, can some one please explain to me why everyone likes it

I just bought minecraft, how doIstart playing it

If you don't know how to play minecraft, I would forfeit on videogames.

Is call of duty and minecraft the best video games out there


Im trying to make more villages appear in minecraft

im putting forth effort to make a mod that makes more villages appear, what would i need to change to make it appear more often, i already have mcp and java sdk i just must what to change on the mapgenvillage thanks in advance

How to port forward a Minecraft server

I can link with localhost:25565<br> But I can't link with my IP **.**.***.10:25565 (or with my IP with port number)<br> And my friend can't connect.<br> So I need to port forward.?

MINECRAFT: Looking for a good MC multiplayer server Need suggestions

I'm searching for a good pvp-griefing permitted server with a good population and without lag.

Having a problem in minecraft

I have one world that i've spent so much time on and have a bunch in but whenever I play on it it lags out and says out of memory. However, if I start a new world it is completely lag free. how can I fix this without losing my first world?

Can Enderman spawn in day in Minecraft

Ok so I made this world in superflat and I amde this little shack(Big enough for an Enderman).I was going to make another one next to it when I was hearing Enderman sounds.So I wnet to my 1st house and found an Enderman.I forgot to put torches so maybe that's why?

Is it possible to get a giftcode for minecraft

I have already tried getfreeminecraft.com or something and it didn't work for me. It says my ohone number doesn't exist. I have tried lots of generators and they are all full of surveys and I do not want to use my phone number. I do not mind giving my email cause I have such as five accounts. If you did get one, please send it to "jonathonstorm@gmail.com" and on your answer, just say I sent it or something. I will pick you as best answer once I recieve an email.<br> Make sure you add your username on the mail cause I will not know who is who if you dont

Minecraft drug server

I need a bukkit plugin that makes stuff drugs like sugar is cocaine seeds are pills and so on

I have nothing left to do in Minecraft

I have built a castle, made a mincraft station, made a storage room, found diamonds, as well as have been to the nether. What is there to do now? What to make with redstone and pistons?

Why I cant play Minecraft

I finished downloading a program, then when I play it, I need to wait it loads then I die for waiting.

How do I get my minecraft server more populated

I run a small minecraft server and I such as it and i have such as 40 or 50 people who play it but they do not play it that lengthy and so when people join my server they see its deserted and leave. are there good websites which i can put my server on to get more people to join?<br> <br> Heres my server ip

Will buying a MineCraft gift code for my brother ALSO get me premium

Y'know such as a two for one deal. Whenever I visit the gift code store page, it says I get premium if I buy a code, but does that only refer to if I MYSELF used the code, instead of getting it for my little brother.

Minecraft Downloaded without me paying for it

OKKKKK so i made a registered with minecraft and i went to the download page and downloaded it. when i opened minecraft and i signed in it said not a premium user. So i pressed play offline. when i pressed play offline it went to the home screen of minecraft i pressed single player make new world then i started?????? WHAT? im just confused lol

Help Im lost in Minecraft

i know this has happened to a million people before but please! i have created this best house ever and then i went wandering off one day thinking i knew the way back but i didn't! its on super flat, as well as compass takes me back to a place where i didn't even build my house! plus the map doesn't work! Any suggestions?!!!!

How Do You Install The Minecraft Patcher

you shouldn't have to, if you go onto the minecraft website(assuming you actually purchased it) and download the minecraft application found there, just double click it and it should automatically patch the game for you, assuming you are connected to the net and log in.<br> <br> If you're using one of the (many) hacked versions, I can't help you.

Can I please borrow a Minecraft account

I want to play on multiplayer Tekkit mod pack, but the cracked one doesn't work and is wrong anyway. It needs to be premium and I won't do anything bad. I know that it is hard to trust people and I understand if you say no. Its not for downloading the average launcher its a unique launcher. My family won't buy it because they say its not worth the money, but tekkit definitely is! I'm not bagging Minecraft, its just with mods such as everyone else does. I won't do anything bad because nowadays its<br> easy to spread the word that I'm a hacker/cheater/liar. If you don't play tekkit I can't make a bad name for you, because most people who play tekkit only play tekkit.<br> <br> I would realy appreiate it!

Minecraft MCP Block. and Item. help

I'm making a mod to add some recipes, but I don't know how to list the ingredients/product(like Block.stone, Item.redstone) Those are some that I KNOW but, what are the others, such as Block.ironOre and stuff? I've tried Block.ironOre, but it doesn't seem to work. Serious answers only please. A link to a list would be great! 10 Points to whoever can help me!

If I want to play minecraft with a friend will it work if he has an iPhone and I have an iPod

Yes, it will work. Try it out and see.

