Gamestop trade in 9 games for 1

I have nine ps3 games I want to trade. Could I trade all of those for black ops xbox?

How much will gamestop give me for my 4th generation 8gb ipod touch

I was thinking of trading in my ipod since they just started purchasing them, but im not sure how much they will give me.

Changing preorders at GameStop

Since i have pre-ordered the Gears of War three Limited Edition from Gamestop online do you think they will permit me to change to the Xbox console( just eh console not the nuts ultimate edition) eight days before the release and still receive it on time?

I went to GameStop and Preordered Battlefield 3, and its going to ship to my house :)

So whats your question or are you just bragging.

If you are under the age of 18 and you go to gamestop and ask for a rated M game would they let you buy it

they might ask for a I.D since you look young same goes for bars

Can a 14 year old boy go into gamestop or futureshop and purchase a mature game.

Well im 14 and im mature, I have a learners liscence and was just wondering if i can walk into futureshop or gamestop and buy a mature game(M) rated if not will they stop me. Thx

How much will i get for a psp at gamestop is a 3000


If i pre order skyrim from gamestop will i get any extras with the game

You get a physical premium map

So I bought a few used games at gamestop, how many times can i go trade them back in before they get tired of

I got used games and some are pretty easy to beat, before seven days, so how times can I take them back and get new ones, beat them, as well as go back to get a new one before they get tired of me?<br> <br> I heard is a seven day return policy, no questions asked.

Gamestop selling questions

Ok i'm going to be selling some games to game-stop and I was wondering do they give you less cash than they normally would if you want to take it out in cash? and if so through how much? Please only answer the question I don;t need a lecture on how i would get more cash from e-bay and things such as that. Thanks.

Will GameStop rip you off selling your used games to them

Yes, they will rip you off very badly.

Did Gamestop try to rip me off

I went in to gamestop to attempt to sell my games for Wii, guitar hero Metallica, The Beatles Rockband, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Party 8, as well as DDR with dance mat. The total they were going to pay me came to around 32 something.<br> That didn't seem right to me since all of these games are amazing and in perfect condition. Did Gamestop attempt to rip me off?

Can I use my paypal debit card to buy a game in gamestop

How do YOU feel about Gamestop

Trying to get a general opinon on GameStop. Went to pick up my copy of UFC and they had Chris Lytle there. Come to get out he wasn't just there to promote UFC but had his political campaign in there as well. Would that make you feel uncomfortable and also is that against the law? They were asking people to make a $20 donation and would give you a campaign t-shirt. What would you do in this situation?

How much do you think gamestop would buy all of this for

Call of duty modern warfare 3<br> Call of duty black ops<br> call of duty modern warfare 2<br> Skyrim<br> Playstation two with two controllers and such as seven games<br> <br> Thanks :D

Does gamestop sell $50 visa giftcards

No sorry!

Will gamestop take back a new disc that I scratched

Ok, I recently bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 (13-2) from gamestop. There are a couple of scratches on the right side of the disc. It will load, the picture on the xbox 360 dashboard comes up and says play final fantasy 13-2, It loads and everything, but It's slow, as well as it sometimes glitches, a little bit. I must know If gamestop can exchange the disc for another one, Thank You.

If I pre purchase a game through gamestop for $60 and decide that I dont want it, can I get my money back

hell no <br> <br> thats the entire point so they can rip you off if the game sucks

Can i get a m rated game from gamestop

Im 13 yrs old but i look younger

Gamestop power up rewards question

I returned a bunch of games to gamestop and they told me i had 92 bucks instore credit but when i went on my powerup rewards account online it said i had zero instore credit even though they charged it to my card so if i bring the card to gamestop, will i have the credit or what?

Can you help me GameStop impulse download

So I bought the sims three late night as a direct download from GameStop impulse. So for some reason, the impulse server wouldn't open so I wasn't able to download my game. I contacted customer support and I went through the motions with them and still no luck. So I've since gotten rid of the laptop for numourous reasons. And I'm planning on getting a new laptop soon. So can I still download the game off of impulse even though it was at least four months ago? Would it expire?

