Would someone like to boost trying to get the hard multiplayer trophies for battlefield bad company 2 (PS3)

My PSN: Envious-Hawk <br> <br> Put your psn and add me im on right now!

Will company of heroes run in my system

system specs:<br> intel core two duo processor<br> 2.2ghz rated at 3.85hz<br> 2gb ram<br> intel 82945g express chip set family with max 128mb graphics<br> i was able to run World in conflict without a problem<br> but act of war:direct action didn't work<br> <br> system requirements lab reports fail becoz i do not have hardware T&L and vertex shader 1.1<br> but such as i said World in conflict runs but method requirements lab shows fail for WIC<br> also i was able to run even C&C four but had graphics problem at about halfway thru campaign.

Should i get battle field 3 or bad company 2

i such as battle felid three but they got some lag on the ps3 and its preatty gay on my xbox the lack aint bad on my ps3 but sometimes rarely i fall though the map and bad company two i love there dlc

What Name should i pick for my Game Company

i had one but, it was taken<br> <br> these are my final one<br> <br> Axon Software<br> ColdHazard Software<br> <br> Thxs

Who thinks Nintendo is the only gaming company that focus on the gameplay & all their games are fun

I do! nintendo games are always fun!

Battlefield 3 Vs. Bad Company 2

I am getting both very soon. Which one do you such as better?

Can you sue Riot (game company) for banning your account with reason but taking your money 2 hours before

The terms and conditions say that: YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT ANY APPLICABLE FEES AND OTHER CHARGES FOR FEE-BASED SERVICES (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION RIOT POINTS) ARE PAYABLE IN ADVANCE AND NOT REFUNDABLE IN WHOLE OR IN PART. YOU ARE FULLY LIABLE FOR ALL CHARGES TO YOUR ACCOUNT, INCLUDING ANY UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES(sorry its caps but that's how its written). I bought 50 euros game points which is A LOT of cash and i bought it three hours before i got banned. three hours later I come back on my account and it says i am permanently banned. Is it possible to sue them or do something to get a refund (i tried sending an email but they don't listen) to get my cash back?

Battlefield 3 premium vs Bad Company 2 vs Battlefield 4

Ok. So I have Battlefield three vanilla for my PC, as well as it's great. But recently I became a Colonel service star 100 and I'm getting a little bored of the game. I can't stand boredom, so I was wondering. Should I get Battlefield three premium now? Many friends told me to get it. But lots of other friends told me to get Bad Company 2, as well as I've heard the multiplayer open beta for Battlefield four will come out sometime near the end of 2013. So should I buy Battlefield three premium now, or Bad company two now? Or should I just wait for Battlefield four beta?

What would be a decent video game company name be

Me and my friends want a name to use to name our group, but if somehow we go large it will be the company name we will use. Please don't put up taken titles.

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