Minecraft new update

24th of this month and theres going to be more than enough of stuff if you can not wait got to the website, scroll down to the snapshot and download it<br> <a href="http://www.mojang.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.mojang.com/</a>

Am I the only girl who plays minecraft

It's a good game! :D

Need help with redstone in minecraft

trying to run four or five pistons off of a repeater behind them(success) then those repeaters have redstone dust behinds them powering them(success) now heres the hard part, i need it to travel farther to where the switch is, but if i use a red stone torch, it continuously powers one side even when i turn the switch off. im pretty much putting forth effort to power about 20-30 blocks lengthy with one switch. can anybody help me lol? p.s. im on xbox 360. gt. is Masked Renegade

How can I add trees to the Minecraft overworld preset

Okay, I have recently downloaded Minecraft 1.4_1, as well as the new superflat presets have overworld and tunneler's dream. Tunneler's Dream has trees above ground but with no ore. Overworld has ores and lakes, but no trees? What code can I put into the Overworld preset so I can get trees? or how can i get ore in Tunneler's Dream? If there isn't a code, then how did they do it and put ores and trees into the presets they have made? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!!!

Minecraft help

i just went on minecraft and it said that there was an update available so i updated it. after it was finished i went to go on the server and it said it was outdated. i really such as the server and i want to play it! help please (i use mineshafter) ???

Music to listen to while playing Minecraft

Try listening to Bottomfeeder through Blessthefall or Collapse through Saosin

Could full version of minecraft connect to lite versions

Me and my friend tried to link each other, I have the full version, but she only have lite one. I checked that and made sure its not on 'server invisible'. But she still can't link to me :( plz help... ( we both uses iPad next to the way)

I need help on minecraft PE

Ok on minecraft pocket edition every time i go to play on survival i Never see zombies spiders or creepers. I have the full edition not the lite version. Do i have a setting wrong or somthing?

How do I fix repeating chat when people talk in minecraft

There is this minecraft server which i co-own with someone. I have recently updated the server to the recent update 1.4.2 (Now theres a 1.4.4 update and i arleady updated the server to that with Bukkit but theres still the same problem) Basically for everyone the chat repeats itself even for me (not commands or anything just when people talk. the repetition is random and can go from two times repeats to such as six or 7. I did download a few plugins before this happened which are "Vanishnopacket" "BOSEconomy" and "LWC". I do not know if these could have caused this problem but if you want a whole list of plugins tell me. I have IChat as a plugin too for a while now. And i only noticed the repetition sometime after i updated server to 1.4.2 or after i downloaded one of those plugins. I have no clue how to fix this please help someone. Also I have a problems where the colors for the chat and prefix/suffixes are not showing on the chat either. Its just plain whtie name such as <name>. I hope somebody can fix these problems :)

I cannot install any mods now in minecraft after I updated from 1.3.2 the current version is 1.4.5

I still can't get to work. On a windows laptop and another mac I have installed mod I needed. I'm putting forth effort to install the xray mod. It's a black screen. I have deleted META-INF and I'm on mac 10.4.11<br> Is it my operating method or what? I have no idea I seemed to have gotten toomanyitems to work but other than that no mods. Please help

Railcraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

Where is Railcraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5 download ?

How doIget iron ore in minecraft

Need lots of detail and process through step

How to spawn animals in minecraft

Does anybody know how to spawn animals in minecraft for Xbox 360 edition it would be really helpful thanks !

My MCEdit (Minecraft Edit) isnt working right. HALP

So, I have the folder, no problems. But, there isn't an EXE to launch MCEdit. Where can I get a MCEdit.exe file at?

Does anyone want to come on my Minecraft server

It's called ShartCraft its a good server with good admins and plugins<br> Factions<br> sethome<br> tpa<br> shop<br> pvp<br> pve<br> the IP is <br> please give its try, we really need some more people

Any ideas for what I could make in minecraft

Whatever you wish. Let your imagination spread.

If you make a minecraft map and add mods, will the mods appear to whoever plays the map

i'm making an adventure map in minecraft

Whats a good gaming computer to record CoD and Minecraft

Im planning on selling my xbox and mac to get a gaming computer. Ill likely have about 1000 dollars to purchase on it. I want to record call of duty and minecraft with fraps (or something else you would recommend) and start up a youtube thing, nothing big, just for fun. I want to switch from console to pc gaming. Any help with this would be unimagionably appreciated :) thanks guys!

Minecraft:help zombies everywhere

my house is being bombarded through armoured zombies some even diamond armour and swords my door are wooden and the iron golems won't hold them back for lengthy (only three vs 100) and one fell in water<br> so baisicly I have diamond armour helmet protection six chest protection three legging protection three plus projectile protection three and I have my bow: flame two power six punch six and infinity one and lastly my diamond sword: smite six and flame(forgot it proper name) two and knock back three and I have one butter apple if I die one of zombies could take my gear then I'll be screwed :/ I worked hard for that gear and enchantment plus where are the zombies coming from 0_0

A good minecraft server for newbies

I just need a nice server where I won; get killed quickly and there isn't too much greifing.

Where can I download minecraft from

I really want the game.

I need someone good at making Minecraft skins

Me and a couple friends are going to start making you tube videos of us playing Minecraft, as well as my friend thinks I need an original skin. I am hoping somebody can make a skin of my Mlp OC. This is it: http://imgur.com/gSCJK <br> If you can it would be greatly appreciated.