If I renewed my Gamestop Power Up Rewards card, Do I still get the buy 2 get 1 offer

I renewed my card yesterday.

Is Gamestop really this bad

So I go to gamestop today to sell my Iphone 3GS. Since you know the new trade in thing says u get 96 bucks for a 3GS. So I go there give them my 3GS and when I came home I searched at the recite I noticed something. It said I gave them a 3G and they only gave me 68 bucks while dicreasing such as 15 for no reason. I go back to tell them it was a 3GS And they were not convinced. I tell them to check the About page in the Settings and general , as well as they go back into there little storage. The man comes out with a WHOLE new iphone and says this is the one I gave them. I tell them it's not and I gave them a 3GS With firmware 4.2.1 and the same man who bough my iphone from me shows me a random 3G and says that this was the thing I gave him. I was so mad I did not say a thing and just left. Can you believe these guys? I've been ripped of from these 40 year old virgins for years now though this was the worst thing. Now what I want to know is. What was your worst gamestop experience?

I want to know how much gamestop will pay for the following games.

mario kart ds, phineas and ferb ds, as well as nacho libre ds.

Does gamestop buy used stuff

so i heard if you could bring your used electronics such as ipods, game cubes, nintendoes.. etc to game stop and they will buy them off you.. such as they buy used things.. is that TRUE ? if it is does every game stop does this or only a few places?

Why is there a fee to swap preorders at Gamestop

I pre-ordered a game about a month ago, only to learn a week later that theres an ultimate edition for the game. Upon asking the clerk at Gamestop if I could switch these pre-orders, from the regular to the ultimate, he said there would be a $15 fee. I've browsed before online and noticed people asking if there was sort of fee, as well as all of the answers were no. I know I should have asked the clerk these questions, but I'm still deciding whether or not to even buy it with the fee. <br> A friend suggested I just cancel the order and just take out a new one on the ultimate edition, but I do not know if they would let me, unless of course I waited a few days.

Going to GameStop. What shouldIget

I was going to get Red Dead Redemption with the Undead Nightmare that i had the original once but was just playing it to run around and have fun so this time I will follow the story if i get it.<br> <br> Im also in love with Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit (P.S I HATE RACING GAMES!)<br> Instead of The Run im waiting till October for the new one.<br> <br> List of Games I Have :<br> <br> Gears of War 1-2-3<br> Call Of Duty MW3-BO<br> Saints Row The Third<br> WWE 12<br> GTA4<br> Dead Island<br> Madden 12<br> Fallout New Vegas<br> UFC 2009-2010<br> Medal Of Honor<br> <br> Im a large fan of Sandbox games and First Person Shooters.<br> I LOVE Zombie games but Dead Island is a little lame and<br> Red Dead should be a little funner.<br> <br> Let me know what i should get!!

Gamestop PRP Product Replacement Plan question

Ok so i got a preowned Xbox 360 (WHITE) refurbished from gamestop as a Christmas present from my mom in 2011 December 21 and the Ethernet port on the back of the Xbox has just recently broke so i can't play on Xbox live so i got the recite and the PRP pamphlet and asked my mom if she had purchased the Product Replacement Plan and she said which she thinks she did but is not sure so would it show on my Xbox 360 recite if she had bought the PRP or do they have it stored in there computers.the only thing it shows on the recite is the console that was purchased with Battlefield bad company 2.

How much in total would a pre ordered game cost at gamestop

I want to get black ops two and medal of honor but i need an exact price for each game i know its five to preorder but how much in total for each with the preorder 5

WouldIbe able to get $40 for these six games ifItraded them in at GameStop

Madden 12<br> NHL 12<br> MLB 12 The Show<br> Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12<br> FIFA 11<br> NASCAR 2011<br> <br> i know most of you are going to say that GameStop is a rip off and i should just sell them on craigslist and get more money. i know im getting ripped off but i really need $40 cash, in my hand tomorrow. i'll i am searching for is a simple yes or no.