How to build ender portal in minecraft xbox 360

How do i build one? Im playing the xbox 360 with my friends and we found a end portal in a stronghold, but i can not put in the eyes. help please?

Is it possible to install BuildCraft on a minecraft 1.4.5 CraftBukkit server

I am running a CraftBukkit 1.4.4 and a CraftBukkit 1.4.5 minecraft server, thats hosted through minecraft-node. I want to install the BuildCraft mod into my server so I can play BuildCraft on my server with some friends. I dont want to need to change the server over to tekkit because the creative inventory is too complicated and I would just want to have the simple BuildCraft without all of the other confusing items and such. Please help. <br> -Scotty

XRay Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6

where can I get it ?

Minecraft no villagers

Well, to start with I'm A HUGE Fan of minecraft Huge minecraft boy and in one of my worlds I Live in the sandstone village and there used To be lots of funny, cross-looking and busy villagers which you trade with but now theres only one :( why have these villagers suddenly deserted the sandstone village?

OptiFine HD 1.4.6 for Minecraft

Is OptiFine for Minecraft 1.4.6 out yet ?

How to get control settings on minecraft to normal

i kinda messed up my minecraft control setting and i do not know how to get them back to default

How do I play a custom map with my friend in Minecraft

Me and my friend want to play a custom multiplayer map together but we don't know how. On the site the creator says that the map is for more than one player but we don't know how to play together. Can somebody help us out? Thanks

Minecraft ran out of memory any help

got minecraft 1.4.6. no lag, smooth. i don't have mods (not a single one!). BUT IT STILL RUNS OUT OF MEMORY! it says that used is just 150-170 mb out of 985 mb, as well as allocated is 495. i have just one world. btw im no windows 7. hope somone knows what to do

How to play Minecraft

My boyfriend and I want to play Minecraft with his brother and sister in-law. We have started are own world on his brothers account. Is there a way to play the game we started without his brother being logged on? Oh and we play it on Xbox 360.

Some good Minecraft jobs

Okay well, when I play Minecraft with my friends, we always do Minecraft jobs such as where somebody is the farmer, cook, hunter, etc. I was putting forth effort to think of more fun jobs for us to do because we all fight over the cook. Any other fun jobs?

Minecraft Server issue HELP

so i accidentally changed the ip address in server.properties without realizing so i changed it back and now people can't link to my server! i had lots of staff so they're likely wondering whats going on D:

What are some good minecraft servers to grief/troll on

If it has stupid admins or little to no protection it would help

Minecraft Block+Item List In Alphabetical Order

if you go to these sites they have blocks and items in order alphabetically <br> <a href="http://www.minecraftinfo.com/Blocks.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.minecraftinfo.com/Blocks.htm</a><br> <a href="http://www.minecraftinfo.com/items.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.minecraftinfo.com/items.htm</a>

Minecraft Cracked Server Need Help

Hi<br> I made a cracked server from bukkit each time i either set the online to false or portwoard i get an error saying either>user not premium>connection something something.<br> I do not have a premium account anymore since it go terminated.<br> need help thanks.

.habbo vs minecraft.

habbo vs minecraft, i such as both but i was wondering what would win please explain detail and reason.

Minecraft isnt working

My minecraft was working awhile ago but then I download divine rpg, tale of kingdoms, as well as mo creatures. I tried to go play it but the screen just black, I'm starting to get really pissed off. Plz give as much specifics when explaining how to get it to work

Strange violin screech in minecraft

im just outside of my house on the beach (its kinda flat) and all of a sudden i hear a strange violin sounding screech. is it supposed to happen? i knew there were cave sounds but i did not know there were night sounds

How doIwrite on a sign above my door in minecraft singleplayer survival

I've started a single player survival type and I don't know how to make an Iron door private, what do I write in the sign above the door?

Who wants to play minecraft on xbox360 reply with gamer tag

Sure, <br> It's Kilintor. :)

Minecraft skins help

Is there a way for me to download a skin on a computer than transfer it over onto my minecraft ip xbox 360 version?? I was wondering if you could do that or not

Who wants to join an awesome minecraft server

PVP, Grief, raid factions up 24/7<br> IP:

How doIinstall the timber mod on minecraft.

Hey there,<br> <br> You want to open the timber mod you downloaded with WinRAR, as well as your minecraft.jar file.<br> (Your minecraft.jar file can be found here C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEHEREAppDataRoamin…<br> You want to drag and drop all the files from the timbermod in your minecraft.jar file, using WinRAR. When you have done this, delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar file. <br> Close WinRAR.<br> Start Minecraft.<br> It is now modded :)<br> <br> When you dont understand this, attempt browsing a video on youtube about this.

Minecraft : Blaze Mob spawners

I built a world that has no blaze mob spanners. Is there anyway to get a blaze rod without the spawner?