What game should I pre order at gamestop

assasin creed three definitly. black ops 2( i would noot pre order it tho) and if you can w8 a biut longer sr4 and resident evil 6

Gamestop bonus content question

Hi. So I ordered a game off of Gamestop's website, but when it arrived in the mail it had no bonus content code. My question is, how do I get the code that should've come with the game?

Does Gamestop stay open all night for the fifa 13 midnight release

Example: If i go at seven am will they be open?

How much willIget for trading ps3 game at gamestop

So i wanna get black ops two so i got mw2 ,black ops ,street fifa, 007,some random super hero games two of them and a futball game how much do u think ill get for them :) ty for your time p.s i wanna trade them at gamestop

Halo 4 GameStop preorder bonuses

I'm confused I know that preordering at GameStop in the us will get me hazop armor and forest skin but what about the arctic BR skin? Some people say only Canada gets it, others say the us will get it too, which one is correct?

DoIneed a reciept in order to pick up a pre ordered game at gamestop

I pre ordered Black Ops 2. My code on the reciept faded out. Do i need to have reciept when i pick up the game? Thanks! If i do not what do i need?

I preordered black ops 2 yesterday from Gamestop butIdidnt get a nuketown 2025 download number how do getit

The download code comes inside the actual game box, you'll be able to enter the code and download Nuketown when you receive the game.

What trick did GameStop do to me

Ok so I decided to trade in an old Xbox 360 to game-stop , I know its dumb and I could get way more from Ebay but I didn't feel such as waiting and packaging and all that stuff , The guy tested it out to see if it works and first he tells me it doesn't turn on , as well as I check the wires and the guy didn't even plug the power cord all the way in , right then I knew he was going to attempt and scam me , so then he waits around searching in drawers for five minutes and gets a game and tries putting it in the xbox , he tells me the treys don't open and I tell him he did something because I tried it at home before I went , he told me he could likely give me 10 dollars for it and I grabbed xbox and walked right out , What the hell is Gamestop doing? and how did he get my trey to stop opening because as soon as i got home it worked fine , BTW I will never buy or sell at Game Stop again.

Gamestop tradein value

Anyone know what I'd get for a 160GB PS3 Slim, Assassin's Creed 3, as well as a Red Controller?

Will Gamestop accept my PS3Slim to trade for an Xbox 360

Look, I just want to know if they would give me an used-xbox 360, or a new one. I really don't play uncharted, killzone..etc.. I just want to be in the live-market, as well as I am a very large halo fan.<br> Will gamestop accept my trade?<br> I have owned the ps3 for a year.

Can someone else pick up a pre ordered game at Gamestop

So, i pre ordered Black Ops two with my Mother's credit card and name, but she can't pick it up, as well as neither can i since I'm under 17. However, i know the phone number i used on the order and i have a copy of the order confirmation. If i brought somebody else who was over 17 could he/she buy it with the order confirmation and the phone number used on the order?

How much store credit do u think gamestop will give me ifItrade in battlefield 3 for ps3 in good condition

im not a pro member

How Much Would Gamestop Give Me For Assasins Creed 3

I Just brought the game two days ago i played it im done with it , i want to exchange it for another game i know the policy once u open a new game u can not return it . Im just wondering how much i would actually get if i wanted to trade it in?. and also theres a promotion on the website saying an extra 30percent when u trade in a game ? How much would i get alltogether with the 30percent extra?

How much money would I get for each ps2 gameIsold to gamestop

I have 19 ps2 games im searching to sell and i want to know how much each is

Instead of gamestop buying low and selling high why dont they buy high and sell low

Patrick Star is asking<br> why can't they do that for video games, everyone would love them instead of hate them for that.<br> for example <br> lets say a game is 60 dollars,<br> they now sell it 50 dollars used<br> and will buy it from a person for most 20 dollars money or 30 credit, <br> why don't they do the opposite and buy it for 50$ and sell it for 20 or 30 dollars, lol

Whats it like to go to a midnight opening for gamestop

I want to go to the midnight opening tonight for the new bioshock but my parents will not let me!