Anyone good at decorating in minecraft

I have built a 50x25 'mansion' in minecraft for the xbox360 and have no idea of furniture to build in it or how to decorate it, I want it to look really nice , I have only built the ground floor of it and its completely empty, if anybody can help me do this I will be really greatfull :)<br> I will choose the person I think is most trustworthy, please comment your gamertag aswell :) ,<br> Many thanks,<br> Katie

Im a girl, and I like to play minecraft :)

All my friends at school think its weird! Even the boys! It not such as they pick on me about it they just think its weird! I play all sorts of other games to such as COD and halo! I don't think this is weird! But Is it? I mean I do stuff at the weekends, just after school I play minecraft and Halo COD, FIFA, formula 1.. I have a ps3 and Xbox 360 :) <br> <br> I am a 14 girl

Good Minecraft server

I really want a good Minecraft server that has no more than 100 people and thats survival.<br> I want the server to have Lockette and Grief Prevention plugins.<br> Thats all I really ask.<br> If theres good ones out there, let me know^.^

Is minecraft fun, and how much does it cost

So i wanna get that game cuz it looks good and everyone says it's cool. Is it a fun game? What's the object of the game? Can you get it for free or do u need to pay. Does minecraft ever end or what? Do you need to download? Thanks >.<

CanImake the new ores appear in a chunkIalready explored Minecraft

i downloaded divine rpg mod and i want the ores to appear in an area(or chunk) i already explored.

About minecraft pocket edition.

what android version does the full version of minecraft pe need?<br> i have a 2.2.1 android version will it work?

Minecraft adventure map making

ok im making my first minecraft adventure map and I don't know how to change what villagers trade? for instance I have used gold ingots for currency hidden around. and I want villagers to trade gold for such as a sword or something through chance? help please. thanks in advance

Minecraft id problem

i haven't played mine craft on my computer for awhile and i forgot my id and used the "give us your email and we will send you your id" and i did but i never got a email ,i tried five more times and NOTHING appeared in my inbox,anyone know what to do?

My Minecraft fps was good at once, now it sucks tremendously. Help

Hey, so my fps for minecraft used to be about 40 to 50 and now its gone down to 30 and looks really choppy. Same thing happened when i play feed the beast, Frames were good now they're not. Same computer and I haven't done anything unique to it which i know of.<br> <br> If its my java please tell me i have a 64-bit computer and i am running 64-bit java. Please tell me if you know of anything i can do to fix this problem.

Minecraft community

I play Minecraft xbox 360, as well as I want to make a community of players. please such as the page on facebook and leave your tag!<br> <br> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Minecraft-Xbox360-Edition/479590345404530?skip_nax_wizard=true

Making a Cracked Minecraft Bukkit Server

How can I make a cracked bukkit server? When I change offline type to false, it doesn't save the change. Any help would be great.

Will minecraft xbox tu9 have iron golems

I know minecraft xbox tu9 will have spawn eggs and the end,but will it have iron golems?

Minecraft help please

ok i have been borrowing my friends account till it was payday i couldn't buy a account but i have now got a account and everytime i sign in to the website with my username and password it says sign in with mojang account so i do and then that works but if i want to play the game through download then it says login failed whit options of attempt again or play offline i have tried with mojang account and minecraft ign.<br> <br> Also i love playing FTB mod pack and also i have problems with that when i attempt using my ign to sign in it says use mojang account and also when i attempt my email it says login failed but a option to play off line when i click it it does nothing at all.<br> <br> plz help btw my net is not a problem i also have not been hacked and bought the full game from minecraft.net and have contacted mojang over three days ago with no reply i am about to get my cash back if it is not fixed

Im having trouble with purchasing minecraft

it keeps saying everytime i attempt to spend minecraft "Did you know that if you've already bought Minecraft you can import your existing profile into this account?If you do, you should start using your Mojang account e-mail as username when logging in." and i know for a fact i havnt bought an account ive also tried making an alternate email just to spend the game and i still got the following message suggestions?

Minecraft online filtered by talktalk Gaming filtered by talk talk

I'm 16, as well as my mum has decided to block all things related to "Gaming" with talktalk parental control.<br> First of all, this is completely unfair, because gaming is how i relax. I don't really have friends, so i don't go and see people, my tv and ps3 are broken, so the only way i can relax right away is to play games online.<br> I play minecraft but only online, i don't such as minecraft single player. Talktalk has blocked all access to servers on mineraft.<br> I just had a very stressful week of exams, as well as i wanted to just play my games this weekend, but instead i've spent it arguing with my mum about this. She flat out refuses to unblock games, there is nothing i can do.<br> I tried turning it back on myself, but she changed her email so i can't.<br> <br> I just don't know what to do, i'm so angry and stressed, as well as normally when i feel such as this i play my video games, but now i can't and that is making how i feel even worse!<br> <br> <br> Please help? Is there a proxy i can use that will permit me to play minecraft servers?<br> <br> Help!!!!

Wanna join my Minecraft Server

Okay this isn't as much as a question as it is an offer to all you Minecraft players. <br> Forgive me if I seem such as I am begging for players, I am not, I am really just suggesting a fun server to play on, as well as this fun server happens to be mine. <br> I'll give you game type you want, you can build whatever you want, I can build a pvp arena with my friends if you want. I will do whatever you want. <br> two rules: no griefing, no asking for op. <br> Thank you :) <br> I've been searching for a small server for a while, but I couldn't get one, so I just make my own. <br> Answer your name so I can whitelist you.

People are teasing me because I play Minecraft

Well, I love minecraft, I just get it very fun and I go on minecraft a lot. Its not just me, it's my best friend too who also plays it, People at school don't such as minecraft likely because of the graphics and the worst thing is, nearly everybody who teases me havent even played it before, as well as the thing is I and my friend don't even discussed about it in school, they know I play it because my friend wrote a status and I commented 'Come on minecraft?' and then people went wild saying 'Omg you play minecraft?!?' and since then every time i walk passed somebody who hates minecraft (nearly all the time) they say something such as 'OOOOOH Minecraft!' in a sarcastic tone. Thank you! My and my friend just ignore everyone but it doesn't work?! They just want a reaction and they aren't even getting any.

Why Cant I Break My Bed (MineCraft)

So I know that there was an update to Minecraft that made it so that certain blocks could only be broken through logical tools (Axe-Wood, Pick-Coal, but Hand-stone wouldn't work). I've updated to 1.5 now, but i have no idea how to destroy my bed! I want to move it but I've gone through all my tools to attempt and break it to no avail. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is this maybe a glitch? Lemme know if you guys have a solution!

Anyone wanna join a 24/7 minecraft server

I play on this amazing 24/7 minecraft server<br> Its griefing/raiding/pvp and theres no factions which makes griefing way better<br> Try it now at<br> vidacraft.zapto.org

Play minecraft on the Xbox 360

I want to play minecraft on my xbox, but I never have anybody to play with. I'm putting forth effort to get people who play it a lot, so when I'm playing, I can be playing with someone.... Add me on xbox 'Kazumah'. :)

Anybody looking for a small minecraft serverhelp need too

I just created a minecraft server that could only hold 20 people. I feel relly lonely in single player and I am searching forward to play with other people on my server.i also need help building stuff Anything! I relly look forward to have people to play my server so they could help me build stuff and have fun. <br> <Server ip> :25565

How do you record a minecraft timelapse using two accounts

I've got two accounts for minecraft, one backup, as well as my average account, as well as I'm on a server with both. How can I record from one POV, on the same computer? Whenever I try, Fraps just records the ESC Screen. Is there a way to record from the same PC without it being that screen?

WhenIplay minecraft will my downloads continue

When i play minecraft will my downloads continue, my xbox says download stoped but my friend said it will keep going, but it say download pending

How do I make a public minecraft server without Hamachi on a Mac

I want to make a tutorial video on how to make a public server on Minecraft without Hamachi on a Mac. I will give credit to the person who helps me answer.

Any Minecraft Seeds with a Island in the middle of a desert

can anybody get a seed for minecraft with an area such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AYRBzZs3AM (base camp)

I was stupid at first and tried downloaded mods and my .minecraft folder is ruined

I still play minecraft and nothings messed up while playing it.Is there anyway to reset my folder but keep all my singleplayer servers because i record and have series going.Also my multiplayer ips

Minecraft: My friend Cant Join my minecraft server. Help

Hi, Recently For the past two Days my friend has been having trouble connecting with this error: failed to link to server connection timed out:connect. He has the same minecraft version, He has been on the server lots of many times, And we don't have mods. It's a default server (not hamuchi or Bukkit) However, He can join other servers and I can also. I have port forwarded we have tried everything. HELP!!!

Is it against the Xbox live code if conduct to download minecraft Xbox worlds

I want to download but I don't want to get banned from live and if its against the code of conduct can I do it on a offline user

Can I play Minecraft on a windows xp professional

I have Minecraft for my windows xp professional which is two GB Ram and when i attempt to play it it says bad video card drivers and i have an IG854623CHIPSET EXPRESS FAMILY graphics card and do i need a better one? and i did update the drivers and i changed the hardware appearance to low and still doesnt work Help?? thank you!!!

Does Minecraft Cost Money to play

Does Minecraft Cost Money to play???? Ive been wanting to play it for a lengthy time so ya....

This is weird ...,,,,,,,,,,.in minecraft Xbox tu9

I just finished a cave and I got out with 34 iron but I am in a strange circle room that on side. Has a whole and all of them are identical is this herobrine and I created a new world but I have no friends and four of the trees have no leaves and yeah that's it

Any minecraft servers need builders and/or admins

IGN- Littlebigpirate <br> Im am extremely good at building. I have been playing since 1.2 Beta. I am a mod of a server called Xincraft. And an Co-Owner of A server but its not 24/7. I am okay with redstone but not the best. Please email me or call me by Skype; haeven.lipke.

Is Minecraft for Xbox360 worth buying

It is really good or children but it doesn't have all the neat stuff you can with the PC versions. It is very vanilla.

Do girls really play minecraft

Just wondering cause I've never seen one

Where do you find diamonds and gold in Minecraft PE

I know, I know. It's been asked A LOT. But I'm really having trouble finding diamonds and gold. I've seen other answers and they say to dig to bedrock. I dug to bedrock and went up 15 times and found NOTHING but iron, lapiz Lazurite, as well as red stone. Even when I went to blocks up from bed rock I found iron, but no gold. I HAVE ENOUGH IRON!!! I even tried on bed rock level. But I only found flint. REMEMBER: PE VERSION.