How much will GameStop pay

I have a 160gb ps3 slim, a controller, mw3, mw2, black ops and cod4. How much will GameStop give me for all this? Will it at least be more than 100?

Can I sell my games to GameStop


How long does take to ship to the UK

I live in the UK and I pre-ordered a game from the American Gamestop website. Does anybody know how lengthy it might take to ship once the game is released? Thank you very much.

How much would I get at Gamestop for NBA 2K13, and Halo 4 together at one price

I am searching to trade in these two games at Gamestop. I just want to know how much ill get for these in good condition.

Gamestop/ebgames how much for these games

Nba 2k13, need for speed most wanted and sims three pets. I saw on ebgames' website that the need for speec most wanted is about $36 so how much cash can i get it for? $15? I want to preorder a ps4

I need an awesome game for xbox 360 going to gamestop tomorrow

Okay so I need an rpg game prefferably. An outdoorsy game with freedom! Not skyrim. But something such as it perhaps?or maybe a zombie story game? Like the final of us? Or a horror game? Comment names of games!! Not bo2! PLEASE HELP :(

Does gamestop have to hold onto my preordered game

I pre-ordered the game Shin-Megami Tensei IV. When i went to retrieve it today the person at the counter said they sold their final copy just thirty minutes ago. I was a pre-ordered game, I thought they were suppose to reserve it for me. He even said the day I pre-ordered it that it was on reserve. A friend of mine told me that they're legal binded to hold onto my game, as well as that I can sue. Is this true? and what should I do about this?

My used xbox game from GameStop doesnt work

I went down to GameStop to buy black ops... When i got home to play my new game.. It didn't work... The game appears to have a sticker in the center ring next to the hole in the middle... What is it and how do i remove it?

What happens to past console games at gamestop

I've always wondered, what happens to pre-gen console games at gamestop. Since we're entering the new gen of games, it'll be a few years (possibly such as what five or something) till they stop shelfing xbox/ps3 games.<br> <br> But what happened to such as the OLD OLD ones? PS1, N64, etc.<br> <br> I was told that the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube ones were sent to such as a really large gamestop. Where is it and how far into old gen does it sell?

How much will gamestop give me for theses games

so im selling games to gamestop and here they are.<br> 1. Halo Reach<br> 2. Fallout 3<br> 3. Assassins creed Revalations

How much wouldIget ifIsold skyrim and ortal kombat to gamestop

I'm selling my games its skyrim and mortal kombat. Around how much would they give me? If its less than 15 bucks for each id rather just keep them or sell them to friends.

How much would gamestop give me

I Bought Terraria Collectors Edition and i don't want it its only been two days and it was the final copy in their store and i lost the recite so how much do you think they would give me the only thing i did was unwrapped the case.

Should I report6 this Gamestop employee

well when I went to pre-order Pokemon Y today the Gamestop employee said "Pokémon sucks, wouldn't you be better off pre-ordering a PS4 instead?" so why did he do that? it makes me disgusted, what should I do?

How old do you have to be to buy M rated games from Gamestop

I want to pick up a game GTA five from Gamestop on my way home from school the day it comes so I can save myself from making two trips and have it earlier, but I'm not sure if I'm old enough. I'm 17 and it says you need to be at least that old to buy it on the box, but I know some places are different.

How much will GameStop give me for this

They're PC games:<br> 2 copies of Zoo Vet<br> Midnight Outlaw: Illegal street drag<br> Scooby Doo 2: Monsters unleashed (2 copies)<br> Sponge bob square pants the movie game <br> Charlie and the chocolate factory <br> A bugs life active play<br> Scooby Doo: jinx at the sphinx<br> Scooby Doo: Phantom of the night<br> Scooby Doo: the glowing bug man<br> Real Flight RC flight Simulator G5

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