How do I make an End portal on minecraft creative mode that works.

for the pc

Cant login on minecraft

I just bought minecraft (the actual version from the website) and I paid with my dads paypal. I made the account and then I went onto minecraft and tried to login with my email and the password I made and it said login failed, I tried a few more times and changed my password but it did not work, as well as I do not know what my username is because it did not ask me for one, as well as if it did I likely put my email in, but it still doesnt work. I searched everywhere online and I clicked Forgot My Username thing on the help segment of the website and then they sent me a email with the usernames associated with my email that I used and it only came up with one that I made a lengthy time ago and I tried that but it still did not work. What do I do?

Why does my Minecraft look so terrible all of the sudden

ok, so i was playing minecraft earlier today and it worked without a hitch for about an hour. i take such as a fifteen minute break and when i come back, the quality of the color is just AWFUL. through this i mean that it is extremely pixilated and blocky. however, it only looks bad when the light level is low. when i get to the surface of minecraft, it looks fine. but when i go into a dark cave or when i go mining it looks such as crap.i downloaded HWMonitor because i thought that maybe my GPU was just overheating, but it says that its running at about 25-30 degrees C. so heat was ruled out. so then i turn my computer off for such as five minutes because maybe it was just a glitch. but it still did not work. so i tried just making all of the video settings as low as possible, but that did not work either. so i currently have NO IDEA what is wrong with it. I might also add that it isnt just minecraft. whenever i play portal two it does the same thing, when i get into really dark places, the color/video quality SUCKS. but not as bad as minecraft, though. if someone could please help me, i would be very grateful. Hopefully, i am not the only one with this problem.

What is the easiest way to set up permissions in a Minecraft Server

Typing each permission through hand is a pain, especially the world edit ones.

Is Minecraft Cool

i want to buy it is it fun? :D

Who doesnt want their minecraft account

I want an minecraft account but every website needs download,survey,and i am frightened of virus

Minecraft is damaged

When I download minecraft it comes to a damaged file and says i must put it into trash if u know how to fix that. I use mac BTW

What Minecraft texture pack is this

<a href="http://www.99wallpaper.com/images/7_1796/Minecraft-034.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://www.99wallpaper.com/images/7_1796…</a>

FREE minecraft premium account 2013

I want a minecraft premium account but my mom doesn't want to pay with creditcard. and I live in a small place near Santa Cruz nowhere near a decent sized mall, so I can't buy a code in store. how can I get a premium account or a free premium account???

How can you get out of a cave when you are mining in minecraft but have no ladders left

im dead! help

What makes minecraft so fun

Ok i have played it on my friends account and it was totes boring. You barley did anything, you just build in this dumb type "Survival Mode" and there is two other modes called "Creative Mode" and "Multiplayer Mode".<br> <br> Whats so good about it? You basically just build with pixels. Nearly all 10 year olds discussed about it in front of me =='<br> <br> <br> ??

Is the furnace glitched in minecraft pe 7.0

I can't put coal or anything into the furnace AND I can't take my stuff out of the furnace. Is this a glitch?

Im losing fps on Minecraft for unnecessary reasons and need help.

Ok, so I play minecraft on this computer pretty much everyday. I turned my computer on 2hours ago to get out I dropped from my usual 50+Fps to 10. I narrowed it down to my mouse...It's something to do with my mouse. I can run straight, left back and right and keep ALL my fps. But when I grasp my mouse and look left to right or up and down I get a slide show...All help id appreciated.

Is there any mod for minecraft that allows invincibility

i fell in lava and managed to save and quit before i died

How do Minecraft Realms work (PE)

How do realms work in the new 7.0 update of Minecraft Pocket Edition?<br> I got an account and logged in successfully.<br> However, when I tried to make a new server, it didnt launch and it just showed a blank grey square. The options EDIT and NEW showed in the upper right-hand corner.<br> So, I pressed NEW and typed in a new name and seed. Still the same result.<br> Note: This happened with realms, I can make my own world just fine.<br> Is this Mojang's problem or the iPad's problem.<br> BTW: how do you spell grey- grey or gray.

Can you crouch while flying in minecraft

Or can you fly at the same speed which you walk? I want to go slower while flying and can't think of a way how.

I already have a Minecraft and Mojang premium account, and I just got a new giftcard with a code, is there use

Im not giving out to anybody next to the way. I got it for my birthday.

Is there a way to find what servers a player is on in minecraft

I was admin on a server a lengthy time ago and want to get one of the other players from said server. Is it possible? If so how?

Minecraft problems......

ok so right next to my house in minecraft there a couple of bricks i put there which i do not want there more. theres also some trees next to my house which i do not want there. so i chop up the bricks and cut down the trees but as soon as i go to sleep in minecraft or save and quit out of minecraft the bricks and trees are back again! this doesnt happen to me anywhere else in the game. ideas of why and how i can fix this?

URGENT Minecraft Help

my minecraft works well and i've played for a lengthy time but recently whenever i log on and attempt to play a dirt block blocks my watch of the world. i can see my arms move but thats it, its just a large dirt block up in my face!! please help!!! i've tried reinstalling both java and the game and i've even tried downgrading java to 6!! HELP!!

Minecraft food options

I want to get minecraft but I've noticed which you must eat food Wich I think will annoy me , can I make the food bar go away buy keep everything else? BTW I'm going to get the xbox version

How canIfix minecraft from crashing

I enjoy playing minecraft but it crashes way too much,i have only installed three mods, <br> -custom npcs<br> -Pixelmon and rei's mini-map<br> i think the mini-map is crashing it way too much, but before i installed it, it would still crash. i have three GB and my computer it 32-bit<br> I don't know why it keeps crashing though. i would play for about 5-10 minutes and it wouldn't respond <br> can anyone help?

What is The End in Minecraft

I have been there and beaten the dragon thingy but what is it? The Nether is such as hell, but what is The End?

Minecraft SMP with mods

How do I open a minecraft SMP server with mods?<br> No, not bukkit, Mods and not plugins. I want buildcraft and things of this sort, I just can't get a tutorial or something (I prefer a written tutorial and not video but it will also be good.)

Can you get cats and horses in offline mode on minecraft

me and my sister play minecraft offline and all we found so far are cows sheep chicken pigs and wolves. i have tried browsing for cats but had no success finding them. please help.

Is there any copy andquot;minecraftandquot; versions made for psp

So is there minecraft kind of unofficial games made for psp. Or is there Terraria for psp.<br> And if theres "minecraft" for psp, i'm browsing for survival gamemode, not creative. I already have Lamecraft, but that is just for creative gamemode.

Minecraft how do you downgrade from 1.6.1 to 1.5.2

i want to use mods for 1.5.2

I just bought Minecraft but I cant login

I just bought Minecraft 20 mins ago but it will not let me play it says username or password is incorrect but they are right do I need to wait for it to completely work or is it meant to start immediatly

What is the appeal of oldschool graphics games like Minecraft

There are lots of indie games with eight and 16-bit style graphics that became popular (Angry Birds, Braid, Plants vs. Zombies). What's the deal?

Minecraft game mode question

I've tried to change the game type from survival to creative but it will not let me! I've tried <br> "/gamemode (my username here) 1" But it keeps on telling me that I dont have permission to use that command! HELP! (This is important)

How to get way better fps in Minecraft Please respond

Okay, so I get terrible FPS in Minecraft, also awful lag. I get on normal 10 fps. I get lag so bad that when I attempt to open/close doors, etc. that it will open and close rapidly due to lag. When I hit F3 I can see when I open / close a door / fence gate that the fps is waay down I get normally down to 1fps. When on servers people tell me that I lag too much. This is on multiplayer and on singleplayer. This is very very annoying for me. Also, Im having MAJOR issues w/ my laptop over heating and shutting down. My specs of my laptop are:<br> <br> Intel HD Graphics<br> 4 GB DDR three RAM<br> Windows seven Home Premium 64 bit<br> 1st gen intel core i3<br> Acer Aspire 5742 - 6682<br> 320 GB 5200 rpm Hard Drive<br> I have done the following to reduce lag:<br> <br> 1) Installed Optifine Mod and have changed every setting to the lowest possible<br> 2) Tried Game Booster<br> 3) I have gone to the Task Manager and changed java process, which is minecraft to high priority<br> 4) Made the graphics on my laptop to High Performance from balanced w/ battery life<br> 5) I have changed the Windows seven Theme to Windows Classic <br> 6) Changed my laptop's power plan to High Performance<br> 7) Switching from full screen to window type ( does nothing for the lag )<br> 8) Installed the 64 bit version of Java<br> 9) Allocated more memory to Minecraft <br> <br> I have tried everything I can think of the stop the awful lag in Minecraft. I want to know if anybody knows anything else I can do or is my laptop just have really bad specs that will not run MC well. My current laptop is an Acer Aspire 5742 - 6682. If my laptop just will not run mc well then I will think about getting a new laptop. Its a Dell Inspiron 15 R Special Edition its specs are:<br> <br> Dell Inspiron Special Edition i15Rse-4267ALU <br> <br> Intel Core i7-3632QM (6MB cache, up to 3.2Ghz)<br> 8 GB DDR3<br> 750 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive<br> 15-Inch Screen<br> Windows 8<br> 2GB AMD Radeon™ HD 7730M Video Card<br> <br> Will this Dell laptop run MC better than my current laptop? Is there anything I can do so my current laptop will run MC better, or should I get a new laptop? Someone please respond

Minecraft Melon Seed question help

Hi, my name is Marvin, as well as i have a minecraft world on the Xbox 360, as well as ive had one for over a month now. ive found lots of useful items over the time lapse, but the only thing im really missing is Melon seeds. i searched all over the net on where to get them, but all that tell me is that they are in spawners and abandon mineshafts. <br> So i started a new world on creative, with the same seed, as well as searched all over for them. i found a few spawners, (lots of coca beans), but no melon seeds. i found all the villages, (they did not have any) and i found one stronghold, with the ender portal. still nothing!! so im wondering if theres even melons on my seed at all, as well as i know its already in the xbox version cuz my friend has melons on his world. so my question is:<br> <br> does every seed have melon seeds somewhere? <br> Is there more than one stronghold per seed??

Is Minecraft overrated

I think Minecraft is starting to become a bit overrated. It was fantastic at first but now every single gamer on YouTube has to play it and they discussed about it such as it's the greatest game of all time. I've played it before and it was fun at first but then it started getting repetitive and boring. What's your opinion on this?

Anyone wanna skype and play minecraft

I'm new to minecraft and feel it would be fun to make friends to play with me and help me out a little bit as well!

How do you get a new bin on Minecraft 1.6.2

in the old launcher theres a options button but i cant seem to get it now. i deleted my bin and i must get a new one so i can add mods.<br> <br> also i cant go on server since i got the 1.6.2 update . i know the servers i play updated but i cant get on them now. help would be nice

How do you get Minecraft and Hungercraft

Can somebody explain to me clearly and properly how to get minecraft and hungercraft and all of the other games on the PC, as well as how much does it cost, remember I'm a blonde but do say it such as I'm a six year old please. Thanks!

Is minecraft any good

I don't know much about the game but I liked the graphics because it reminded me of the n64 graphics but should I get it for PC or xbox and is there anything differnt between these two versions

Is there a minecraft ban glitch and is there a way to undo it

so... i am a admin on this server... and the owners friend banned me because he doesnt such as me. the owner has /pardon me and /unban me.. and even cleared the ban list on consle, is this a glitch or what... what could the owner do to unban me??? could anybody help me please?

How Do I Put My WorldPainter Map On Minecraft

I've done everything the net people have said to do from tutorials on how to download the game. I have created the map and exported it as a new Minecraft Map, I've selected all the options I favor in the icon that pops up after I select "File -> Export -> Export as New Minecraft Map." And then I clicked the "Export" Button in the bottom right of the new icon and It goes for four-to-six minutes, then it says the Export is complete. I get on my Minecraft to Singleplayer, where it is supposed to be and it isn't. I need help doing this, as I have a very advanced map I've created that I very much enjoy the look of and I want to turn it into a questing map. Any useful help would be greatly appreciated.

What does a minecraft survival server need

what does a survival minecraft server with plugins need?<br> and what can i do to make it fun,not boring,and always something to do<br> and what can i do else to get more people and make them stay?

Is there a MLP Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2 that changes the horses to ponies

Manely Little Horses doesn't work. I can't get anything that works, really. If somebody could get or make something, it would be much appreciated.

IfIalready have castleminerz shouldIget Minecraft and y

Yes. Minecraft has better graphics and has updates to it.

Minecraft Herobrines Story

How was he created? Please explain clearly im a little bit new to this game. I viewed TONS of videos on youtube... most look so DUMB and obviously fake and others searched real and frightened the living :s-:/h-:/i-:/t outta me!! Is it possible to see him on a server? Is it just rare to see him? Please help, no rude comments!

Minecraft Seeds

Hi. Can someone tell me a seed for 1.6.2 that has a village, a temple, a rivene, as well as a dungeon? I would be very happy.

What happened to my minecraft

So recently I migrated my account at Minecraft.net and instead of using my username to log in now I need to use my email which is what I wanted. But when I logged in to Minecraft.net with my username and password, it said I need to use my email and I did. After I logged in with my email it asked if I wanted to buy minecraft. I ALREADY bought MINECRAFT about a year ago. When I log in with my email in the 1.6.2 minecraft it says I need to Play Demo. Someone Please help I dont want to waste my cash I paid for the game!

Minecraft MOd Buttons

I was playing minecraft and place mods <br> i was wondering that my minecraft is the weirdest it have no mods but i get just the texture packs<br> will somebody help me??? i tried the free 1.6.2 and its not a demo ok?

What are the pros and cons of Minecraft and Mineshafter, also which is the best cracked minecraft client

I'm interested in the perspective of mojang and the minecraft community are dealing with these kinds of things.

Minecraft Nameplates not showing up

So i just installed optifine to minecraft 1.6.2 with forge and some mods.but now which i have installed optifine i can not see name plates on multiplayer with in a five or 10 block radiance. i have checked all the optifine settings and nothing has worked. Please help.

Join my whitelisted pure smp minecraft survival server

Yo! Whilst thinking about playing on it, check out my youtube channel: OnrushOmegaSAO<br> Server ip:<br> Remember to leave ur minecraft name in as the answeres!

Need help on minecraft (xbox 360)

Im making a map on minecraft for xbox 360 I need people that is able to build and knows how to use redstone to make amazing stuff on my world it will all be uploaded to the net when done and also would such as people to put a post outside what they build with your gamertag so everyones knows who built it so please add me on shaneyboi10 lots of thanks. Im online most of the time :)

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